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Here's a 60 second tutorial for those new to watercolour. I have added voice over for you so have your volume on. I'm painting on wet paper here. The brushes I'm using are both Da Vinci. The small one is a Nova and the larger one is a mop brush. The paper is Arches hot press and the paint is Daniel Smith Diox Pink. Even though it's only short I hope it helps 😘.

⚡️New stickers!!⚡️

Swipe through to see them all!
Ying yang mandala ☯️
Zentangle butterfly 🦋
Mandala verse ✨
Zentangle Paw 🐾

Which one is your favourite?? •
All stickers are available on the link in my bio! Shipping is world wide! 🌎💌

Wish I could could paint as fast as my imagination☁️✨
"Tree of Thought"
Inspired by the power of thought and making your own reality 🌸
Work in progress**

Violet crystal dragon ✨🐉
Another beauty for this Sunday Etsy sale^^
Like crystal dragons, they look so delicate and full of power at the same time 💜 The circle is natural stone pattern, I didn't paint it. Pencils are here only for size comparison.


#ChesterBennington, graphite on A4. The worlds gonna miss you, you legend.


Pancho Villa charcoal on paper

Hi all, I decided to do a sixties theme. I like it, crazy colors and clothes were the rage. Think I'll do another😊. As you know my poochie is sick. He'll be great going to the Ortho to get the Dx. Praying he only needs a brace. I decided to take the fundme page down because the site was giving me problems and my friend said she donated, but nothing showed up. I told her to hold off and not donate. Its probably better to do the popular Gofundme page, but someone else would have to initiate it according to the details. Anywho, have a great night?😁🐾💕
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Getting ready for an #eggtempera #paintingworkshop in Flensburg, Germany.

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