We will all be famous at least for 15 Minutes in our lives, that’s what the genius of self promotion, #AndyWarhol, said.
One of the best ways to become famous is by reproducing every day life objects and convert them into #FineArt, right?


我把喜歡的東西放到畫紙上,再把背景填滿星期一的顏色👨🏿‍🎨 #art#artwork #arthistory#Chinese
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Yesterday, longtime Marvel Comics writer, editor, publisher and emeritus Chairman, Stan Lee passed away (1922-2018). While I don't cite superhero comics as one of my chief influences, his guidance (and enthusiasm!) of the industry he helped grow (along with the many talented men and women he directed) is nothing less than indelible. There have been copious tributes to him already of course, but what I haven't seen many directly address is that he likely influenced a lot of people to start reading. Comics = reading. He saw comics could be much more than ephemeral fanfare entertainment. In his stories (again, which were collaborations), he wasn't deterred to address readers with serious topics such as drugs, loss and bigotry. 💥💥💥
Artwork above is by Marvel Comics veteran, John Buscema (1938-2002 ) and taken from the seminal book, 'How to Draw Comics the Marvel Way'(1978), written by Stan and illustrated by John. (All notes in red were added by me and do not appear in the book.) In College, while I was studying animation, my teacher referred to the drawings above to context the overlap between comics and animation - both forms of sequential art. In comics, you show the most extreme/clear posing to convey movement in a series of panels. While in animation, you connect those poses with other drawings (frames) to sequence them in motion. In one of the many recorded interviews with Stan, he recites a conversation he had with Film Director, Steven Spielberg: 'You know, Stan, essentially we have the same job, only my pictures move.' There you go. Rest in peace, Stan and John

The Mediterranean Series
Photography by: #TomHegen ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖

Concept 77
Vlasov’s striking conceptual architecture hits upon contemporary’s most important design features: sharpness, elegance, simplicity, and sleekness. The juxtaposition between nature and the rigidity of a man-made structure accentuate the beauty of the construction. Aesthetically beautiful, Vlasov’s work is efficiently displayed from every angle. @_vlasov_roman_

#LionelSmit is a contemporary South African artist best known for portrait paintings and sculptures of Cape Malay—or mixed-race South African—women. Smit’s work integrates Abstract Expressionist gestures into both his large-scale paintings and bronze sculptures, creating colorful and inventive interpretations of the human form. Smit’s work has become very popular in both his home country and abroad, particularly in London and Hong Kong. His work can be found in the collections of many prominent banks and wineries across South Africa. Smit lives and works in Cape Town, South Africa.

70 Years ago, the CoBrA movement was born in reaction to the ongoing quarrel between figuration and abstraction, and aimed to create a more liberated approach to art.
Check our database of realised prices to see how much works from the CoBrA group have achieved at auction! Link in bio👆🏻

My original Woman of Willendorf (top) and a new iteration - which do you like better, the thicker or thinner line? I’m thinking about making a few more with different fabric colors and palettes.

The baroque style came later to Spain than it did to the rest of Europe, but the Spanish quickly incorporated the aesthetic into their art. 17th c. Dutch styles, on the other hand, tended towards simpler, earthier designs; they often painted the wood black to simulate an ebonized look. What's your preference?⠀
#spanish #dutch #frames #framinghistory #arthistory

Fragonard, Two Girls on a Bed Playing with their Dogs

Impossibile non dedicare del tempo a uno degli eventi collaterali proposti da @novembreinarte
Provenienti dalla galleria @56artgallery vi proponiamo una selezione di manifesti cinematografici dagli anni '40 ai '70 con la mostra "Oltre il muro. Tempere originali del cinema dell' ex Unione Sovietica"

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