🔮#hARTlem x @esteighteen Present #VibesTexas The hARTlem Edition. August 24th-25th🎨 |

• This 2 Day interactive, visual art exhibition will consist of 40+ artists. •

• Featuring: @zaredesigns Tattoo Pop Up Shop. • 🎫Tickets on sale now! | Link in our bio!

Don’t miss this one-of-a-kind art exhibit. Link in the bio 💪🏽 #hARTlem unlike any other!

Invest in those who illuminate 💜
Press night was wonderful. The people are lovely. The creators are delightful. The entertainment is vast. Definitely recommend!
🍭@thecandytopia #candytopia #candytopianyc 📍: Terminal 23/Penn Plaza
📆: August 15- November 15
⏰ :10-8

Today we refreshed the exhibit at Flying Boat Brewing @flyingboatbrewing in St. Pete! The show will be on the walls there for the rest of the month so head on over for an ice cold brew and enjoy the art!
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CURRENT MOOD! I added new content to the site and so far it’s been receiving really good feedback! Wanna know what’s new on the site? Check out the following below and to read more click the link in my bio! 👇🏾👇🏾
Heart Talk by @cleowade is such a beautiful read. If you need something that’s going to ease your mind and give you insight on how to handle situations, this book is perfect for you! ♥️
The Hate U give by @angiethomas is a MUST READ! This book is literally the epitome of what’s going on today within our society and it teaches you the importance of standing up for what’s right. This is literally one of my favorite books! ✊🏾
I went to the @theholenyc yesterday and saw two exhibits! Both were very interesting and even though both exhibits are over, I got some pictures to share with you guys! And I love the meaning behind each of the exhibits as well! ✨
I have a couple more things to write this week but in the meantime let me know your thoughts on The Professional Homegirl! Anything you like? Dislike? I’m currently looking for an assistant and we are looking for guest contributors to share their story! BTW: don’t forget to apply for @phglifestyleretreats!

🔮#hARTlem x @esteighteen Present #VibesTexas The hARTlem Edition. August 24th-25th🎨 |

• This 2 Day interactive, visual art exhibition will consist of 40+ artists. •

• Featuring: @abigailpaints
• 🎫Tickets on sale now! | Link in our bio!

Don’t miss this one-of-a-kind art exhibit. Link in the bio 💪🏽 #hARTlem unlike any other!

Congrats @cultuur_snuiver you have the photo of the day great shot !

More exhibit snaps ❤️
I had a really productive day today as I did about 6 makeup looks and managed to get some good photos! I can't wait to share them. I'm so heavily influenced by music at the moment - all my beauty inspo is coming from my favourite songs. Speaking of, what song is your favourite atm? ✨

We are accepting submissions for our September exhibition, 'September Shadows,' curated by local artist Shawn Storer @shawnshankredemption! The deadline to be considered is Friday, August 17th at midnight. Open to all mediums, black and white or monochromatic, or shadows. Artists in this show will also be subsequently in the @dallasartdealers DADA Fall Art Walk!

Please visit our website (link in bio) and follow the link for Call For Art to apply, and for submission guidelines, important prospectus instructions, and all important dates.

This is open to members and non-members of TVAA (Texas Visual Artists Association) with ribbons being awarded to Best of Show, 1st, 2nd 3rd place, and Honorable Mention.

We have new items in the gift shop and some of our favorite local artists are in the display windows in the Plaza! Come visit and please join us for the Artist Reception on Saturday, September 8th from 4pm - 6pm! 🎨🥂 #callforart #texasarts #dallasartdealers #fallgallerywalk #dadafallgallerywalk #dallasartsdistrict #artwalk #artistcall #dallasartnews

I am the proud curator of this #artexhibit @CacaofabriekExpo @Helmond@Netherlands. I will be presenting unique and passionate #artists such as Patricia Lee Stotter, Joe Gilmore and Hendrika ter Elst

LIFE OF US has been part of @pacsci & @fearless360team's WHAT IS REALITY exhibit in conjunction with their #CreativeExchangeLabSeattle art/tech incubator throughout this summer. It's always an inspiration seeing the joy, awe, and wonder that immersive projects instill🙌

We all marveled at the eclipse that took place last August, but I’m pretty sure many of us took for granted the incredible size difference between the moon and sun. We saw the former blot out the latter, snapped a couple selfies, then proceeded with our day. However, if we grasped the precision needed to make two incredibly disparate objects appear the same size we’d likely move somewhere towards worship. It baffles me that we have so little awe in our society today. We’re glued to 4 inch screens, binge watching who knows what, letting talking heads jerk our emotions around, when, quite literally, there is incomprehensible wonder floating around us on the daily. My latest visualization tries to capture a sliver of this wonder. And since you’re likely seeing this on one of those 4 inch screens, to feel the impact of the disparity even more fully, close your eyes and imagine the following scale: if the black dot representing the moon was a penny (if you have some spare change lying around, grab a penny and feel its diameter which is 0.75 inches), the yellow circle representing the sun would be 25 feet in diameter. Now look at a wall in your house. That wall is somewhere between 7-10 feet high, meaning you would need to more than double or triple the height of your wall in order to get a circle big enough to represent the sun relative to the penny. If you’ve still got that penny in your hand, hold it up and try to visualize it centered in your newly imagined 25 foot high circle. Incredible! I can’t wait for the next eclipse to pass over North America in just under 6 years!

"Creativity takes courage.”-Henri Matisse. Photo: Children enjoying an art class at the museum. © Tel Aviv Museum of Art. All rights reserved. @telavivmuseum #TAMAF

Monday Sept3rd Labor Day #845 get ready @_mtg93 @7trerecords performing live it’s gonna be lit🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 get your Tickets ASAP Culture,Food ,Art ,Music Festival ❗️#OneloveCultureFest #Platform #Showcase #ArtExhibit #FoodTruck #Vendors #TagAFriend #StayTuned #tourism #hudsonvalley

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