This Friday, October 19th from 6-9 PM. Join us for an evening of great art, great people, and live music by Tom Holland and Wyatt Howland, and meet Cleveland artist Michael Zelenka!

Free and open to the public! Hors d'oeuvre and libations served too ✨
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Art on Madison is pleased to present Juliet Cook as the featured reader for their monthly POETRY + reading series on Tuesday, October 16, 2018 at 7:00pm. Each month Art on Madison features a different writer or poet to present an extended reading at the gallery. The aim of this reading series is to shine the spotlight on a single writer, providing them with the platform to present a body of work and to connect with their audience.

Juliet Cook's poetry has appeared in a small multitude of magazines, including Arsenic Lobster, DIAGRAM, Diode, FLAPPERHOUSE, Menacing Hedge and The Rising Phoenix Review. She is the author of numerous poetry chapbooks, recently including a collaboration with j/j hastain called "Dive Back Down" (Dancing Girl Press, 2015), an individual collection called "From One Ruined Human to Another" (Cringe-Worthy Poets Collective, 2018), and with another individual collection, "Another Set of Ripped Out Bloody Pig Tails" forthcoming from The Poet's Haven. Cook's first full-length individual poetry book, “Horrific Confection”, was published by BlazeVOX close to ten years ago. Her more recent full-length poetry book, "A Red Witch, Every Which Way", is a collaboration with j/j hastain published by Hysterical Books in 2016. Her MOST recent full-length individual poetry book, "Malformed Confetti" soon to be published by Crisis Chronicles Press, is the book on which this reading is based.
Cook also sometimes creates semi-abstract painting collage art hybrid creatures. Cook also runs her own tiny independent press, Blood Pudding Press, which sometimes publishes hand-designed poetry chapbooks and sometimes sells art. Find out more at www.JulietCook.weebly.com.

Art on Madison’s new location is 14203 Madison Ave. Lakewood, OH 44107.
POETRY + is free and open to the public. #poetryreading #julietcook #clevelandartists #communityovercompetition #artonmadison #poetry+ #supportyourlocalartists

Female American red squirrel, Tamiasciurus hudsonicus, our 2nd to smallest species of squirrel in Ohio, the smallest of the diurnal squirrel visitors. Ohio has 4 native species of squirrel, including the smallest and most common species of squirrel in Ohio and perhaps the most widely unseen by humans due to their nocturnal nature and habits, the southern flying squirrel. This little red squirrel was monitoring the red tailed hawks across from our property. I took this while the red tail fledglings were learning to hunt in the field earlier season and they were creating a bit of noise and anxiety among our regulars. The hawks thankfully showed no interest for our residents at our feeding stations. They were busy hunting over the field across from us, with a wide open expanse of a runway as they learned to maneuver and hunt. It's as though our feeding areas are a neutral territory agreement among visitors & I hope it always remains this way. We used to have a sharp shinned hawks that would break that agreement at our old place, they even would stalk our visiting hummingbirds some days. I do see gorgeous sharp shins that nest out back, deeper in our woods, and they are year long residents that likely avoid our feeders due to the red tails and and great horns nesting nearby across from our property, thankfully, they still seem to respect our feeding area. =knock on wood=

As an artist, there is much for me to look forward to and ahead in the near future. Perhaps some things that would have made my parents proud, especially, my dad. ❤
Have many more upcoming happenings and soon to be announcements coming for 2018. Some very exciting news, I think my biggest and latest news that I've been retaining from public is that I've been invited back for a Cat Swartz In the Familiar World of Impossible Curiosities Part 2 for 2019 (ALL brand new curiosities) at Art on Madison, and have upcoming news about my photography as well. Dates TBA. ❤ You can keep an eye on my website calendar and I also have a newsletter that you can signup to for upcoming announcements and happenings involving my work. www.catswartz.com

Luminous Threads by Cathie Joslyn #artonmadison #lakewoodohio #fiberart

Our Neighbors at ART on MADISON are having a show tonight and we have Happy Burger Hours 5pm-7pm! Stop in for some burgers and fries then head next door for the artist reception 6pm-9pm. •

