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Large commission I was working on throughout my second semester. I usually only take on commissions during the summer but he was super lenient on the deadline knowing I had schoolwork as well. ☺️ It's a black and white charcoal portrait of my client's children from a wedding. Done on toned grey paper that's about 18" x 23". In a couple weeks, I'll be out of school and taking commissions again. I already have a couple already set and could take a few more. My email is in my bio if interested xx 🌷🌻🍃

Painting by Sam Yong. Click link in bio to see more.

Ornamental Tattoo Artwork
Artist IG: @ryansmithtattooist


A Waterfall in the Darkness.
Part of our Crystal Cities series.

And by the way, there are BIG THINGS coming from the Utah Creation Labs...
...soon... Stay tuned...

Working on a menagerie of cactuses for the rest of this evening. @masgrimes and I are so excited to be coming to LA later this week, but for now that means lots of hard work. 💪🏻

Come see us at Smitten on Paper in Monrovia next Saturday and Sunday! 🌵

It's not about what it is. It's about what it can become. Dr. Seuss Somewhere in there....the beginnings of a creek tumbling over rocks. At least, that is the plan. Hopefully, this creek won't overflow its banks. #creek #HarrisShoalsPark #nature #oconeecountyga #athensga #GeorgiaArtist #watercolorpainting #impressionism #abstractart #atlarts #art #artcollective #contemporaryart #artwatchers #artistoninstagram #interiordecor #artcloud #susanabellart

Thanks for all the support @elbugsdidit . You are good people. #coastairbrushrendezvous #coastairbrush

It's a sketchy W€RLD, mark my W€RD$.

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