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Could there be a more perfect pair? Sentimental liquid lipstick and Palette 5 for the win 💁🏽#MyYouniqueAdventure #FridayNightMakeup #LizByersLashes #ArrowTribe #PrettyVibesTribe

Today is the day! The first annual #ArrowTribe Family Fest! Being in person with the families on our team is one of my favorite things! We've got tons of kiddos coming to play! This community is everything!!!! I've gotta run to go finish some details for the party but first... ☕️

Meet your #arrowtribe of hair stylists! #arrowsalon

That blend tho!!! As always no filter! Natural light!
#arrowsalons #arrowtribe #donewithdavines

Got creative going live to both our teams at the same time to announce our big surprise! 😂👌🏼 The 2017 team retreat is officially announced! This is a long weekend getaway that the coaches on my team can attend and bond, learn, grow and just really feel special and part of our coach family. 💕 This year, I'm taking them to the gorgeous mountains in Utah this fall for team bonding, training, and lots of fun surprises. If you've been thinking of joining us, now is the time because you can earn a spot in this trip even as a brand new coach!!! I LOVE planning these events for our team because they are such an incredible time to experience community firsthand! The amazing family vibe and the energy and excitement of being around people who are passionate and motivated and building their dreams... it's just the best! Provo, here we come! 🙌🏻 #arrowtribe #followyourheart #bigdreams #whynotyoutoo

Finally! Thanks A Lot @spinninrecords & Madhumita Roy

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My favorite thing to do is blondes! No yellow here! I did Davines off scalp beach technique. Used mask bleach( which hands-down is my favorite bleach because it keeps her hair feeling amazing with the milk proteins in it) with 20 volume in the back . I constantly make small bowls mixing 1 to 2. As I move to the fronts sometimes I use 30 volume making sure that I have used small sections and cotton in between each section. Once I get to a pale yellow . I go pull all the cotton out and quickly go through it one more time before I wash. The key is not to overlap and make sure that you get the perfect pale yellow. Her first shampoo is done with Nou nou. Then after that she gets A shampoo done with our alchemic silver. Then I use the alchemic silver conditioner let her sit 5 to 10 minutes. Then I use natural Tech nourishing enzymes before I blow her out. @davinescolor #davinescolor #davinesmaskbleach #arrowtribe #arrowsalons also shout out to my hair buddy @cathyismyhero for helping me 4 hands are better the 2 hahahahahaha

I have been waiting so long to do this😂#netwerk #tizel #arrowtribe #shazam

Eek!!!!! Picked up something special in a little blue box for a very special coach on my team! Before I was a coach I had never owned anything from Tiffany's! Now I not only have gotten it gifted to me, I get to pay it forward to the people who joined in with me! This is a tradition I LOVE and there is nothing I get more excited about than getting to go pick up this special gift to celebrate one of my coaches rising to the top 2% of the company!!! 💁🏼 No big deal. Just another Arrow Girl becoming one of the best in the company! 🦄💕🙌🏻👌🏼💃🏼 #thetiffanysfairy #arrowtribe #whynotyou
(My next new coach mentorship starts May 1st... and if you wanna dip your toes and learn more about coaching first I'll be doing a whole thing live from Punta Cana next week that you can watch and ask questions at. Drop an emoji below 👇🏻 and I'll DM you the link)


“God longs to dream over my life, more than I do.” Even when we stop dreaming, hes crazy about our lives. Serious gut punch frim @havilahcunnington this AM. 10 mins of personal development for my “job” means growth truth bombs. I literally fight depression, anxiety and that feeling of forgotteness-even by my Heavenly Father. But its the enemy speaking to my soul. Dreams worth dreaming. Its easy to dismiss things we just dont think could eever be done, crazy God-size dreams. Maybe they havent seen fruit yet, or maybe they are still growing. There is an amazing community that comes with it. (Who says work can’t be fun. #arrowtribe) and the landing places of dreams. But I NEVER want to stop dreaming, stop praying, digging deep, and walking in those dreams. Its time to start celebrating those little dreams, so whats something on your heart? What are you dreaming about?

You’re human. You’ll get off your path. All that matters is that you get back on it. I’m back on mine. Get back on yours.

Did you gain the weight back? You still struggling to get one tiny bit of exercise in amidst all the business of life? Get back on the path. Let me help you.

