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Day 3 / Churchgate Station

We’re happy to report that @kobrastreetart is making some rapid progress!
Have you seen this yet, Mumbai? 📸 @pranavgohil91

En @einabcn nos invitan a dibujar con el espacio. Así está su local en Barra de Ferro a falta de 5 sesiones esta tarde. ¡Impresionante! #BigDrawBCN #nofilter #skinisthenewcanvas #einabcn

The master at work 😅 @kiahkiean

Another 7-minute street portrait. Thanks @jwschuett for the authentic Minnesotan comedy and the company. #streetart #nyc #artforall #art #manofwire

I think I used the #acorn prompt from #worldwatercolorgroup on the 9th, but mostly I am just winging #inktober now. And since I never seem to follow the rules anyway, I am using a little colored pencil, too. #norules #forfun 🍁🍄🍂🐿🍁

This picture was taken with my phone during an uber ride.

#streetphotography #streets of #california #sanfranciscostreetart #sfphotographer


I gathered up our last harvest from the garden yesterday. I have big plans for our garden and large yard. Having a large yard and a garden of our own is something I have wanted for so so long and now that we finally have it I’m finding that those goals also require a tremendous amount of time (and sometimes $) to get things to match that vision, neither of which do I currently have much of a surplus. It also requires a healthy amount of trial and error, such as the raspberry bushes, hydrangeas and peonies that I keep planting but can’t seem to keep from frying in the desert heat.
My father often told me as an impatient child/teen “Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither were you!” I guess we can add that neither will the yard or garden be built in a day but with time, patience and a labor of love. .
Raspberry Picking 6”x6” with deep sides acrylic on canvas. Available, DM me to snag this little number.

“They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.” An ode to #Warhol by @kaikoostudio.

Sarà che...è il mio colore preferito💙

We would like to create an online article with pieces of art or writing from all of you, referring to peace or Peace Day.

Please see the details of the event for more information.Please make sure to send in your submissions today, so that we can have the post ready and online tomorrow to start the celebration of Peace Day.

The details of where to send it are in the event link below.

Peace!As an artist, you probably understand the importance of practicing sketching as often as possible. But it is not always so easy to find the time or the motivation.

So through this "event" we would like to propose a new feature to help you keep sketching and getting better at what you do!
Please read more by clicking on the link.
The deadline to submit your works for the online Earth Day exhibit is April 18th. We'd love to see your artwork celebrating Earth Day together with artists from all over the world.

Questions? Email us: community@theworldartistnetwork.org

Cheers! 🙏🙏thank you for your attention ,, my Facebook filter there, now i open the message from you ,, sorry me 🙏🙏
"..I think that peace when we eat together, there will be a time when we know, if we live the same, eat the same, the same portion, which distinguishes only our greed alone, and even then will not good for our bodies, all just a deposit from god , the god will easily take it, only the poor have 99% chance to become rich, while the rich have 99% chance to fall into poverty, life is just a game and a joke, if hungry, let us eat, thanks.."🙏🙏#art #artwork #artworld #painter #painting #rafugee #rafugeefood #eat #eating #peace #artforall #arteducation

Sacred Creative Zones⠀

It's so important to love your work space. How do you feel when you sit down at your desk, enter your craft studio or walk into your shop?⠀

If it doesn't give you a lift and smile, it's time to redo the space. Bring in your favorite colors, straighten up to reduce stress, maybe test out feng shui.⠀

Your internal energy is reflected out and can limit you from your greatness.⠀

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The Gift Biz Unwrapped Podcast Episode 132⠀ www.giftbizunwrapped.com/createstudios⠀
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Our next meeting is taking place on Sunday 5th November, 11.30am at the Lifecare Centre, Stockbridge. Elisa Guiettii will be our guest speaker. She is an artist and energy healer who is passionate about making art accessible to everyone #socialart #artforall #sundayassembly #sundayassemblyedinburgh

Vent House!
L'observatoire de la tempête
Au festival La Grande Échelle
Un we de création surexcitée avec tous nos petits pilotes des airs.
Une super collab avec @atelier_mama_goose
#cinetic #windblow #audiovisual #artforall #climatartistique #numericart #festivaljeunepublic #maisondesmétallos

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