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Please join us for our next solo exhibit of Andean-inspired art by Cathie Joslyn, The show will be open to the public September 8-28. Opening reception is this Saturday, September 15, 6-9 PM. Meet the artist and enjoy the exhibition in person. #soloshow #artistreception #clevelandarts #andeanart #inspired #textileart #luminousthreads #hilosdeluz #cathiejosyln #artonmadison #artgallery #communityovercompetition #supportyourlocalgallery #artlife #artinhomes #artheals #artlovers

Art on Madison is pleased to present John Burroughs @crisischronicles as the featured reader for their monthly POETRY + reading series on Tuesday, September 18, 2018 at 7:00pm. Each month Art on Madison features a different writer or poet to present an extended reading at the gallery. The aim of this reading series is to shine the spotlight on a single writer, providing them with the platform to present a body of work and to connect with their audience.

We'll also be celebrating John's 52nd birthday!

John Burroughs is a nationally-touring poet and performer from the Cleveland area and the author over a dozen books including Water Works, Electric Company, Beat Attitude and The Eater of the Absurd. His latest, Loss and Foundering, will be published in Spring 2018 by NightBallet Press. In various past lives, John served as playwright-in-residence for the Ministry of Theatre at Marion Correctional Institution, his blog was ranked #1 on MySpace, he won the first poetry slam he ever competed in, and he co-founded (with Dianne Borsenik) the infamous Lix and Kix Poetry Extravaganza and almost-annual Snoetry: A Winter Wordfest. John has edited numerous volumes, including the Oct Tongue poetry series, Cheap and Easy Magazine and the anti-censorship anthology Fuck Poetry, and he is probably most proud of his work since 2008 as the founding editor of Crisis Chronicles Press. Find him at www.crisischronicles.com

Art on Madison’s new location is 14203 Madison Ave. Lakewood, OH 44107. POETRY + is free and open to the public. #artonmadison #poetryreading #poets #clevelandarts #literaryarts #johnburroughs #supportart #communityovercompetition #crisischroniclespress

I have a very long list of the most beautiful and supportive folks that I need to thank for the success of my solo show. I am in complete fear I'll forget to mention someone (please, bear with me as I nurse a migraine today), so this is a broad thank you to you all of you for now, including the wonderful supportive gallery ( @artommadison ), so very much love to you all, I am ever so grateful for you and my future! I am in awe and so touched by those of you that came out to see my work in person and celebrate with me, some of you purchased pieces to cherish in your homes, too. I am also touched and marveled by those that shared with their friends online and some that even brought their friends and family to see the show with them, I cherish each and every one of you. I loved meeting so many of you, too!! You are all priceless and beautiful and the thought of this amazing support system from you and some of the words you conveyed to me about my work have brought happiness into my heart and happy tears to my eyes. I couldn't share a bit of me and my journey without you! ❤❤❤❤❤
I have many messages, it will take me some time to comb through and answer everyone, but I will get back with you soon. ❤
Top photo: portion of Spinus Microtus & the Mystic by Cat Swartz, 2018
The bottom photos: are gifted closing flowers from my beautiful friend, Kellie, she was even more amazing and beautiful to meet in person. She runs the most amazing local animal santuary, Haven at Foxwood Farm. Please look them up and show them your support by sharing and liking their beautiful local Eastside sanctuary. ❤
More in photos: we ate such delicious sandwiches b4 the closer at Cleveland Vegan ( @clevelandvegancateringandcafe ) and brought home donuts and their hazelnut danishes. Their staff were so kind and amazing, highly recommend ppl to get out to dine there, you won't be disappointed. Some of the BEST food around.

Last chance to see!

