Every night, @pulsarstorm prays that his hair will grow to be long and luscious like gods son @jvn

My lips are white girl thin docent mean my new Twitter icon has to be 🤷🏻‍♀️ fuck it let’s add horns too

🌱🌸🍃☠️ “You are challenged by Leader Rachel!” My #gymsona living her Britney Spears fantasy with her poison type team. This artist tag was going around on twitter awhile ago, Gengar & Venusaur have always been my favorite. Done in #procreate

Since some participants were after a landscape: **FOR SALE** “the blazing sun” ☀️ - Another Sea/Landscape of a Sand dune. - soft sponge printing, palette knife & brush work on oil canvas paper in oil paint. Message for details & price. Available framed for a small extra fee. (Yes, you can message and decide against purchasing. Here to help 💥) #texture #art #artofinstagram #artofig_share #artists #oilpaint #seascape #sanddune #paint #landscapepainting

This week I finally got myself after saving up for months a IPad to create more digital art, not depending on my laptop. This cute Rowlet is one of the first things I made. 😊😊 Swipe to right for a speedpaint video of it. 🎶Music: DJ Quads - I like to

The second bird of the three birbcuties. This one is my favorite. 🐦🌼

A2 Semi abstract high saturation&contrast drawing ... 82 colouring pencil shades later 🙃🙂 #colouringpencil #art #artistsofinstagram #artofig_share

So today was a fail...i was trying to take the bat off and it was hella suctioned to the wheel and my hand slipped and this is what came of it😕
#fridayfails #illgetitnexttime #redclay #ceramics #art_nation #artofig_share

AND SHES DONE ✨ stickers and patches coming soon! Done on the iPad in Procreate

fanart of a sweet mother holding her grandchild #CriticalRole  #CriticalRoleFanArt

Lines are done now onto colors✨🔮 she’s going to be such a cool sticker

Don’t worry about under eye bags when you have three mouths to feed 👄
Inspired by the talented @ronniemena and one of their recent creations
Products used:

@wolfefaceartfx essentials palette: pink, yellow, lilac, saddle brown
@mehronmakeup paradise paints: white, black, red
@nyxcosmetics jumbo eye pencil in milk & primal shadow in hot red
Rest of shadows are used form my custom pressed eyeshadow palette from @sugarpill

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