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Just a handful of garnets ❤️
(Photo by @spiritnectar )

1, 2, 3 or 4! 💖Tag your friends! 💌 by @sydwiki 💫

Hailee Steinfeld - Most Girls ✍🏽️
I watched the music video last night for Most Girls and I really liked it! It's a really positive and up beat song 🎧
After watching it I drew this, it took me around an hour and a half to complete 😌
Please comment and tell me what you think! And please tag Hailee lots of times, I know she sometimes recognises Fanart so I would love her to see this! 💕
@haileesteinfeld #mostgirls #haileesteinfeld

B&G Tattoo Artwork
Artist IG: @eddyink9

Getting started on @chriscornellofficial's hair. Drawing hair can be a bit tricky for many reasons. It's tempting to to draw lots of strands of hair however, in reality, there are very few areas of the hair in which individual strands are visible to the eye. Instead, there are many sections of the hair in which the can can distinguish the texture of hair, but no identifiable strands. This particular piece includes both as well as extreme contrast in light and dark shades. Lots more to come as I continue adding layers of detail to the hair.
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Going through emails and doing booking for the next couple months.
If I haven't responded I may have just missed it.
Please resend it, I try to do the best I can with answering emails and getting to everyone but sometimes I miss things.
I'd love to start some really cool neo traditional pieces!
Also if you have messaged me on here I don't check them.
So if you want to book an appt or have inquiries please email me.
Thanks y'all excited to do some cool things with everyone!
📧 Marisalaren@yahoo.com


From the 20th of June until July 1st I'll be guesting with the rad crew @progressiontattoo
If you would like to make a booking you can contact myself📩
Chrisdowleytattoos@gmail.com or contact the studio 📩
Info@progression tattoo.com 🙏🙏looking forward to it✌️

Totally adore @bethanydesign in our silk 👑 she's a queen and she taught me everything I know 😉

52/100 // If we don't end war, war will end us. - H.G. Wells

There is too much hatred in the world, and not enough compassion. I am thankful I have found my way back to painting so I can work my way through the fear and sadness that so easily overtakes my being. War.
I Don't Under'sand' It
pastel & acrylic on canvas board
#100daysofartfeltpuns #100dayproject

Be ware of the paint you are using, slect proper paint for your kid. Try our wonderful 36 Water Color Fundamentals Prima drawing Kit, offer you a safer craft time. Only $6.91 with Free Shipping to all countries http://www.ebay.com/itm/112368993684
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@emrata in the studio.

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