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Lovely Art Deco stairs in a 1930s London apartment block designed by Sir TP Bennett #TPbennett

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Following on from the last post, an interior shot of the #artdeco #SouthernPavillion of #WorthingPier.

And a further note to say thank you to all of the followers who have enabled us to break the 1000 mark! 🎉 It's been great discovering new buildings and researching their histories. Keep taking great photos guys ☺️

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Praying I am making the right decision on the stained glass design. I know the Northumberland coat of arms does not do Shirley house any justice but it's so hard to make a decision that could be around a very long time! #rescuingthewhitehouse #artdecoreno #artdecouk #artdecohome if anyone has input in another direction I would be very happy to hear it, ❤️

Went to have a look around the stunning Art Deco Jubilee Pool in Penzance (closed till late May) hope to come back for a dip another time #artdecouk #artdeco #cornwall #jubileepool

The sun is getting its hat on; so today and Monday in particular look like perfect pool days- see you down the deep end!


Lovely Art Deco stairs in a 1930s London apartment block designed by Sir TP Bennett #TPbennett

On Saturday we did a tour of Hornsey Town Hall in Crouch End, given by Oonagh of Crouch End Walks. We'd tried to have a nose around the previous weekend but were denied but luckily the next tour was just 7 days away and a bargain £6.50! This is part one as I took so many lovely pics. In 1920 it was decided Hornsey Borough Council needed to move from their offices on the border with Highgate, so land was purchased, and in 1933 a design competition was launched. This was a time when the majority of metropolitan town halls were built which is why there are a few in this striking Modernist style. The competition specified several design requirements and had to come in to a £100K budget. It garnered 218 entries, but the winner was Reginald Harold Uren, a 27 year old architect from New Zealand. The design includes the usual suspects including council chambers and an assembly hall. Like many Modernist buildings in this time, it was met with mixed reviews when it opened in 1935, but it was awarded a bronze medal by RIBA for the best London building erected during the three years ending in Dec 1935. The front section was supposed to be car parking but the decision was made to leave it with some green and now is the home to a couple of trees gifted by royalty. The design takes inspiration from the Town Hall at Hilversum by W.M.Dudok, who in turn took inspiration from Frank Lloyd Wright. Uren's design is softened by the ornamental details; stone reliefs by Arthur Ayres and bronze work that celebrates Hornsey's past as a royal hunting ground. The Latin means 'The better prepared, the stronger'. These details are lovely and worth a visit in person. You can see to the left on the ground floor the triple entrance to the public hall. Above that a ceremonial balcony and council meeting rooms (we'll see pics in tomorrow's post). You see here shots of the interior entrance which amazingly still retains much of its Art Deco/Modernist features. The marble isn't solid, the floor is terrazzo, much is fascia to bring the project in on budget, but even considering that it is impressive. Tomorrow we'll see more of the interiors... #thedailyerection

When you travel back from Scilly on the Scillonian; make sure you finish your holiday on a high note and visit Penzance and the extraordinary Jubilee Pool! #jubileepool #jubileepoolcafe

Ceiling medallion by Eric Gill - see previous post - at the Midland Hotel Morecambe 1933.
This was the best I could do in close up. The central figure is Proteus, Triton ( son of Neptune) is on the right & mermaids on the left.
#TheMidland @englishlakes #ericgill #triton #proteus @artdecouk #artdeco #artdecouk

The cantilevered staircase at the Midland Hotel Morecambe showing the ceiling medallion by Eric Gill "And hear old Triton blow his wreathed horn" which is apparently a misquote from William Wordsworth's sonnet "The world is too much with us" published 1807 the last line of which reads " Or hear old Triton blow his wreathed horn"
Information quoted from "Midland Confidential: Hidden Meaning in the Artworks of Morecambe's Midland Hotel" by Peter Wade available from the Morecambe Visitor Centre as are other gems by him such as "Mr Turner's Sketching Tour" An account of the artist JMW Turner's 1816 excursion to Heysham, Lancaster and the Lune Valley. Bargains at £2 each! Also the excellent book "The Midland Hotel: Morecambe's White Hope" by Barry Guise and Pam Brook also from the visitor centre & the hotel.
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The sun is getting its hat on; so today and Monday in particular look like perfect pool days- see you down the deep end!

#Repost @kevblower The #Daimler garage building was constructed in 1931 to designs by #wallisgilbertandpartners in a #streamline #moderne #artdeco style ( sometimes referred to as #MiamiDeco). On the right of the building is a ramp where the Daimler cars would have been driven up and been displayed in the glass-fronted showrooms on the first and second floors. As the number of car owners increased in the 1930s, so too did the need for garage facilities for petrol and repairs and also car showrooms. Grade II listed, the building now serves as offices for the headquarters of advertising firm McCann Erikson.
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Art deco house in Cornwall. What more could you ask for? #artdeco #artdecohouse #fowey #ArtDecoUk #pipedreams

Merchants Arms (1938-2016), built for George's brewery in a rare example of the modern style. A report from the time said that the Merchants offered "more space, with its accompaniment of light and air, better seating....making for the uplift of the public house. Good beer is worthy of good surroundings." Architects were Meredith & Jones. As well as the pub, there were off-sales to the side (2nd picture). This building has been empty since last December, its fate is a bit of a mystery.

Side door at former Daimler Garage
#artdeco #artdecouk #architecture #modernist #interwarmodernism

Former Daimler Hire Garage. Streamline Moderne.
#london #Bloomsbury #architecture #modernist #artdeco #artdecouk

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