You’re not too busy. You’re better than that. You’re better than believing that lie. You control your life. How many hours do you spend on Netflix, tv, video games, playing games on your phone, surfing Facebook or IG (like right now?) Join my challenge group right now. Quit making excuses and start making process. It’s progress, not perfection. What are you waiting for? You can take control. Because you know what’s waiting for you? Diabetes, heart failure and high blood pressure. Crush those today. Take one step and then another. Me and my team are here for you.

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It is different for everyone, I know that. What drives me won't be the same thing that drives you. But we are all united by the human condition. By the rain raining on all of us, good or bad. (Doesn't it seem like there's been A LOT of rain this year?) Everyone goes through it, some worse than others, but the sting of being human unites us all.
I've always felt particularly fond of the phoenix bird, as it seems that all the best things in my life have come from pulling myself up from fire and ashes. (I guess I can't help it. I'm a Sagittarius, Aries rising twice... sorry Nate!) It's not fun. I don't like to do it. But it seems that I always have to if I want to get to the other side. Rebuild. Reform. Revive. Dust myself off and start climbing again.
We so often take fire as a sign of destruction. We raise a white flag. We throw in the towel. We set fire to the bridges and let them burn. We figure it's the natural end.
But WHAT IF it's not an end. What if it's just a part of the cycle. And what so often looks like destruction is really just part of the creation process? What if you didn't walk away?
I hear it a lot from people stuck in the process. That they can't make their dreams come true because this happened or that happened for because everything they tried to build burned down and they have to start again. So please hear me friends, when you're in the darker spots, in the trenches, feeling like giving up or giving in...
When all feels lost and your sitting amidst the ashes, remember the Phoenix. And to become the Phoenix means you've got to first go through the fire and that means that something that used to be has to burn. There's a loss. There's a darkness. And then there's your chance.
Your big moment to be reborn, or to lay there and give up.
As for me? I choose to fly. ✌️

Tomorrow!!! If you've been looking for an amazing community to connect with and be supported and encouraged by on your health and wellness journey...THIS IS IT!! #betterbabes #bettertogether #communityinspires #strongfitmama #mamaoftwoboys #runningmomma #twoundertwo #overcomer #cleaneating #lovemyjob #SAHM #arrowtribe #joyinthejourney #changeispossible #chaseyourdreams #andyourgoals #youcandoit

I cannot wait to have a glass of tea and honey today!!! #donewithdavines #davinesnorthamerica #davinesconceptsalon #arrowsalons #arrowtribe

Here's to you ! All of you, through recovery through the meets and even if we've never met...officially. For the support I thank you.
This is just the beginning.
All love to @jessnokkel
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#Pursuitofportraits #brunch #arrowtribe.

About last night... 🕯✨🌒
I am the kind of person who will forget to eat till 2pm because she’s taking care of everyone and everything else nonstop. Then i get super hangry and crabby and stressed and resentful and start snapping at my family and really it’s my own damn fault for not prioritizing my own basic self care. Anyone else guilty? ✋🏻 I think as moms (and especially as work-from-home-moms) we put ourselves last and push till we break because we want to make sure everything that needs to get done gets done but honestly, that doesn’t help anyone. If we are exhausted and snappy and stretched thin, we aren’t good moms or wives or friends or workers. Prioritizing self care isn’t selfish. In fact, it’s a gift to your job and to your family because it helps you bring them your best self.
I had the most wonderful bath last night with candles and crystals and herbs and a delicious (no dye) bath bomb from @rockymountainrinse. They were kind enough to send this tired newborn Mama a box of goodies and I’m so grateful because it was exactly what i needed! I breathed deeply and got caught up on my abundance class I’m doing with @galadarling and it was just wonderful. More baths are definitely on my to-do list! What’s your favorite self-care ritual? ✨ #BetterBecka

