I’m so excited to show you all what I’ve been slowly working on these past couple weeks...my newest Shadowbox necklace! The mountains in the background were modeled off of Mt Baker and the Cascade mountains. The frame is made of thick and sturdy wire, and that pine tree and bear have loads of details. It’s available now in my Etsy shop. Run on over and take a look!
#mtbaker #bearnecklace

This has become one of my most popular designs! Each pine tree 🌲 design is separately stamped by yours truly in Sterling silver, and the ring stacks great with several of my other skinny ring designs. Fun fact about this ring: it takes well over 100 hammer 🔨 strikes to stamp this design all around the band. Even if you aren’t really into pine trees, the design is still pretty. Run over to my Etsy shop and take a look at the “Rings” section to see all I have to offer.

#pinetrees #stackingring

If I could favorite this one myself, I would ❤️. Look at all the detail on the mountains, and that warm, golden sun rising in the background. It reminds me of looking out at the horizon in the North Cascades, and seeing mountains as far as the eye can see. What does it make you think of? I’d love to hear.

If it’s your heart’s desire to wear this beauty around your neck, click the link in my bio. You’ll find it right at the top of my shop.
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There are so many ways to create art.

Pictures from today #groupexhibition #seattlewa #seattleartscene #seattleliving #seattleartpost #artofpnw #pnwart #wallingford @niimodo organized by @foundry10 #thankyou #haveagreatweekend check out these works from young artists in our area

Another wet day. Another waiting at the crosswalk #therain with the white wall #nowshowing @panpacificseattle #seattlewa #seattleartscene #belltown #pnwart #artofpnw #acryliconcanvas #24x30in #framed more info #linkinbio

The only constant is change.
Wood prints of this original piece are available the site - link in bio 🤙🏽

This one’s for all the mountain chicks out there who love to wear earrings and necklaces together, but don’t want to be too matchy matchy. Plus they are both made entirely of Sterling silver, so they will go with just about everything in your wardrobe.

Click on the link in my bio to purchase either or both.

A very personal experience for my upcoming exhibition #nextevent #seattlewa #seattleshow #artistsoninstagram #instaart #artofpnw #pnwart #youngartist

[Sold] New Mountain stud earrings, now available in my Etsy shop! Hand cut and hand stamped entirely by me, with adorable snow capped peaks. Perfect accessory for ladies who prefer tiny earrings. Run 🏃🏻‍♀️ on over to my Etsy shop to purchase!

Sunny on the waters, and sunny in the mountains. .
Wood prints available :) Link in bio.

“Going to the mountains is going home” -John Muir

This gorgeous mountain necklace is certainly at home in the Cascade Mountains. Complete with snow capped peaks, stick pines and fluffy white clouds ☁️, all hand cut by yours truly. Find it for sale in my Etsy shop, and make sure to check out the stick pine and cloud earrings while you are there.

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