“You are the sum total of the 5 people you hang out with- and the books you read.”-
So, who are you?

This is my WHY. I was making a good living as an #artdirector when I felt something was missing. I wanted to give back. - 👉🏿 I tried teaching and it was very rewarding to see people blossom #creatively and know that you were a part of their journey to making a living from doing something they love! - 👉🏿 So I decided that I’d take all my experience online to help people all over the world. - 👉🏿 Sometimes when I’m tired and don’t really feel like recording a YouTube tutorial or more recently when I feel discouraged at my low subscriber or view count, I remember that there’s someone somewhere who wants to be a graphic #designer and can’t afford school. - 👉🏿 I remember my WHY. I’m not expecting to make millions online. I don’t want to get internet famous: I teach so people everywhere can earn a living as a #graphicdesigner and learn how to visually #market their #business, their services or themselves! - 👉🏿 I’m here to #inspire and positively affect the lives of others. WHY are you here?

We do outstanding work here at Acava, and we're looking for an outstanding new Finance Director to take on a key leadership position in our team. Spread the word!

Apply by 12noon, Tue 25 September 2018 (the day after tomorrow). Job description and application pack on the vacancies page on our website acava.org/about/vacancies

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[[If you where tagged and you are interested in having her in a show, please let me know by direct messaging me!! ]]Here’s the final look! I’ve decided to switch up the comic. Again. Sorry. This time it’s gonna be half comic, half chapter. So sorda like a picture book with WAAYYY more words. This here, is the main character. ((As you can see I tried something different)) I’m still trying to perfect a style. I want it more realistic looking. So the first few chapters may take a LONG time to come out. and I know I said i wanted it to come out on my birthday, September 13th, but I was unable to make that work. #art #artist #marvel #netflix #tvshow #artjobs #jobs #draw #drawing #drawer #illistration #illistrator #color #tag @marvel @marvelstudios #marvelcharacters @marvel_characters_everyday @netflix #netflixshow #netflixcharacter @netflix.characters

Listen to your inner voice more than the voices of others. You know best what’s right for you. You have always known what you’ve wanted to do since you were a child— perhaps life got in the way and you drowned out that voice and filled it with other things. But on this #sundaymorning, get quiet and listen. Make the time to do something for yourself today. If you want have a career as a #freelance #designer, where you can set your own hours doing something creative OR if want to learn how to #market yourself, your business, your band, or your services, take 5 minutes to check out my #YouTube channel: GRAPHICS GRRL. I’m here to help and encourage you to #design your #brand so you can live the life you’ve always dreamed :)

25th Anniversary of our Teen Arts Mentorship Program. More photos will be shared on our Facebook page!

Hi #artlovers I hope your having a lovely Weekend This Abstract Painting is Titled #richness of life #artist #janebeckman #artjanebeckman

Looking for your next job in the arts? We’re recruiting for an Administration and Personnel Manager to join the team! This new role will work closely with the Deputy Director and other key staff to ensure that the right systems and structures are in place to maintain high standards across all areas of operation.

For more information and how to apply, visit our website. Deadline: Monday, 15 October 10.00am

Photo: Installation view of Nathalie Du Pasquier: Other Rooms at Camden Arts Centre, 2017. Photo: Damian Griffiths

Cheers to the freakin' #weekend, I’ll drink to that! 🎉 Consider this your friendly reminder to get out and live a little while you’re going for your #goals— because life is about the journey, not the destination.💯

A pile of hay in Rust, Austria in watercolor
🐞🎨multiple techniques

Ship Art kicked off the weekend with a company training meeting in an effort to advocate for more workplace diversity and inclusion. Shout out to our HR director Shindy for putting it all together as well as @leaninorg for their video Creating a Level Playing Field. We found it extremely helpful and crucial to Ship Art’s philosophies as a company.
Wishing everyone a Happy Friday and an even better weekend! ✨☀️

MyHOUSE Sports Gear is looking for a Graphic Design Artist Illustrator

Follow the link for more details!!! http://bit.ly/2xr6tLT
Photo Credit: Kaboompics
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Whirley-DrinkWorks is looking for a New Product Development Illustrator!!.....Follow the link for more details!!!
Photo credit: Rawpixel
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Life is short and precious.🎁 If there’s something you want to do, make plans to do it right now.🌈 If there’s someone you love, tell them so right now.❤️Stop waiting for the perfect time; there isn’t one.🕛 It’s now or never. 🎥 Or as they said in one of my favorite movies of all time, Shawshank Redemption, “Get busy livin’, or get busy dyin’.” 👉🏿 Now, name one thing you’re going to do today?! #fridaymotivation #weekendmotivation

Want to work at the Chinati Foundation in Marfa, Texas? They’re hiring an #intern! Apply for this #internship and more #artjobs on #artfrankly 🔥 #marfa #chinatifoundation

Sneak peeks of our Teen Arts Mentorship Exhibition opening tomorrow night during the Funk Zone Art Walk. Come through the gallery from 5-8pm to see some truly incredible work!

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