How do you handle “trusting the process”? Ever since I was a kid I’ve hated having to trust in anything but myself. In college when we would get our class syllabus and it would say “group project” I’d groan because i hated my grade being dependent on someone else showing up. I wanted to control, i didn’t want to trust.
I watch it happen all the time in my challenge groups and with my coaches, they commit to a plan or program and give it their all for like two days and if they don’t see immediate traction or results they get frustrated and many throw in the towel. And i tell them “trust the process” which is all fun and games until I’m the one getting that advice! Haha! In our test group i was having a rough day and didn’t plan my meals right and ended up with a headache and cranky and the scale didn’t move and i was starting down that mental road of, “This isn’t going to work. Things like this always work for everyone else and not for me and this is just going to be another example of that.” And in the test group i was told to “trust the process” and i immediately got out my mantras and found some to stop that negative line of thinking in its tracks! ✋🏻 When it comes to changing your lifestyle (especially nutrition-heavy programs) the mental game is usually a bigger challenge than the physical! You’ve GOT to keep your mind positive. You’ve got to know that not ever day will be a progress day and that’s okay. I got my head right and woke up ready to tackle the day! ✨ Then i decided to celebrate by making these pancakes! You’re going to love this recipe from @ilanamuhlsteinrd when this program launches!
Are you someone who is naturally good at “trusting the process” or are you like me and you want to control all the things? ✨ #bodypositivity #postpartumjourney

I’m not sure what’s fuller after that brunch with @amberhumphries and her fam- my stomach or my heart.
We had three kids, one baby, four adults, and lots of fun catching up face to face (since most the time i only get to see her online). There’s something special that happens when you are building businesses side by side that are non-traditional with other women like this, it’s like a whole new level of friendship opens up to where you might only see each other in person a few times a year but you immediately feel comfortable. (Yoga pants on, pretenses gone, lol!) Sharing your deepest goals and encouraging each other on the daily (even though we’re separated by miles) is a friendship builder like no other. Wanna get close to someone? Let them see you struggle and encourage you through it! But you’ve gotta open yourself up to it and be willing to try. Thats the scariest part. It’s so worth it though! I’m so thankful for the strong, creative, brilliant, determined women that this business has brought into my life! 👯🖤 #bffgoals
PS. First time eating at a restaurant on the test group nutrition plan and it was super simple and not at all stressful to find something yummy that was on plan! In case you were wondering. 🙌🏻

A PSA to all my lovely clients: I will not be in the salon Friday afternoon or Saturday. I will be back on Wednesday of anyone needs to get in before Thanksgiving. Thank you for understanding! #barber #barberlife #pensacola #arrow #arrowsalondowntown #arrowtribe #arrowsalons

Okay, YES, the leaves are about done being all flashy, it gets dark at 6 p.m. and it’s cold....but that’s no reason to hang it up for the season!!!❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️ Check our the new blog for ways to get outside this winter, including winter hiking, archery + skiing with #arrowtribe and more!! Click on the link in our bio to learn more!! •••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Check out the Arrow calendar at arrowadventurecincy.com/calendar to find upcoming Cincy adventures or follow us on Facebook. Adventure on!

I'm HOME! (Well, technically I was home yesterday morning super early because I took a redeye from Vegas but I take Sundays off from social media so I couldn't tell you that till now! 🙃) What a whirwind trip! I spent yesterday having some quality family time and now I'm trying to organize all my thoughts and ideas and excitement from the trip! Getting to spend face time with all the company's top leaders and my best friends is so soul-filling! This year was unlike any of the past years I've attended and the vibe was so cool. 💛 It really felt like everyone was locking arms and running together toward really big things! 4 years into this coaching thing and I'm not sure I've ever felt this excited about an upcoming year. ✨ Seriously, if you've been wondering about this, you need to DM me right now so we can talk, there's a way for you to join no matter what pace you might want to take! 🏹 I digress...
I knew that I needed to get my thoughts organized so I decided to make a November goals list an share it with you for accountability! It's up on my coaching blog (link in profile) if you wanna see what I'm committing to this month! 📖 One of my goals is to finish reading "Eleven Rings" by Phil Jackson. I heard his interview with Oprah on her podcast, Super Soul Sessions, and it was so interesting that I just had to go get the book! If you're in need of a good podcast go check that one out! 😘

Getting goofy for our #postworkoutselfie because if you don’t take a photo to prove it, did your workout even happen? 😆
Internet trends are weird aren’t they? But I can’t be mad about it because the internet brought these sexy beasts into my life! From internet friends to real life workout buddies, I can always count on these girls to lift me up! And all because I was brave enough to take a chance on this community! 👯👯👯👯 #youCANsweatwithus

Don't let your friends cut your hair. Unless you're friends with me 😜 availabilities all week. Call 433.2120 or book online. #barber #ladybarber #barbershopconnect #arrowsalondowntown #arrowsalons #arrowtribe #downtownpensacola #hair #haircut #fixinghair #diygonewrong

