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You believe that you lost the last shred of your innocence the day you realised that the door in our parents' bedroom will always come loose at the hinges from being slammed too hard every alternate night.
You believe that if you physically get ripped enough, gangs will stop throwing punches your way every time you mess up.
You believe that if you make enough money to buy an obscure island in the Pacific you might forget the jeers of worthlessness singed on your skin.
You believe that if you continue to harbour this bitterness you might even achieve all of the above.
Thus let me remind you how negativity only yeilds negativity.
The spreading poisonous branches of which can only be stopped if you decide to let go at least some of it,
Which I hope you decide to do before it morphs itself to be your anchor and you're left stagnant.
But in between and till you decide to that do that and even after that,
I hope you will remember what we share to be your escape because
We have enough places to "talk about it."
As I will always be here waiting with a packet of potato chips and cola bottles to be the humour in your dark days.
Because I think you know between our self depricating and offensive humour we always teach each other something worthwhile.
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another day at the office, looking for new material ;) • submissions/suggestions are always welcomed for consideration, simply tag @theartidote or use the hashtag #ArtidoteEntry in your posts for a chance to get featured. I'm on the l👀k out! -Jovanny

Unlike other people they are scarred for life, but her damaged petals are what made her more beautiful than other flowers 🌸🌺 #damagedpeople #artidoteentry

"When it feels scary to jump, that's exactly when you jump. Otherwise you end up staying at the same place your whole life. And that I can't do."
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I used to hate my freckles.
I remember using lemon juice to try and bleach them off my skin.
I read somewhere that it made freckles disappear.
It would run down my forehead and burn my eyes as it went.
All Because freckles weren’t pretty.

I fucking hate that word.

1. (of a person, especially a woman or child) attractive in a delicate way without being truly beautiful.

Isn’t that a fucking ridiculous word?

Why, when you could be a million other things would you choose to be pretty.
Who the fuck wants to be “delicate”. WE are not “Delicate"

We are malleable
Our bones break and heal over and over again.
Our skin splits and then sews itself back together.
Our hearts shatter like glass and reassemble
Our souls fight wars and
Our hands both build and destroy.

We are destruction and creation all at once.

I got over trying to be pretty when I realised
Id rather die than be known for such trivialities.

And I will be happy if every experience I have 
writes itself on my face.
Painting stories across my skin.
Tattooing lessons across my back.

I will be blessed if every soul I love leaves scars in me.
Like Engraved names in the bark of an old oak tree.
I would run my hand over each name
the ones that have long since healed,
New bark growing over the once open wound.
The fresh ones that still weep,
leaving a sweet sting of nostalgia at the touch.

Im no longer afraid to be marked.
To be muddied or tainted or stained.
I’ll play connect the dots and paint a masterpiece from the marks that made me.

I’ll open up old wounds to remind myself of all the reasons they lay upon my skin.
I’ll be freckly, scarred, muddied
and an experience infested creature.
I will not be pretty. 
I’ll fucking Haunt dreams with what it means to be alive.

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The only person that is stopping you from going further is yourself. Maybe you're just afraid of committing mistakes... Maybe you're thinking of what others might think of you... Or maybe you're just afraid of the future. You see, there is always a reason to be afraid. Why? Because you let fear guide you. You let your horrible thoughts control you instead of standing for yourself. Someday, you'll regret wasting your young years bc of over analyzing nonsense things. Go outside and have fun! You don't need to be drunk at a party to have fun. I'm talking about finding your inner happiness. Why not try to lay on the grass and just reflect on yourself... Evaluate your existence...Improve your social life... Pursue your passion... Find a reason to live not just to exist.

Shot by: @valenzuelandrea

Quando voce acorda meio Banksy...
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Oh, what a tangled web we weave...when first we practice to deceive.
Walter Scott

10x10in Acrylic on canvas.
Artist #ElleAudra $200
DM for purchasing 💗


"Switch your mentality from 'I'm broken and helpless' to 'I'm growing and healing' and watch how your life changes, for the better."✨ -arabwife .

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"I don't need you, but I fucking want you."~🥀

Throwback to this piece, where I tried a very different style. Do y'all want to see more of this style?
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We were like astronauts,
Dreaming on the moon,
Telescoping the stars,
Exploring the skies and
Searching for the moments
That took our breath away. - @rmdrk
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A monologue with my city.
Sometimes I wonder how differently I would have loved you if I was not a girl?
I would have been able to see you taking off your vibrant orange bindi, your perfectly lined kajol smearing down your eyelid and us sitting by the ghat; the cooling water touching our feet and no goodbyes when the clock stikes six right?
Imagine how I could have taken any bus, taxi or tram with no care in the world!
I could have taken you to Park street and loitered around the entire afternoon with just a "মা, আসছি". চা এর দোকানে কাকুরা হয়তো কাকুদের মতো কথা বলতো আমাদের সাথে সারাক্ষন অদ্ভুত ভাবে না তাকিয়ে থেকে because even I want to have stories about how I had to sit through mundanely boring accounts of acidity, gelusil and piles and not burn my tongue hurridly drinking my tea.
Ten missed calls from maa would have still scared the shit out of me but those missed calls would never have the acrid smell of newspaper headlines of 'RAPED IN BROAD DAYLIGHT'. ওই উত্তর কলকাতার গলিতে তোর সঙ্গে হাত ধরে হাঁটা স্বপ্ন থাকতোনা হয়তো। By the way do you even remember the last time you walked with your head held high in an alleyway?
পুরো শহর টাই আমার জন্য safe space হতো. শুধু মল আর ক্যাফে গুলো না even প্রিন্সপ এর ঘাট আর ময়দান would have been in the reach of my palm. বৃষ্টি তে ভিজেলে tee shirt টা বুকের সঙ্গে চিটে গেলে একটুকুও conscious হতাম না শুধু তোকে কি সুন্দর লাগছে এই নিয়েই ভাবতাম.
I don't if I should say this aloud but sometimes I wonder if I would have really loved you then?
Picture by @thesohamghosh
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