3 sparkly ppl

This glitter pen is seriously juicy 👌

Inspired by my 3rd time watching Ragnarok

Fun timez inspired by @adwoaaboah

Not a face!

Kinda like @lizamartynchik 🤔💕

If anyone wants to get me an anatomically correct skeleton so I can draw people...pls

Character art for a story my sister is writing... 🌚🌚Inspired by @h_h_m0519

I did a good job on this boy I think he deserves his own post

Slightly disproportionate punk Eleven-inspired sketch o’ the day

Who else has a really bad doodling-on-their-important-lecture-notes addiction

boy boy

A Look™️

The lips coulda been better 🤷‍♀️

Fresh n fierce 🌸 (wish it looked more like her but OH WELLLLLLL)

Sassy 👆🏼

Hey @icecoe, nice face

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