Sarah Lucas , Beer can penis , 1999, bronze

Sarah Lucas (born 1962) is an English artist. She is part of the generation of Young British Artists who emerged during the 1990s. Her works frequently employ visual puns and bawdy humour, and include photography, collage and found objects. #sarahlucas #artcontemporaryart #femaleartist #sculpture #bronze

Commande pour l'université en cours !!! #drawing #contemporary #artcontemporaryart #gallery

Sketching with created palette from natures colors up the hill behind my home in NH. I pad pro procreate app. I am feeling the need to get out my paints and canvas soon. I am going to create a balance of studio discipline between digital and canvas painting. Missing my brushes!!! The apple pencil is awesome, no drag time, but it still is a little like skating on the glass surface of the iPad Pro. Looking for the brush feel and flexibility of push and pull and the palette knife also!!! I have put hours into learning and have just touched the surface of digital imagery. It will be good to keep my iPad Pro practice going while I am also painting on canvas. I think the two approaches to expression completely complement each other. Loving the process of creating!! Keep pushing it!

Feelin chilly yet? I love to head to galleries and museums like the @guggenheim when it snows in NYC. ❄️ Auctioned by the @wrighttaliesin and also a few limited edition prints still available through @lemon.frame

The poetry circle, NH, winter is coming!! —— Do not slip in the spit
of the words set free.
“What’s your point?, Spit it out!”, he says to me.
I don’t have a point, I have a paragraph.
If I spit out a point, it won’t make you laugh.
If I take my paragraph around the barn,
It will be a combination of truth
and yarn.
-the end- SPIT -by Laurie Namaha

Warning Number One
I’m not a writer, I am a recorder,
I take dictation from my thoughts in no particular order,
When the words come to me and start to flow,
There’s a rhythm, a song, a dance, a go go.
About writing I know no rules,
Other than some grammar I have no tools.
So when I get that feeling, that craving, that want,
I am going to express it, enjoy the word hunt. -the end (“Laurie”...created by ebb)

A Poet Who Don’t Know It

I want to write a poem that’s not a Haiku,
I think that’s an interesting thing to do.
And writing with a pencil so I can erase it,
And make it much harder for you to trace it.
I don’t know the rules that poetry writers know,
Except for Haikus five seven five flow.
If I’m going to write a poem, I’d better get to it,
Stop stopping for rules and let the words do it. (Her name is Laurie.
The pot luck queen, poem laureate.
First member of the poetry circle, as winter is coming to New Hampshire.)

@danapiazza , Square 18, Ink on 140 lb Arches hot press paper, 30x22 inches.
#drawing #artcontemporaryart #contemporarydrawing #fineart #ink #paper #everythingisdrawing #danapiazza

Early fall morning NH No. 3
I pushed it again. This time going from abstraction to realism. Honestly, it’s all the same!!!! The process, the excitement, the challenge!! I am definitely not stuck in the muck for now!!!!

This is early fall in NH no. 2
I pushed no.1 into a pile of scraps. I love this pile of color, colors that will change as the sun moves quickly and if clouds make their way above. It was the struggle of the impressionists and plein aire painters, COLORS, So many So fleeting!!!

Looking at a three way mirror. I have always had people comment on the many ways I choose to express myself. Some gallery owners have said it is better to have one way, one branded look, if you want to attract collectors. This is the business side of being a marketable artist. I think of it as being stuck in the muck. I just keep following the current idea that interests and inspires me. Playing with the iPad Pro procreate app has really reinforced this strategy for finding my creativity. It is all about the art elements and following an artistic approach. I am always learning from one and taking that awareness to the next. This is early fall in Nh no. 1

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