Instant kill mode.

Still having that art block 😥😢😭😭 but I'm hoping it would be over despite of my busy schedule 😐

"I will do whatever it takes ,inorder to be a true pro hero!"-Izuko Midoriya 😭😍 Spent 4 hours to finish this one and I never felt so satisfied with my artwork 😚😚 Anyway , I can't wait to see the 3rd Season of Hero Academia ! Let's go PLUS ULTRA!😍😚💪💕

" I will win this game without using my father's power at all. " - Todoroki Shoto 😍😳 I spent 5 hours again for this one while editing our research manuscript . Anyway .... Boku no Hero Academia (idk if I stated it right) this anime had changed my perspective towards life. If you don't believe me then watch it for yourself 😍😍😍😍
Thanks to my friend Isabelle who made me watch this cool anime 😍😍😎 Let's go PLUS ULTRA!😇😇😇

"I don't know how did you passed Midoriya but still I'm going to defeat you until the very end!" - Bakugo 😎😏 It was a pretty long process to paint Bakugo because I made a lot of mistakes in this. Yet I enjoyed the 8 hour process and it looked like a slight Pop-Art masterpiece .

" A lot of people told her that she was not fit to be a princess,yet the stars told her she can be one of them in the sky.-ZeeMa

This is one of my unfinished artworks way back 2017 so I decided yesterday to give it an end and this happened. 😍😇

"Just look up. We are both under the same starry sky." Kimi no na wa 😥😍😍💕💜
I really love this anime movie and it made me more interested about other galaxies and dimensions 💕💚💕💚💕 I made this artwork for only 2 hours 😚💕💚

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