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Flying Foam Birds 🐦 (shared by @art_santa)

Time Lapse video of the entire process.
Graphite, Black Colored Pencil, and White ink on Stonehenge Polar White 90lb paper.

🌑Awoooooo!!😱 I recently had the pleasure of working on a licensed #thehowling movie design. Always loved the look of the #werewolf in this film. Here's a WIP peep of some of some of the art at the pencil and ink stage 👀 @frightrags release a T-shirt of the final design on weds! Go check it! X www.christopherlovell.com/shop

Rolo the chocolate Labrador is complete (10x10") Coloured pencil on paper. I hope you like him!

Making some real progress on my Squirrel, really enjoying working this one! 🐿🌱
I'm using Polychromos, Prismacolours and Derwent Pastel Pencils ✏️

Jellyfish 🦑

Ins & outs, hards & softs, the curves & color shifts... 👂Aren't ears amazing?
Image: close up progress shots of a 30" x 24" (76.2 cm x 60.96 cm) oil on linen, full figure painting I'm working on from life.

#wip #drawinganatomyandart #ear


#wip on the easel today.
(Feeling hangry has gotten to my head and instead of getting something to eat, I sat here searching for a whip (wip) emoji on my phone... 😐 Nope. 🤷🏻‍♀️)
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Recently started painting. "I respect women, I love women, I cherish women.". Maybe I'll lose the crown and replace it with a halo.

#tbt Not the best picture ever, and you can't really see the writing so I wrote it all down below. 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼 1️⃣st page: The word mandala from the Indian Indian language of Sanskirt which means "circle". A mandala is more than a circle, it's a geometric figure that represents whereness, and can be a structural pattern of life. Start from the center and let it grow with the thoughts of your imagination.
2️⃣nd page: Mandala's can tell a story of an individual which allows the busy mind to take a break which allows the creative side to break free. Mandala's can be used for mediation to gain knowledge within.
3️⃣rd page: The mandala Tibetan sand painting is ancient art form Tibetan Buddhism. The sand mandala is a three-dimensional form of sand.
4️⃣th page: Sand paintings have three levels of meaning inner, outter, and Secret meaning. The inner level meaning is a map of the ordinary human mind is the transformed to enlighten the mind, the outter level meaning is the world is in divine form; and the energies of the body and clear dimensions of the mind. Sand paintings heal three levels when finished, it symbolizes the importance of all that exists, the sand are swept up and poured into a nearby river or stream where it carries the healing energies throughout the world.
Now you know a little more about Mandala's and Buddhism! I wrote about what Mandala's are because this project was done in school and most of my classmates didn't know what it was so now they do! :) These four Mandala's are based on what I do every season. Each page I add on more to mandala depending on the season (Which is called a suicide print). This was a difficult concept, but I love the overall the finishing product!💕

Obrigado pela inspiração @alexandreweiss

Shakey hands aside, here's a quick flip through of my #inktober zine!! I'll have them at fanime next week, table 1203! ✨ leftovers will be available online at cococandelario.com/shop !

Nicole Wermers connects formal considerations with a discussion about urban space and its social, economical and psychological aspects. This work (Untitled) Forcefield, 2007 is filled with sand. Combining references to art history with modern surfaces and materials, the artist explores fine art aesthetics within the design of daily life, specifically the ways it has been appropriated by consumer culture. Combining and reconfiguring familiar objects into new material forms, Wermers addresses the structures of ritualised social relations and the material objects through which these associations are communicated. These works transform, contain, and frame their environment, prompting a deeper consideration of how surface and design read as social and cultural indicators. Her work looks at the structures of ritualised social relations in general and at the material objects through which these relations are communicated in particular. Her work was also included in the Turner Prize exhibition at Tramway, Glasgow (2015-2016) and in the permanent collections of Tate Britain in London.
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