Mais um trabalho concluído para a @beertruck1951. Obrigado pela confiança pessoal!! 🍻🖍

“In Schiele’s case, misery is something he wants to share with us by targeting our nervous systems with his art. If you saw him in a documentary about serial killers, it wouldn’t surprise you.” November 2018 #london #thesundaytimes #waldemarjanuszczak #inspirationalquotes #royalacademyofarts #klimtandschiele #drawings #mylife #myLondon #mysundayreads #photo #photography #art #artinspired #athomeintheworld #traveldeeper #dametraveler #worldnomads #artgalleries #artcritics #myworld🌎

Shadow play with the Even Signet — a timeless shape & silhouette 🖤
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Love me some Topaz ✨

1/4 photoshoot inspired by @sangwo0 's collaboration with @wmag... Aimed for a spread in @dearboymag (hypothetical of course)

Model @the.second.best
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好/hǎo/ good= 女 /nǚ/woman➕子/zǐ/child. In ancient China, before we have anything developed, the best thing /most important thing is to reproduce. So it is good when a woman gets a child.
好/hǎo/: 1.good; well
好事/hǎo shì/: good deed; good thing
2. nice; kind
好人/hǎo rén/: good person; nice person
3. very
好漂亮/hǎo piào liang/: very pretty; very beautiful
好丑/hǎo chǒu/: very ugly
Do you know what it means when someone says he/she got a ”好人卡”?
好人卡/hǎo rén kǎ/: a nice-person card/sign
For example, a man likes a woman, then he expresses his feeling to the woman and asks if she would like to go out with him/ or further if she wants to be in a relationship. The woman says ” you are a good man, but....(whatever reason to refuse him)’’. Then it can be said the men gets a 好人卡。
好人卡= he/ she is not into you.😹
Anyone ever got or gave a 好人卡 before?😹😹😹
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🎀DIOR INSPO🎀 what a face!!! Marlene Pina backstage.

A dispetto del loro legame con il sole e la spensieratezza, i girasoli nascono da un triste mito, che racconta un amore non ricambiato tra una Ninfa e il dio del Sole: lei si trasforma in questo fiore dopo aver vissuto l'intera vita a seguirlo, con lo sguardo nel cielo, nonostante il suo disprezzo.
In pittura, dai petali riarsi e accartocciati alle corolle arancioni sgargianti, il girasole è un fiore dal fascino indiscutibile. ➡️ CONOSCIAMOCI!
Io sono attratta dal girasole in basso a destra: affronta impettito le difficoltà, attendendo che il prossimo raggio di sole lo baci. Infatti: 1. Ho sempre bisogno della mia ispirazione per lavorare a un progetto 2. Nelle difficoltà, resisto in attesa del sole che verrà 3. Cerco di avere sempre un atteggiamento equilibrato tra le mie tinte forti. ➡️ SUGGERIMENTO: “Portami il girasole impazzito di luce". (E. Montale)
Quando organizzi un evento cerca il tuo sole, la tua ispirazione, sii tenace, e vedrai che riuscirai a brillare della tua propria luce.
Tu hai già trovato il tuo sole? In cosa ti aiuta? Raccontamelo nei commenti al post! .
In spite of their connection with the sun and the carefree, sunflowers are born from a sad myth, which tells about an unrequited love between a Nymph that turns into this flower after living her whole life following, with his gaze in the sky, her beloved, scornful God of the Sun.
In painting, from the curled and burned petals up to the bright orange corollioni, the sunflower keeps an indisputable charm. ➡️ LET'S KNOW US!
I’m attracted by the sunflower at the right bottom: it faces difficulties, waiting for the next sun ray coming to kiss him. Infact: 1. I always need to be inspired to start working on a project 2. In difficulties, I resist waiting for the sun yet to come 3. I try to always keep into balance my strong colors.
➡️ SUGGESTION: “Bring me the sunflower, crazy with light".
When you organize an event, look for your sun, your inspiration, be tenacious, and you will see that you will be able to shine of your own light.
Have you already found your sun? Tell me!

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