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🎨~Weekly artist spotlight~🎨
Each week we will select one artist to do a mini-interview on so you can get to know them a little better. This week we are featuring @sarashakeel . Read below to see her anwsers and feel free to leave a comment! #thednalife
Why art? -
I believe ART is an Alternate Revival Tool for life, well that's how i perceive, how it has helped and saved me from drowning into a deep deep hole of self destruction and pitying myself. Art saved me, it's a tool, it can be playing music, writing poems, or even decorating cakes, lol anything that helps you to get your TrueSelf. -
What does your creative process look like? -
Watching three's company( an old american comedy ) listening to music, or driving, looking at nature, or people. Seeing how God’s creations react and act to each other, the process of human interactions, I read them all very closely, and try to feel them, from the core of my heart. Lol I know I sound a little crazy & stupid. -
What do you hope others see when they look at your body of work? -
Sympathy, love, humble, and far most GOD! i want people to connect to themselves through my pictures, relate and appreciate the existence of something supreme that has made us all, something not human, because we all have that inhuman thing inside us, which believes in hope, things that are not real, i want people to reconnect to their souls, the innocent part of their soul, that believed in goodness! and kindness. Life has brought us to a place where all we care about is our selfish desires! -
If you had the ability to create anything what would your dream project be? -
To build an institution that helps people in finding their true selves, without being judged, where they believe that they have the power to unlock everything in life, & it's not necessary we should have a degree for that. Help people to find their dreams, help them to JUMP and make the first move towards the LONG LONG journey towards self satisfaction and being powerful. We don't need lectures , we need wisdom, to built ambitious societies, that believes in hope and happiness along with carrying out harsh realities of life with positiveness and love. it'

"Fani aşk yoktur. Aşkların hepsi baki olanadır. Tek fark şudur ki; kimi sanatı görür, kimi sanatçıyı."
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"There is no worldly love, love is always for the eternal one . The difference is ; some people sees the art and some sees the artist."
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Watching this on repeat 😍 More of @riseandwander in the link in my bio ❤💛

Мама говорит, что я неприличные фотографии выкладываю🤷🏼‍♀️
Ну я даже не знаю🤔
Надеюсь я когда-нибудь дорисую этих огненно-ледяных людей😓
Ужасно хочется доделать, но возникла проблема с осуществлением мелких идей, которые хотелось воплотить на ней. Вообще обожаю рисовать маслом на дереве, мне нравится что краска не высыхает в течении недели и можно накладывать новые и новые слои.
А сверху висит картина моего дедушки, он был художником, фотографом и видеографом, учил меня рисовать с 3-х лет.
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It grows inside you.

Flowers of my Garden No 5: sterling silver ring constructed from soldered wire pieces and faceted gemstones ( Gem Quality Faceted Garnet, Amethyst, Blue Topaz, Citrine).
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Sorry I haven't posted in a while guys! Here is just a quick sketch in a simpler style, more cartoon because... why not? Also... please check out my art contest!!! I need more entries!!#artcontest #pencilsketch #pencils #doodle #doodles #art #artist #artlover #draw #drawing #drawings #traditionalart #traditionalartist

Close up "Ghost lovers"

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