Tonight from 6-9 PM @izohgore Cat Swartz’s closing. Come on out and meet the artist and experience the exhibition in person! Homemade vegan treats will also be served. We hope to see you tonight! #catswartzart #natureartwork #veganartist #sculptor #clevelandarts #artonmadison #closingreception #communityovercompetition #lakewoodart #artgalleries #supportart #arthealsthesoul

Photo of male barn owl details from one of my latest sculptures, Spinus Microtus & the Mystic.
Hope I'll see some of you tonight. This is the last day to view some of these works in public, I'll be at my closer for my solo art show.

The Familiar World of Impossible Curiosities, 12-9pm
Art on Madison
14203 Madison
Lakewood OH
Closing Reception Sept 1, 6-9pm

Please join me, we shall celebrate the last view with homemade vegan noms (vegan wine will be available as well)! ❤


Wip of winged ermine. It will be open mawed, bottom jaw and wings are last pieces to sculpt into place. See more progress videos and images on my Patreon and see some of my completed available sculptures of more impossible curiosities created over the past year in my solo show.
Cat Swartz In The Familiar World of Impossible Curiosities
NOW thru Sept 1
M-Sa 12-6pm
Art on Madison
14203 Madison
Lakewood OH
Closing Reception Sept 1, 6-9pm

Look at the adoptable and posing for cuteness begging for a forever home with you, Vulpes, my little white fox, through the window. Aww ❤ Ohhh, check out the new neon shop lovely, too!

Photo cred: Ivan Kende (Creator of Cavern1, on exhibit toward back section of gallery.)

Come and experience Cat Swartz’s @izohgore art in person! There are still a few days left! #catswartzart #natureart #veganartist #ohioartist #soloexhibition #supportyourlocalartists #artonmadison #communityovercompetition

Spinus Microtus & the Mystic by Cat Swartz, 2018

Goldfinch vole, pronounced (latin)- spīn-us micro-tus

Clay, organic raw cotton, thermoplastic, faux fur, acrylics, moss, electric LEDs, UV sealed.

The Mystic barn owl, Tyto alba, & goldfinch voles, Spinus Microtus, are flying voles that are native to North American regions that closely imitate male American goldfinch birds in appearance & most behaviors. Although, unlike goldfinches, they can open & eat hard shelled nuts. They favor wild nuts & seeds & they sometimes briefly appear at birdfeeders in early spring when food in scarce. During these occasional visits, they are oftentimes mistook as male American goldfinch with early summer breeding plumage. This species prefer to nest in & around wild hazelnut trees. They eat & store the tree nuts over the winter in deep hollowed dens in wild hazelnut trees.

Best to see details in person. Currently available for view at Art on Madison, last day for view is Sept 1st until 9pm.

Wow, just 4 days left to view! The details are best seen in person! ❤

Manifestation, 2017, NFS

Medium: clay, thermoplastic, acrylics, faux fur, wire, 24k gold leaf, led lights

This might the last time I will have this piece available to view in public. Can currently be seen at Art on Madison, last day is this Caturday. If you do view in person, the moon is backlit with LED lights and please, make close inspection of the delicately hand sculpted talons. This piece is the reason I rarely create talons in my work, they were a nightmare, but I suppose, worth that extra effort. Lol This is my only piece that received a double placing in a same show in Oct 2017, and the main reason why I won't sell it. Might be a once in a lifetime deal.. the other reason is.. While creating the wing from sculpting thermoplastic and wire work weaving each wing, I developed some bad blisters from my tool work. I couldn't use my hands for sculpting for about 2 wks or so after this project (the callouses also caused a sensory problem for a spell for feeling my sculpting work) and I recall the shooting pain from each handshake from that show, but it was worth it in the end. Most of my work caused me some sort of physical pain, this one was among the worst injuries. This little albino fantasy owl surprised me and will come home to live with me a lifetime after the show. ❤

You can see more hints to my influences and creative heroes since childhood childhood in this piece, Jim Henson and Brian Froud. I think my absolute favorite film is the dark crystal and I always wanted to create additional residents that may have been found in the forests there, among the pod ppl, gelflings, landstriders, and a watchful Fizzgig.

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