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Prova de l’estima de Picasso al seu amic Jaume Sabartés, a partir de 1935, quan Sabartés esdevé el seu secretari personal, l’artista comença a regalar-li un exemplar de tots els seus gravats amb una dedicatòria. I ho continua fent després de la mort de Sabartés el 1968, donant aleshores els gravats al Museu Picasso, ja que en aquell moment per a Pablo Picasso el Museu passa a representar la figura de Sabartés, la ciutat natal de l’amic i els records de joventut. D’aquesta manera, el nostre museu acull una de les més importants col·leccions de gravats de l’artista amb obres com aquesta.

Pablo Picasso. ”Jacqueline amb barret de palla”. Mougins, 14 de gener del 1962. Linogravat: gravat amb gúbia, en quatre colors, sobre linòleum, estampat sobre paper (IV estat). 74,9 x 61,7 cm (làmina). Donació Jaume Sabartés, 1962. MPB 70.266

Tonight's WYSO will be broadcast on Interlochen Public Radio, and webcast on Livestream and Facebook Live starting at 8 p.m. EDT. • Interlochen, MI • #interlochenarts #interlochen #orchestra #live #music #summercamp #artscamp #artsed

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Got our #artednowswag box... we were on vacation when it arrived. #artednow #artednow2017 #artsed

“Every stitch tells you that you are Palestinian.” – Alia Sheikh-Yousef ✖️ Dress belonging to Maisaloon Diaz created by her mother. Close up of sleeve. Philadelphia Folklore Project @philafolklore, Tatreez Exhibition, circa 2009, exhibit curated by Nehad Khader @phillynee #tatreez #artsed #embroidery #palestine

New portrait by @fieres_photography


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#girlsinmuseums selection: second feature for today is @o0fu0o in 21_21 Design Sight @21_21_design_sight | #gim #girlsinmuseums

This is how we teach the teachers. #artsed #theatricalplay #teacherpd

The plot thickens. Months more work, but I think it just might work #fingerscrossed

No hay forma de perder el tiempo.
Benjamin Ossa, Chile.

Horseshoe Crab Painting #137/365, spray paint, oil, acrylic, pencil, string, pencil shavings, latex house paint, and oil pastel on canvas and advertising billboard board. 12" x 12"

Finally back in the studio (the new studio!), working in a jeweled collage oil painting... getting ready for my new show at the San Carlos Keller-Williams this August, as well as our next camp on "Collage"!

. i love the process .

Karie Oakes helps students create relief tiles by attaching their three-dimensional images modeled from clay to a hand-cut tile.
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Douglas Gordon via @hansulrichobrist

Outside Kresge. • Interlochen, MI • #interlochenarts #interlochen #artsed #summercamp #artscamp

That's a wrap for our kids camp! What an awesome week and amazing show these guys put on! We do a Q & A after the show with our audience. They asked what these students learned during the week. One student said "I learned how to breathe and calm myself so when I get angry at my brothers I stay calm" WHATTTT!! That's what it's about :) Another student said "I learned that it's ok to make mistakes and that my voice should be heard". YES, YES, YES!!!
This is WHY we do what we do. Our programs go above and beyond just Improv, they teach powerful life skills! .

Happy 90th birthday to American figurative artist Alex Katz who was born #onthisday in 1927.
Katz's work has been the subject of more than 200 solo exhibitions and nearly 500 group exhibitions internationally since 1951. To learn more about Katz visit www.alexkatz.com.
Portrait of a Poet: Kenneth Koch, 1970
Alex Katz
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"Ideas are not real estate." - Robert Rauschenberg @themuseumofmodernart Collaboration is key in #artsed #arteducation

This week on Perspectives on Arts and Literacy I interview Youth Dreamers Director Kristina Berdan. Check it out: http://perspectivesonartsandliteracy.weebly.com/blog/arts-literacy-an-interview-with-kristina-berdan

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