I’ve always been jealous of girl groups like the ones in this photo. I’ve always had a hard time making friends with girls... I don’t know what it is, but between the competitive nature that comes with being a performer and my old negative self talk telling me I’m not cool enough or pretty enough or skinny enough to have a girl gang as solid as them, I’ve tried to stay hidden out of protection.

But the thing is, “empowered women EMPOWER women”! The more I dove into my online business, the more empowered I felt. And a funny thing happened... the women building their businesses side by side with me also began feeling more empowered. Then, something CLICKED. We began to empower each other in such a powerful way- like something I’ve never seen before! One girl’s success is the whole groups success. It’s so beautiful!! I’ve found my girl gang, and I get to meet some of them for the first time this weekend at a business conference in Indianapolis! The stars aligned and God seemed to pave a clear path for me, making me suddenly completely available to join them.Lindsay (another bossbabe who like me has had trouble building trusting friendships with girls) JUMPED at the idea to offer to drive from MA to NY just to pick me up and head over together.
Not only have I found my girls, but I also get to live out the childhood dream of going on a road trip with a lady friend 😂🙌🏽👯‍♀️ ~~~~~~~~~~
We are going to be documenting our whole conference in a Facebook group. If you want to follow our adventure and find out what it is we do, go ahead and request to join! Link to join on my bio 🤗

It’s starting to get real! Got my team shirt in the mail today for my business trip I’m taking from Thursday- Sunday.

When I started this journey in October I didn’t know what to expect. My mentor talked about community but in all honesty- I just wanted a source of extra income and to lose the weight I couldn’t seem to get rid of.

But this community has become everything! They motivate me when everyone else around me isn’t on a wellness journey. I never feel alone. They have become my family. We text and call when we have a bad day. We offer encouragement to one another.

And for the first time I’m getting to spend 4 days with these incredible women-
in Indianapolis! We will train together, work out together, and get to have a sleep over with 15 of some of my favorite people! Is it normal to be this excited over a business trip?! 😜🤗

Alright last post like this for a while, I promise 😂 this picture only covers about 2.5 mos (I started on 2/26 but didn’t want to take any pictures). This are my results from Intermittent fasting from 9 PM - 1 PM and counting my macros. I can not believe how good I feel!! Just goes to who you that a plan works when you work it!! **no filter by the way @iamblackbeard_ 😂** for some reason my chest hair fell out during the process as well 🤔🤔

Parties 🎉 functions like weddings 👰 even going to my moms!!! Have always been a biggie for me!! I stuff my face then feel guilt and say 🤷🏻‍♀️I already messed up so I’ll just finish the day!! My self control has got better. .. I plan now pack snacks eat before!! Try to choose healthy options!! But what if I eat that cupcake or 🍕?? How do you make it so your entire Day unravels?? What if I told you there was a way to eat healthy but have no off limit foods !!! A way to have food freedom!! To travel and attend functions and not feel guilty! To look at food 🍔🌮🍩 as treats and not cheats!!! I know I’m getting excited for this new program 2bmindset to launch!! We have free access into our insiders group that gives some details on it!! Dm me or drop a 🐰 below if you want more info!! See my previous post for pictures of the coaches that completed the test group and maintained their results!! #2bmindset #coach #foodfreedom #arrowtribe #betterbabes #fitfam #fedup #myweightlossjourney

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Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another, “What!? You too? I thought I was the only one. - C.S. Lewis
Less than a week till we are reunited in Mexico! 👯‍♀️👯‍♀️ #betterbabes #arrowtribe #squadgoals

What's it like to find your people? 🏹 Sometimes it feels like you've known each other for a few lifetimes even though you just met. Sometimes it's that instant acceptance and comfortability with new friends that lets you laugh till you cry or share your deepest fears and not even feel embarrassed about it. And sometimes it's realizing that you have basically the same exact tattoo. 😂 (I’m looking at you @kristencampbellallen) Its finding people that get that it’s not about dieting, it’s about learning how to be healthy mind and body. It’s people who want to have a positive impact in someone else’s life. It’s women who wanna build a passion-centered biz from anywhere and help build a community of women supporting women. ❤️ I love love love my tribe of coaches and I just cannot wait till we are reunited in Mexico in a month!!!! #coachlife #arrowtribe 👯

昨年11月に埼玉県越谷市の閑静な住宅街にあるハンドメイドの革製品、銀製品を取り扱うMADなお店「ARROW TRIBE」にてオーダーしていた財布が出来上がったということで今日取りに行きました👛
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Happy International Women’s Day!! Pettiness is out and supporting other women is IN. We’re all about encouraging, welcoming and inspiring new peeps with open arms. ••••••••••Check out the blog post in bio for thoughts of how the ladies out there can embrace each other with a listening ear, a new adventure and an occasional glass of wine. #internationalwomensday #nocattyness #women #encouragement #arrowtribe #network #womenempowerment #womenincincinnati #explore #newadventures