I played a game with a group of about 30 women, half of whom I’d never met before in my life, called “Me Too”, have you ever played it? Basically we all sat in a circle and one person shared something about themselves. Everyone who shared that trait or experience shouted “me too!” And the first person tossed a ball of yarn across the room to them. Then they’d share something and pass it on. After a little while a giant, intricate web of yarn had formed in the space between us. 🕸 Not gonna lie, I got teary eyed more than once as the me too’s went from funny to deeply personal and even heart wrenching. And a group of “strangers” realized we were all way more connected than we thought. 👯 I got into coaching for the fitness, I stayed because of the sisterhood of “me too” and finding a place where I was never alone in my journey. 🖤
I spent my entire work day today on mastermind calls with the women on my team brainstorming some revolutionary new things that are all just for YOU so you can find your place too! It’s going to change the entire game ya’ll! But I can’t spill the beans just yet. Consider this your inside scoop! You do *not* wanna miss what we’ve got planned. Fill out an application in my bio if you wanna make sure to be in the loop!!! 🏹Wanna be part of something special, find your healthy living groove, connect to a sisterhood of beautiful souls, and learn how to be the best businesswoman you can be? ME TOO! 😜
(open to ladies in 🇺🇸🇬🇧&🇨🇦)

@abbystrayed amazed us today performing @kennedycenter in DC! So proud of all the growth and accomplishments you have created! Abby has traveled with us around the world and is another Arrow tribe member that is living a HUGE life and is inspiring us all to go after what we want! Keep aiming for the ✨ 🏹
#starstruck #superstar #arrowtribe #grow #shine #womenempowerment #dancer #yogi #friends

#FLASHBACKFRIDAY | I felt like such a failure. I had all these things I *wanted* to do but I just couldn’t bring myself to do them. I’d spend hours online piecing together hobbies and meal plans and basically a life I wanted to live and I’d pin all the things and make all the schedules and lists and then when it came time to execute I’d stall out. Anyone else? 🖐🏻 I felt embarrassed. I felt like a loser. I felt ugly. I felt shame. So I would hide and plan and dream but never actually take any steps. Then I’d numb the pain of feeling like a bum with food or Netflix marathons or getting lost in other people’s lives on social media. It wasn’t until I made some real friends in the wellness community that I was finally able to get myself together and get moving. Community is magical that way. Now... they challenge me and call me out when I’m not showing up for myself. They stop me in my tracks when I’m complaining. They remind me to focus on my thoughts because thoughts become things. When people online see my 70 pound transformation and ask how I did it, the tools I used were a part of it sure, but there are lots of ways to lose weight and they pretty much all work if you stick with them. For me, this community is was the glue that kept me plugged in long enough to actually go from imagining the life I wanted to actually creating it! I’ve spent four years fostering that community. Now it gives me life every day. And I want that for you too! You can start with us in November. I’ll be challenging you to step up and show up for yourself. And to focus on gratitude. Because duh, #thanksgiving month! Click the link in my profile to apply or send me a DM and hold a spot till we can chat and get you plugged in! I’d be honored to hold space for you here and be a part of your getting yourself unstuck! 💕🏹👯

I have a few spots open this week if anyone's trying to squeeze in! #cuts #haircuts #barber #ladybarber #kidscuts #arrowsalondowntown #arrowsalons #arrowtribe

Most of the people I work with daily are women. And as such, most of them end up feeling feelings a lot throughout the course of our time together. I get it. I'm a feeling feeler too. And it can be really challenging when you are feeling a lot of feelings to feel like getting up and doing a workout of any kind.
So, because I love you fellow feeling feelers, and I don't want you to be ruled by your emotions and miss out on the chance to move closer to your goals, I compiled this list of feelings you might be feeling and the soulmate workout that can help you get through it on my coaching blog today!
💻 Just click the link in my bio and go to coaching blog! 🙌🏻❤️🏹

