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Cannonball Adderley - Somethin' Else, 1958. Blue Note
The album was recorded during Adderley's membership in the Miles Davis Sextet of 1958, and is one of the few post-1955 appearances of Miles Davis as a sideman. Indeed, Davis plays several of the first solos, composed the bluesy title track and, according to the liner notes, chose most of the material.
What a line-up! 😱

Cannonball Adderley - Alto sax
Miles Davis - Trumpet
Hank Jones - Piano
Sam Jones - Bass
Art Blakey - Drums
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Blakey was 66 and still zippy.
Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers
‘Live At Sweet Basil’
‘85 JP OG album released by Paddle Wheel.
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💿 "Genius of Modern Music: Volume 1"
▶Recorded: November 21, 1947*.
🌟 #TheloniousMonk - piano
🌟 #ArtBlakey - drums
🌟 #idreesSulieman - trumpet (tracks 1 - 6)
🌟 #DannyQuebecWest - alto saxophone (tracks 1 - 6)
🌟 #BillySmith - tenor saxophone (tracks 1 - 6)
🌟 #GeneRamey - bass (tracks 1 - 16)
🌟 #GeorgeTaitt - trumpet (tracks 17 - 21)
🌟 #SahibShihab - alto saxophone (tracks 17 - 21)
🌟 #BobPaige - bass (tracks 17 - 21).
💿Side 1:
1.'Round Midnight (as "Round About Midnight")
2.Off Minor
3.Ruby my Dear
4.I Mean You
💿Side 2:
3.Well You Needn't
▶*Recorded: 15, 24 October and November 21, 1947.

4156 • Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers • The Freedom Rider • what a breath of fresh air after 4155. This album is a solo vehicle featuring Lee Morgan and Wayne Shorter in their prime, with plenty of Blakey shouting in the background to...I guess..let you know what’s on his mind. I don’t recall another Messengers record that captures more of Blakey’s yelling. It’s actually ok, and gives the recording a bit of a live feel but certainly the audio quality is still top notch. The album begins with Tell It Like It Is, a hard swinging track composed by Wayne Shorter. Lee takes the first solo followed by Shorter and each play wailing solos, before Bobby Timmons comes in and brings the volume down. The group is tight, well rehearsed and energetic, making this track a classic of the Messengers’ body of work. The title track follows which is an extended percussion solo. Perhaps on other drums only tracks I would roll my eyes and say something like how it would be better with horns. This particular composition however is explosive and a joy to listen to. It exudes turmoil, with call and response, rhythms on top of one another, abrupt stops and starts...there is conflict being expressed here and it’s hard not to get absorbed by it. You can read the liner notes for the context, but Blakey is reacting to the political environment of the time. What’s most impressive is how expressive Blakey can be with what are obvious melodic limitations. Side 2 opens with a Latin inspired track by Shorter, followed by two soul-influenced tracks written by Morgan. Both musicians really stand out on every track, with strong and well crafted solos. Blakey’s drums are recorded fairly hot, which slightly obstructs Timmons’ playing as he is certainly the more thoughtful and nuanced soloist on this record, but that’s nit picking. This record is really nonstop fire.

Proud parenting moment. Scene: @everybodysrecords Kid 1 upon seeing this album at the front of a stack: "Dad, there's a Monk record!". Kid 2 walks toward it "It's only 8 bucks, can we get it?". Kid 3: "We have to get it". Teaching them early the "No Monk left behind" law of record shopping. #theloniousmonk #sonnyrollins #artblakey

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Art Blakey, John Gilmour, Lee Morgan, John Hicks & Victor Sproles “Ginza” 1965

Experience a conversation with drums from Los Angeles’ premier jazz drummers, Kevin Kanner, Dan Schnelle, and Charles Ruggerio. In the style of Art Blakey’s Gretsch Drums at Birdland album, this trio of 'skinsmen' will play, three at a time, alongside The Mint's very own house jazz band. Fans of drumming and fans of jazz will revel at this one of a kind special event, only at The Mint, TONIGHT! 🎼🎷

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