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🇫🇷 #UnMardiUnArtiste "Je pratique un art politique, c'est-à-dire ambigu, contradictoire, inachevé, orienté vers des fins précises : un art d'un optimisme mesuré, qui refuse le nihilisme." William Kentridge
🇬🇧 #AnArtistEveryTuesday “I practice a political art, in other words ambiguous, contradictory, unfinished, directed towards precise ends: a measuredly optimistic art that rejects." William Kentridge #artafrique

#takeover / Sue Williamson
🇬🇧 «Pumla Gobodo-Madikizela, Candice Mama and Siyah Mgoduka at a post-screening discussion of ‘It’s a pleasure to meet you'.»
🇫🇷 «Pumla Gobodo-Madikizela, Candice Mama et Siyah Mgoduka durant une avant-première de mon film ‘It’s a pleasure to meet you'.» #artafrique

🇬🇧 #anartisteverytuesday 5/6 He says that each of them works like a "small laic state with its own political system that doesn't need police, soldiers, bodyguards and jails...like a sky on earth, a jewel for the whole world to look at". #artafrique

🇫🇷 #UnMardiUnArtiste Réalisée à l’occasion d’une exposition au @ucca798 de Pékin, l'œuvre de William Kentridge "Notes Towards a Model Opera" retrace les liens parfois ambigus entre la Chine et l’Afrique du Sud. En s’interrogeant sur l’art révolutionnaire, cette vidéo monumentale évoque la Commune de #Paris, l’Internationale, la Révolution Culturelle en Chine, les protestations des années 60 et la manière dont tous ces mouvements ont retenti en Afrique du Sud.
🇬🇧 #AnArtistEveryTuesday Realised on the occasion of an exhibition at the UCCA in Beijing, "Notes Towards a Model Opera" by William Kentridge retraces the sometimes ambiguous relationships between China and South Africa. Investigating what it’s meant by “revolutionary art,” this monumental video evokes the Paris Commune, the Internationale, the Chinese Cultural Revolution, the street protests of the 60s and the way these events echoed in South Africa. #artafrique

#SportsMW #museumweek
🇫🇷 « Le football est pour moi un phénomène mondial intéressant ; il révèle souvent où en est la société en termes de race. Quand on regarde la manière dont la royauté du football africain est perçue en Europe, il y a un mélange très intéressant de gloire, de phénomènes d’héroïsation et d’exclusion [...]. C’est ce genre de paradoxe que j’investis dans ce travail.»
🇬🇧 “Football is an interesting global phenomenon for me. It often reveals where society strands in terms of race. When you look at the way the African " football royals" are perceived in Europe, there is a very interesting blend of glorification, mythologising and exclusion [...]. In my work I invesitage this kind of paradoxes."
@omar_viktor Diop
"Pedro Camejo", 2015
© Marc Domage
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Through September 4, 2017 the @fondationlv presents the exhibition “Art/Afrique, Le nouvel atelier.” The show is composed of three sections, “The Inisiders,” “Being there,” and “Africa in the Collection”
The Fondation collection is devoted to African works which explore the history and identity of the African continent & cultures, which are essential to understanding the world’s artistic landscape.
J’aime la couleur / © Chéri Samba
Crédit photo : Fondation Louis Vuitton / Marc Domage
#ArtAfrique #Artcontemporain #FLV #FondationLouisVuitton

#takeover / Zanele Muholi
2017.05.08: check out 'Bona: Charlottesville (2015) featuring @newyorker piece on the radical potential of portraits.
@somnyamangonyama #selfportrait @muholizanele #artafrique

#REGRAM @omar_viktor Diop
"To my people in #France... happy #BastilleDay. Remembering Jean-Baptiste Belley, a native of #Senegal and former slave who during the period of the French Revolution became a member of the National Convention and the Council of Five Hundred in France from my series Diaspora 🇸🇳🇫🇷" #artafrique #BastilleDay


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