• to keep listening to @disneyjunior radio even after you drop your kid off because they play all your favorites from the old movies 🍂 #icanshowyoutheworld
• to skip pumpkin spice and jump straight to peppermint mocha #teamchristmas
• to happily spend $10 on a pint of @jenisicecreams but have a legit mental battle in the produce section over the merits of paying $2 more per organic apple #buthowdirtyarethedirtydozenreally
• To get a little teary eyed during the scene in Wonder Woman where she makes it across no mans land #nomancouldcrossit #imnotcryingyourecrying
• To be a mom and love your kids and still feel like you need more in your life to be excited about #itsreallyokay
• To be passionate about health and simultaneously be okay with not looking like a fitness model #donutstasteasgoodasskinnyfeels
Happy Hump Day, friends! 👊🏻👊🏻 Double tap if you feel me on any of these 👆🏻

I do it because I’m worthy, not to make myself worthy. 👁 When I released myself from feeling like I needed to work out every day to be skinnier/leaner/lighter and eat healthy to punish my body into submission... everything changed. I don’t workout to become worthy. I take care of myself because I AM worthy. 💋
When you’re ready to stop pretending that losing 10 pounds will make you lovable, I’m here to help. I’ve got two more wellness challenges you can join through the end of the year that are focused on change the inside out. I believe that once your mindset shifts, the rest will stop being a struggle and will start to fall into place. Love you girl. I’m here. ❤️

UPDATE: GIVEAWAY CLOSED! Thanks for playing! Man you guys loved this bag! I’ll have to find some@more of my fav things for giveaways this holiday season! Congrats @hellorachellynn, you are the winner!🍂 .
Some good friends of mine with big hearts started a really cool company called @intifinds and sent me two of their bags and I’m in love. They are leather and tapestry and so sturdy. I have been using the big tote as an everything bag- purse/baby bag/tote. And the clutch fits my laptop perfectly so it’s become my little office on the go bag. I tuck my laptop, my debit card, a lipgloss, and a book in there and I’m coffee shop ready. Part of the reason I wanted to build a #capsulewardrobe was to streamline and simplify and to have products that I love that are multifunctional. #sparkjoy The other really beautiful things that made me fall in love with these bags is that the company is set up to where a percentage from every sale goes to help bring education to kids in the developing world. ❤️❤️❤️ The founders of Inti are educators with a passion for bringing education to every child. It’s such a cool thing. So fashion, function and a beautiful cause? Of course I’m on board!
So Inti gave me a limited edition Diplomat clutch to GIVEAWAY to one of you! It’s the color combo of the tote in these photos but it’s the smaller clutch style 👌🏻
To enter:
1. Make sure you are following me and @intifinds
2. Tell me what you’d use the clutch for in a comment below
3. Get a bonus entry for every friend you tag and share this giveaway with in a comment 👯
A winner will be chosen on Monday morning! And even if you don’t win, Inti has offered my followers a 10% discount in their shop. Just use the code ARROWGIRLS10 at checkout. The discount is good through Oct 31st! Good luck!!!

Over here watching a little tv with my sweet cheeks rainbow boy before bed. Momma's got her cuddle cap before I get to get my girls in our next virtual gym group. Needing some focus or some momma community? Reach out & chat or >>>kaylabeewellness.weebly.com

Oh hi. Just feeling feelings about my job today. (and also about this newest top in my capsule wardrobe from @anthropologie 😍) Maybe it’s my morning mindfulness routine making me more grateful. Maybe it’s my intentional hunt for joy. I don’t know- but happy things are magnetically coming to me today and I’m over here like a little bird with a french fry just as happy as can be over it all. This morning in my October challenge I woke up to beautiful posts from the women in there sharing the worries they are releasing this month related to their wellness journeys. Breaking loose! Yes. Let it go ladies! Then in a training group for my team I woke up to dozens of personal and passionate messages from my newer coaches sharing their beautifully vulnerable dreams and their visions for what they want to build and the impact they want to have for their families! You guys, the vision here is just incredible! Like change the world type stuff! THEN... I got a call from corporate asking me to take over the Orlando Market Council which is basically the group of leaders in a big metro area that represents the company at events except I want to do things even bigger so I asked if I could use that platform to do something new and build community in new ways and they said, “HECK YES! Run with it girl!” 🙌🏻 I mean... talk about in line with my own personal visions right now! I’m so excited. I feel so grateful. I feel so joyful that this is what my days are like. I cannot wait to build something really special here in Central Florida and beyond! 👯 #dirtymirrorsofinstagram #manifestingdreams #betterbecka

My book is filling up for next week, if you want to reserve your spot call 433.2120 or book online at vagaro.com/arrowsalondowntown Many thanks to @kev_elev for letting me give you this crispy hard part! #lines #barber #ladybarber #menshair #barbershopconnect #arrowsalondowntown #arrowsalons #arrowtribe #downtownpensacola

