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Executive Director @missdarrow went to visit our friends in Charlotte this weekend. Here's a view of Shiela Hicks at @themintmuseum #ArtsATL #newArtsATL #ArtsATLabroad #ArtsATLartdesign

Holiday pop up and open studios at @mutinyartwrx, here's @lelabrunetart's studio. #artsatl #newartsatl #artsatlartdesign

Sneaky peek of the work you can grab to support @mammalgallery! ATL come through to their auction tonight and help keep Mammal alive! #artsatl #newartsatl #artsatlartdesign #weloveatl

#Pasaquan, at @columbusstate, was recently restored in all its vividly, eye-poppingly psychedelic glory; it testifies to a dream fulfilled by the elusive St. EOM. Today on the site, Andrew Alexander profiles this indefinable artist and space, #LinkInBio
#ArtsATL #newartsatl #ArtsATLartdesign

NEWS: @ryangravel, the urban planner who conceived the @atlantabeltline, and Nathaniel Smith, the Founder and Chief Equity Officer Partnership for Southern Equity have announced their resignations from the board of the Atlanta BeltLine Partnership. Read more in our news brief, link in the bio.

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Lovely studio visit with Andrew Catanese (@cat_farts) today!
#artsatl #newartsatl #artsatlartdesign #weloveatl

It has not been a year for easy conversations, on both a national and local scale, and our artwork and public programming is a direct reflection of this. Joining the dialogue is @elevateatl. "I want to get people’s voices documented and highlight the diversity that exists in South Downtown and in Atlanta. It’s complicated and beautiful." - @monicaxcampana, who is part of this year's curatorial team.
Read the rest of @laura_relyea's preview, link in the bio.
Above: Cause Collective’s Truth Booth, featured at this year's fest.
#ArtsATL #NewArtsATL #ArtsATLartdesign #elevate


Matthew Brandt’s appropriation of George N. Barnard's historic Atlanta photographs seems hasty and without examination of the cost of the Civil War, its meaning to the country, and how our city rebuilt, recreated and redefined itself.
Up now on the site, @donnajmintz takes a deeper look at the famed photographer's first series of images inspired by Atlanta, currently on view at @jacksonfineart.
Above: "1864, 033355a1," 2017.
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"ArtsATL brings together a wide array of perspectives, formats and points of interest regarding the arts community in Atlanta. I believe that the publication both takes its lead from the diversity of our city and informs that diversity by offering up so many entry points into conversations about the arts. From how theater arts are used to support children with autism to the latest and greatest from the Symphony, a wide range of conversations and coverage are accessible to readers. I also appreciate teens being included in the coverage and creation of content! It means so much to get to partner with ArtsATL and broaden how we define who gets to cover the arts in our city." -Susan Landrum, Executive Director, VOXATL
Support arts, support writers, donate now, link in bio.
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“I want to bike fast and draw beautifully. But if I can’t, what am I gonna do? Stop? Just keep doing the thing.” Megan Volpert interviews cartoonist and author @squinkyelo about her recent exhibition across the US and the book it inspired, link in bio!
Above: A page from Davis’ "You & a Bike & a Road."
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Instagram takeover brought to you by @themocaga and their annual GALA! MOCA GALA 2017 is a benefit in support of the exhibitions and programs of The Museum of Contemporary Art of Georgia. This years' GALA will be unlike any other-an immersive art experience with video, dance, and music. Stay tuned for more posts of tonight's event! #artsatl #newartsatl #MocaGaTakeOver #mocagagala2017 #artsatlartdesign #weloveatl

The tour begins! Excited to spend our morning with @fluxprojects to explore Downtown Atlanta with ArtsATL contributor Michael Kahn and Flux Exchange artist Alexandre Arrechea.
#artsatl #newartsatl #artsatlartdesign #weloveatl

Giveaway alert! Arts at Oakland Presents: Persephone, a celebration of spring and rebirth through fine art, dance, and music this Saturday, May 20 at Historic Oakland Cemetery! Want to go? Like this post and sign up for our newsletter, link in bio. Winners announced at 5 p.m. today!
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Passing by @poncecitymarket on the @atlantabeltline? Work by Peter Bahouth and other ATL artists are holding watch while construction takes place. You'll have to peep through the looking glass to see. #ArtsATL #NewArtsATL #ArtsATLartdesign #725views

"Atlantans, We are living in the Golden Age of this city's cultural history. Never before have there been more opportunities to enjoy and engage with invigorating art, books, dance, film, music and theater. The choices available to us each day and night are staggering (just ask @terrykearns). I would be lost in this embarrassment of riches if it wasn't for the insight, expertise and guidance of the critics, journalists, videographers and photojournalists of ArtsATL. ArtsATL is my indispensable guide to the arts in this enthralling place we all call home." -Randy Gue, Curator of Modern Political and Historical Collections, Rose Library, Emory University.

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Lacey Longino and Abby Bullard in the @mintatl MINTerns show at @dtpcatl #artsatl #newartsatl #artsatlartdesign #weloveatl

"I remember the first time I sat down to talk to someone from ArtsATL about the work I was doing as an artist and my interest in public art. The interest and support ArtsATL provided to me and Living Walls helped us get to a new level. Our audience did not just grow but it also started to think critically about public art. I will forever be grateful for the space and time ArtsATL gave to Living Walls since the very beginning." - Mónica Campana, Co-Founder & Executive Director Living Walls, The City Speaks.
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Swing away! New Didi Dunphy swing installation at @zuckermanmuseum during #curio #artsatl #newartsatl #weloveatl #artsatlartdesign

Hey ATL, participate in our survey and enter to win a pair of tickets to the @atlantasymphony's "Star Wars and More," link in bio!
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From today's Matthew Brandt talk for @jacksonfineart at @highmuseumofart #NewArtsATL #ArtsATL #ArtsATLartdesign

Future Primitive - art by Archer Applewhite Watkins Jr., 7PM at Abrams Creative Space bit.ly/2pY8BbC #ArtsATLartdesign

"It was our mistake to not realize, that sure, the buildings were vacant but the neighborhood was not. That was our mistake. The arts ecosystem quickly set us straight." We know you have questions about @southdowntown, @thegoatfarm #Beacons project, and the future of the past and present art spaces on South Broad Street and Castleberry Hill. Laura Relyea talks with the Goat Farm co-founder Anthony Harper to shed more light on the situation, link in bio.

#ArtsATL #NewArtsATL #ArtsATLartdesign #southbroad #southdowntown #weloveatl

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