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My friend's made this teeny tiny human and I love him 💙 #arthurjones @cpolledri @77gdog77

Honored to have met and learned from Mr. Jim Flannagan this weekend! #nautilus #medx #arthurjones

This is a meeting of the greatest minds in high intensity strength training. A RARE picture that may never happen again. Left side around: Dr. Ellington Darden, Roger Schwab, Steve Ritz, Dwayne Wimmer, Bill Crawford, Jim Flanagan, Peter Rana, Luke Carlson, Fredrick Hahn, Ben Bocchicchio, Wayne Westcott and Kim Wood. #highintensity #arthurjones #slowburnpersonaltraining #bodybuilder

During my training career I have comeacrossmany types of training protocols. Thetwo major training modes that are usually being practiced today by many bodybuilders are the H.V.T. (High Volume Training) and H.I.T. (High Intensity Training). I have used both modes of training and have come to the conclusion what Olympic Strength Coach, Charles Poliquin, had stated, many times, in the past, and that is each training mode will work up to a certain point. Once the training program stops working it is time to change and perform a new training protocol. In the movie “The Roadie” the singer Meat Loaf states that everything works if you let it. When it comes to training theories and programs, many of them do work if you allow them to. You just have to get rid of conventional wisdom. (Note: Conventional wisdom is no wisdom at all. Conventional wisdom is taking somebody else’s word for the way things are. It’s the followers of this world who rely on assumption. Not the leaders. Richard Marcinko.)The late great Mike Mentzer believed that his training method, High Intensity Training, was the closest thing to training perfection in existstance.

Keep in mind, though, that Mike and Ray mentzer did not train in the fashion they espoused later in their life during their competitive days. The training they prescribed later in their life was so distorted that they had the athlete training once every week and to one extreme ten minutes every two weeks. Unfortunately, not many made progress with a program like that. How many top notch physiques do you see training in that fashion today? The answer is none.

Read more at: http://intenseapexalphamale.com/h-t-high-intensity-training/

Colts DT Arthur Jones agrees to reduce '16 salary from $4.5M to $2.5M to stay with with team, According to ESPN; Missed last season (ankle) -Via Bleacher Report. #Colts #ArthurJones #ColtsNation #NFLFreeAgency

Gran fin de semana de aplicación Práctica de fuerzas en la C.V.
Máster en Mecánica del Ejercicio.


Ian Duckett - one of my favorite drug-free bodybuilders. He has a column on Cyberpump called Body in Design when he was writing for the site back around 2002.  With drug-free bodybuilding it is possible to combat father time and not just be a shadow of your former self due to reliance on drugs for  your physique.  Check out @oldbutstrong these days and see what he looks like in his 50's as proof of my statement!

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#arthurjones on competitive body building and explosive training.

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