I don't always feel like showing up. Shoot, I don't even always feel like staying out of bed all day. But there will ALWAYS be something pulling at me, distracting me from taking care of my health. And becoming the best version of who I was created to be.
There will always be a distraction. An excuse. An "obligation." A mishap. Sickness. Injury. Crappy circumstances. But if I've learned ANYthing the last couple of years, it's that the circumstances aren't most important.
My circumstances do not dictate my day, my health, my life, my joy. I get to decide how to respond to whatEVER comes my way. No matter how out of control everything else feels. I can ALWAYS choose gratitude and I can ALWAYS press on.
Fight. On.
#FightForItTribe #AnchorCrew #ArrowTribe

Me and little miss decided to take this show on the road and check out a gem show (aka crystals!!!) that was rolling through town. We didn’t buy anything but it was fun to get dressed and head out. I’m still digging the whole capsule wardrobe concept. I feel like I’m finally developing a true sense of personal style and I feel more comfortable and confident in my clothes than I ever have my whole life. (Recovering constantly-self-conscious-girl right here 🖐🏻) once I lost the 70 pounds that held me hostage it was like I had this new body but I was still trapped in the mind of the girl I was before. Working on my capsule wardrobe has really helped me learn this new body. (New body, who dis?) I still haven’t found a baby bag that brings me joy though so I decided to use this tote and it was perfect! I downsized my tote bag collection considerably (how did I end up with so many?!?!) but this one from @intifinds Is a keeper. I have the honor of partnering with the talented and philanthropic duo behind Inti to tell you more about how their leather bags help bring education to children in developing areas. I’ll be doing that AND I’ll be giving one away along with some other surprises next week so make sure to check back in! Okay gotta run. I’m off to get my workout in and then make some pizzas for Friday family pizza night. #notyourmamaswellnesscoach 😂🤷🏼‍♀️❤️

So... on my quest to become a #betterbecka, I started a new workout program that has weights in it. It’s one I did years ago but have not done in a long time and I’m so sore you guys. Like... I look like a grandma trying to get up out of my sofa and hobbling around. But it feels good (in an odd way) to feel uncomfortable like this because even though it kinda hurts, I also feel kinda proud and strong. (Man if that isn’t just steeeeeeeped in metaphors for life...) I whipped up this recovery “ice cream” and it tastes like dole whip but it has branch chain amino acids and other goodies which help your muscles recover faster and so now I’m over here like... “is it working yet!?” Hurry up BCAA’s do your thing. I’ve got estate sales to peruse! (Recipe is in my story if ya want it!) TGIF! 👀

Wanna find a cool backpacking trail only 2 hours from Cinci? Learn all about this gorgeous and challenging shenanigan on the blog. Then...road trip! ⛺️🍁🚘#cincyroadtrip #roadtrip #adventureawaits #backpacking #letsroamohio #cincyblogger #wheretonext #grabatent #ohiogram #explore #hikeohio #arrowtribe #hike #exploreohio #zaleskistateforest #wildernessbabes #hikelikeawoman #forceofnature

Fighting the urge to hang twinkle lights from every corner of every room of our house. I have them in our RV and I used to have them in our bedroom in our old house but I haven't put any in this house mostly because I've been trying to make this house feel more grown and also because no room in this house is done being decorated and twinkle lights feel a bit like a finishing touch to me BUUUUTTTT *inhales because this is a really long sentence* I am trying to focus on leveling up my life in all areas by making small but intentional better choices each day and incorporating things that bring me joy back into my life and twinkle lights are definitely one of those things. I made a list of some other things if you wanna see on my personal blog today (link in profile) What would you add to the list? ✨ #sparkjoy #intentionalliving #betterbecka
PS. Hold me accountable friends. If you don't see me post some twinkle lights in the next few weeks call me out! 😜

It breaks my heart when clients leave, but at least you're doing some good in the world! You give me faith in humanity. One last photoshoot and then he's off to change lives! #barber #barberlife #modelingshoot #ladybarber #barbershopconnect #arrowsalons #arrowsalondowntown #arrowtribe

