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I said somewhere before that we are all victims in one way or another. But we have the choice to be the hero or the villain in the story we're in.

Just thought I'd do a #quicksketch of Erik Killmonger of #blackpanther.

MEANWHILE, I heard the news that my books Incognito 1 and A Thousand Words: Childhood are already sold out on the currently ongoing KOMIKET Art and Comics market at Centris today. Thank you for picking them books despite my absence. Dudes will restock tomorrow. So be early before they run out again 😉

Finished piece from previous time lapse video.

Cover art for Incognito 8: Sigalot!

Of this fiery 🔥🔥Incognito chapter "Sigalot" where protagonist and antagonist finally collide!

KOMIKET na bukas! Doors open at 9am! Don't miss this episode! 😱😱😱 O kahit ito lang yung chapter na bilhin niyo ok na! Find us @kawangis at Booth 91.

Materials used:
Holbein watercolors (@deovirarts)
Kuretake Gansai Tambi
Raphael Kolinsky brushes 000 & 4 (@artnebulaph)
Fabriano wc paper
Tubig galing sa gripo

Someone said my paintings seemed like they have hidden meanings. 'Di naman ako super intentional about it (except Incognito) pero maybe it shows?

These are a fresh batch of art prints kasi naubos sa last Maker's Market! So you can grab them at KOMIKET this weekend at @Kawangis booth 91 (I have a small corner there) or you can check out my online shop www.shopee.ph/spatialchild

Also, if you want the real McKoy, the original paintings of Spirited Away and Princess Mononoke are for sale at @giftavenuecafe in Gateway Cubao, with frame. You can buy it there or coordinate with me.

Sent this piece to Olongapo today 😊 💗

I'm @ Central Square BGC right now until 10pm for Maker's Market so drop by if you want to get copies of our books and my art prints at @Kawangis Komiks' booth beside the escalators.

🎶 To-to-ro 🎶 To-to--ro🎵

A mom commissioned me to do a painting of her daughter with some of her favorite things. It's lovely to witness how parents are supportive of their kids interests (and are even willing to spend so much) and are constantly beside them to guide them as they grow.
Oh, as I do this,I remember it's my Mama's birthday today. She's notable for being keen on me and my siblings' strongest talents while we were fancy about pursuing other things. She knew what God wired me/us to do from the very beginning.

And as I do this, the little one was kicking and turning in my belly. I wonder now, what will her strengths be? I am just excited to discover and guide her there as well.

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