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Art Deco 🛎 Чуть не оставила вас без фото интерьера нашего номера в гостинице в Люцерне. Ар-деко, все понравилось, брали номер с видом на озеро. Есть фуникулёр прям на променад, но можно и пешком отлично спуститься. Ресторан гостиницы в 10ке лучших в Люцерне по мнению TripAdvisor. Бассейна нет и официантов мало на завтраке, остальное хорошо. #artdecointerior #artdecohotel #hotelinterior #artdeco #ардеко

I thought I'd share my favorite area in my house. Next is to redo the living room I'm not really into the 50s anymore. #artdecointerior #1930svanity #1930shouse

#exuberant hand painted plumes and a fanciful #muranoglass #chandelier in Elizabeth Arden's Fifth Avenue duplex c.1930. #engrisaille #artdecointerior

The Porta Romana Alphabet letter this week is J… for our Jelly Mould Lamp. This luxurious shot shows off the lamp sitting proud in the @wellesleylondon hotel. The hotel was recently restored; however it has kept its jazz musical legacy, with a modern day take on the Art Deco Style. Our Jelly Mould lamp fits the scheme perfectly, the beautiful folds in this lamp have everything about a voluptuous jelly apart from the wobble! #wellesleyhotel #artdeco #artdecointerior


いよいよ29日(土)、夜7時半からスイングジャズナイト vol.7 @ Cafe Streamline が始まります。
Swing jazz night vol.7 will start at Cafe Streamline from 7:30 pm on 29 th !!
We'll show you old-fashioned night through swingy sound !!
#streamlined #streamline #1930s #1940s #daikanyamacafe #daikanyama #swingjazznight#artdecointerior #artdecofonts #artdeco#流線形 #handdrawing #locomotive #アールデコ #djangoreinhardt #retrofuture

The early 1900's is a constant inspiration to us and we just adore this smoking room named "Les Palmiers" by Jean Dunand for Madame Colette Aboucaya in Paris. 🚬🍸🌴👌🏻 #Paris #France #Parisian #ParisianApartment #ParisianInterior #FrenchInterior #ArtDeco #ArtDecoStyle #ArtDecoInterior #SmokingRoom #ArtDecoWalls #Palms #PalmTrees #JeanDunande #MadameColette

On Saturday we did a tour of Hornsey Town Hall in Crouch End, given by Oonagh of Crouch End Walks. We'd tried to have a nose around the previous weekend but were denied but luckily the next tour was just 7 days away and a bargain £6.50! This is part one as I took so many lovely pics. In 1920 it was decided Hornsey Borough Council needed to move from their offices on the border with Highgate, so land was purchased, and in 1933 a design competition was launched. This was a time when the majority of metropolitan town halls were built which is why there are a few in this striking Modernist style. The competition specified several design requirements and had to come in to a £100K budget. It garnered 218 entries, but the winner was Reginald Harold Uren, a 27 year old architect from New Zealand. The design includes the usual suspects including council chambers and an assembly hall. Like many Modernist buildings in this time, it was met with mixed reviews when it opened in 1935, but it was awarded a bronze medal by RIBA for the best London building erected during the three years ending in Dec 1935. The front section was supposed to be car parking but the decision was made to leave it with some green and now is the home to a couple of trees gifted by royalty. The design takes inspiration from the Town Hall at Hilversum by W.M.Dudok, who in turn took inspiration from Frank Lloyd Wright. Uren's design is softened by the ornamental details; stone reliefs by Arthur Ayres and bronze work that celebrates Hornsey's past as a royal hunting ground. The Latin means 'The better prepared, the stronger'. These details are lovely and worth a visit in person. You can see to the left on the ground floor the triple entrance to the public hall. Above that a ceremonial balcony and council meeting rooms (we'll see pics in tomorrow's post). You see here shots of the interior entrance which amazingly still retains much of its Art Deco/Modernist features. The marble isn't solid, the floor is terrazzo, much is fascia to bring the project in on budget, but even considering that it is impressive. Tomorrow we'll see more of the interiors... #thedailyerection

First time I did not at all mind waiting in line the post office✨#artdecointerior

Beautiful detail of Edificio Safico, Art-Deco skyscraper in Buenos Aires, designed by architect Walter Moll in 1932. We visited this building last year. This year will be featured in our Objects of Refinement exhibition, preparing for @brompton_design_district during @l_d_f_official. #artdecointerior #artdecolighting #moderndesign #artdeco #modernism #modernistdesign #buenosairesarchitecture #waltermoll #objectsofrefinement #architecturehunting #archiphoto #moderndesign #lighting

Хороший кабинет – залог продуктивной работы. Всем хорошего начала рабочей недели.)) Руководитель: #irina_shevtsova
Архитектор: #dmitriy_rasoshenko
Строительство: #valentin_krepchyk

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