We need to taco about something awesome: today is #internationaltacoday. Many thanks to the tortillas who made this possible and the guacamole who kept the dream alive. Did you know a new study came out that said that just one hour a week of exercise can help lessen depression by 12%? I think that percentage would go way up if you spend that hour running to the taco shop. 😂🤷🏼‍♀️🌮

There was a time that I hated shopping. I hated every mirror. I would cry in fitting rooms in disgust. It felt awful to hate myself that much. People ask me where I find the motivation to continue my wellness journey after four years. That girl is my motivation. Today I loved my reflection in every fitting room. And that's not vain you guys, that's growth. Don't let anyone make you feel guilty for prioritizing your own healing. 🖤 #lightworker #selfiesforselflove #fitnessmotivation #betterbecka

It feels like fall. And I feel so energized. This is my absolute favorite time of year. The next three months are my magic. I love every second. I love the crisp air, the smells, the music, the celebrations... all of it! The last quarter might stress other people out but for me, I'm coming alive!
I decided to start my morning mindfulness routine because I was feeling anxious, stressed, and full of dread during our tumultuous adoption and the transition back after with Hurricane Irma. As I started to prioritize my emotional and mental health as much as my physical health I was struck by the thought that the opposite of anxiety is not necessarily peace, but is gratitude. If you are thinking of the good you can't be imagining the bad. I promised myself that if I stuck with my gratitude journaling for a week, I'd reward myself with a solo day date to Anthropologie to window shop and smell all the candles and possibly sip a PSL while I do it. Basically I told myself I could unapologetically be the most basic as my reward. You gotta do what you gotta do. Broke out my capsule wardrobe (tap for sources) and I'm ready to Anthro! 🍂🤷🏼‍♀️😂 #capsulewardrobe #basic #happy #mentalhealthawareness

Hang around me long enough and I'll brainwash you into believing you can be anything you want to be. ✨ Step into your light, girl. #arrowgirlsdoprovo
PS. Please tell me you are not missing my IG story right now!

These snowy topped mountains are making me feel some kind of way. ❤️🙌🏻✨ It's on my vision board to have a Rocky Mountain home at some point. Till then I'll just enjoy staring longingly at them on trips like this. Goodness I love these mountains!!!
I woke up in a mountainside mansion in Utah where I'm hosting a bunch of the rising stars on my coaching team for a long weekend of leadership training, bonding, mala-making, laughing, and let's be honest, probably some yoga outside with this gorgeous backdrop! It's my annual retreat that I put on for my tribe and I cannot wait for them to get here. This place is even more beautiful than the photos! I'll be sharing behind the scenes in my story if you wanna peek inside the trip!
Who's gonna make the jump into coaching and get on one of these future retreats with me??? Our little family is ready and waiting for you to! #arrowgirlsdoprovo #positudetakesprovo

Just found out something that will save me so much time and had to share it with you!! I don’t about you but I spend WAAAY too much time scrolling Facebook when I should be doing other things. Or I come on Facebook to post in my Challenge Group or find that one recipe I saw yesterday. But then I get sucked in and spend an eternity just scrolling. And scrolling. And scrolling. IT’S BAD YOU GUYS.
Just added this Chrome extension to my browser and I’m already saving so much time!! It’s called News Feed Eradicator for Facebook (only available on Chrome browsers). It puts a quote instead of your news feed!
I love Facebook to stay in touch and keep up with my friends, but sometimes it is too much of a distraction. Here’s to getting more done! 👍🏻

PROGRESS | I've seen so much progress recently you guys. And it's not because of some magical new workout program or diet, it's because I've been taking the time each morning to get my mind in the right place. ❤️ You are invited to join me for my October "Scary Happy" accountability group. I'll be walking you through the Daily Mantra book I've been using every day and loving so much. We'll be focused on fueling our body well and moving a little bit most days of the week. This is going to be my last fitness challenge of the year as I'll be focused on nutrition and emotional support in November and December. So if you wanna work out with me before January, now is your time! Also if you've been feeling negative, worried, and stressed, this is the group for you! If you are new to working with me and you get started with me by ordering your kit I'll even gift you a copy of the book you've seen me posting so much about in my story! 💕 Drop an emoji below if you want me to reach out to you or DM me and let's get you plugged in!

#thegoodlist | peppermint mocha creamer, clean laundry, Christmas stuff popping up in shops, Florida breezes that feel like fall, and serious health progress in the last four weeks!
I'm giving away five copies of the Daily Mantras book I've been using. Head to my story to read how to get one!

Is it easier to stay in bed until the last minute before I have to get up to get ready for work?
Sure is.

But that would mean I’m letting myself and my morning workout club down. And I’m NOT going to do that.
Today was Day One of my workout program.
So thankful for Riley, Ashley, and Kari for joining the AM workout party! You are the best! ❤️👏🏼 Do you have people who keep you accountable? Without these ladies I would have a hard time sticking to anything! 😄

Damn. That’s all I have to say about this dish. New favorite in the house! ⬇️Recipe ⬇️ Sweet Potato Taco Bowls -2 medium sweet potatoes, cubed -spices: garlic powder, chili powder, cumin, salt, pepper
-1 lb. ground beef -1 package Simply Organic Southwest Taco summer sauce -1 large green pepper -1 can Rotel diced tomatoes and chilies -1 can corn
Add-ons: Greek yogurt, cheddar cheese, avocado, cilantro
Toss cubed potatoes in 2 Tbs. olive oil and 1 Tbs of each spice, spread on a large baking sheet and bake in a 425° oven for 30 minutes, tossing halfway.
While the potatoes are baking, start cooking hamburger, adding the simmer sauce, green pepper, Rotel, and corn and simmer for 10 minutes.
Once potatoes are done, dish up everything and top with add-ons! Then eat it up!

Happier than a bird with a French Fry 🐦🍟 (dang it, now I want French fries!) today because I get to share in an intimate group on FB about my story of going from a frazzled, overweight, lonely, artist and woman who had lost herself to completely changing careers, losing 70 pounds, building financial freedom for my family, and finding myself again. 🐛🦋 If you wanna come join me click on the link in my profile and then click on the top button! Feel free to pop in all afternoon open house style or come and join me live tonight! 👯

A few of my local coaches met up with me today to do a crazy timed circuit workout led by @thekickinkid and I don't mean to brag, but we ran the leaderboard coming in 1st through 4th place! I posted the workout in my IG story if you wanna try it! #notcompetitiveatall #arrowgirlstothefront! #youcansweatwithus 🏆🏹

"I'll leave you with this: there will be times when standing alone feels too hard, too scary, and we'll doubt our ability to make it through the uncertainty. Someone somewhere will say, 'Don't do it. You don't have what it takes to survive the wilderness.' This is when you reach deep into your wild heart, and remind yourself, "I AM THE WILDERNESS." • Brené Brown @brenebrown #betterbecka

Ya know what feels good?
Being able to move my body how ever the HECK I WANT TO. 🙌🏼 I have no pain 🙌🏼 I have energy 🙌🏼 I have hundreds of workouts at my fingertips

I'm sure there will come a day when I will NOT be able to move like this (hopefully years and years away) so right now, while I am physically and mentally able to do this kind of stuff, I'M GOING TO DO IT. ❌ I have no excuse NOT to do it! ❌ ⏰ find the time 🏡 find the space 🤸🏼‍♂️ find the workout
I REFUSE to wake up in 30 years WISHING I would have taken better care of myself. I have ONE life, ONE body, ONE chance to get it right. And I WILL get it right! 🙏🏻

My Buddha bowl for lunch today was worth every bit of exhaustion induced by my all-day kitchen fest yesterday (seriously, I'm still a little tired from it). #inmybowl is forbidden rice, green lentils, sautéed kale, 1/2 an avocado, peppers, and onions, and tofu marinated in braggs. Topped with a little chipotle garlic aoli I whipped up. My first Meatless Monday lunch is a success! 🖤 Unrelated... talk to me about billet journaling. I'm thinking of integrating it into my mindfulness routine. Anyone do it? Do you love it or is it daunting? I'm not the best doodler. Any tips? 📓 #betterbecka

This is what last night consisted of for me once my kiddos were in bed. ❤ I joined in and listened to our team coach call. We chatted about social media tips for building our businesses with heart, intention, and confidence online. Lots of note taking was made. I will be rereading my notes today and implementing what was learned.
#teamsgf #arrowtribe #girlbossintraining #iamteambeachbody #coach #coachlife #leader #sahm #personaldevelopment

Goal for today: DRINK MORE WATER! 💦💦💦 I have been doing a TERRIBLE job of staying hydrated during the day. I have really only managed to get about 30 ounces or so! That's so far from what I should be getting!
What do you do to drink more water?

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