💕These girls are the ✨LIGHT in my darkness, 💕they are what keep me SMILING and POSITIVE, 💕they keep my mind off of the bad and help me to FOCUS on the GOOD, 💕they are what gets me through these hard times. •
Dad being in the hospital again is stressful. It's hard to stay positive when there is so much going on. •
But I know that I have these girls to lean on when I need to. I have this side biz that has become my PASSION and brings JOY to my life, even when everything else sucks. This gig has become my STRESS RELIEF and my true HAPPINESS . •
👉🏼It's not just about health and fitness, 👉🏼it's not just a job that brings in some extra cash for my growing family, 👉🏼it's not just fun, 👉🏼it's not just that I get to hang out with some awesome girls,
This side job has become my PURPOSE,
That is WHY I do what I do. That is why I choose to spend so much time on this, why I choose to make this a priority, why I work on this stuff through the hard times. •
I never knew this opportunity could bring so much to my life. And now I want to help others see what it can do for theirs. •
Get a glimpse into what it is I do and why I love it so much next week during my coach sneak peek. Watch, listen, see and feel WHY I do what I do, & see if it could be something you might just need in your life too. •
Message me for details!

#mypurpose #mypassion #truehappines #myteam❤️ #followyourarrow #taketheroadlesstraveled #arrowtribe

Think Katniss Everdeen is a badass?? Yeah, pretty much. Then check out our adventures in archery as we try to up our cool factor with Great Parks and one of their MANY outdoor programs. Check out the link in bio. #archery #katniss #greatparks #adventureoutpost #trysomethingnew #shenanigans #arrowtribe #badassery

Healthy eating ain't so bad and it ain't that hard and ain't is a word cause it didn't autocorrect!! Nutrition is definitely my biggest struggle but it is getting better. If you're on the same struggle bus lets talk. I got some great tools in working with and people holding me accountable, let's do this together.
#AlwaysForward #YoureNotAlone #Nutrition #Struggles #StruggleBus #ItsNotThatHard #HealthyFitUs #SunshineFit #ArrowTribe #ArrowBabes #AlpacaSquad #80DO #Obsessed

Group climb! Intro to bouldering at Climb Time in Blue Ash. Photo totes candid. #beginnerclimbing #bouldering #arrowtribe #climbinggym #trysomethingnew #rockwall

Me #nofilters listening to the #teambeachbodycoach weekly #411 call with @amysilvermanfitness & #gettinginspired to be the best leader I can be for myself and others on our health & fitness journeys! 💗 Coaching has connected me with hundreds of thousands of others worldwide over this past year and continues to remind me how much joy our lives can hold! 💗 I am able to help others achieve their goals and I learn new things about myself each and every day! 💗 “Coaching” is just another way to say “living life to the fullest being your Best self!” 💗 I am so thankful to get up each morning and reconnect with a team of peeps who are willing to push themselves to be better than they were yesterday! 💗 THIS is why I chose to become a coach.🌸💗💗🌼If you have a drive to be your best, if you are always seeking knowledge and trying new things to improve your life, & if you love to share what you’ve learned with others — then I’d love to connect with you, too! 💗 Comment “INSPIRED!” below ⤵️ and I’ll contact you with details of how to get started on this life-changing journey! 💗 .
#becomingextraordinary #yourbestlife #livinglavidabella #helpingothershelpsyou #givingisreceiving #loveyourlife❤️ #coachingforlife #beyourbestversion #coachingisawesome #inspired #betterbabes #arrowtribe #teamtruenorth #lifeonfirefitness

Checking out the walls and meeting the peeps at #climbtimeofblueash this morning! 🧗‍♀️ CAN’T WAIT for our climb time on Fri 2/9. Hope you can “hang” with us. 🤪 $2 off your day pass and be sure to join us for drinks @fretboardbrewing afterwards! Sign up and sign a waiver by going to our calendar in bio. #climbing #bouldering #trysomethingnew #cincinnatiadventures #rockwall #adventure #arrowtribe

Not all who wander are lost. 🗺 I’m SO happy today because a bunch of my coaches got their invitation to a vacation on a giant cruise ship next year and the best part? It’s a reward! They don’t have to pay for it! They earned it for their hard work as coaches all last year. 💙 Makes my mentor heart so proud! A bunch of them are bringing their spouses and families too creating some special memories! Isn’t that awesome? I love love love helping women learn how to rise up and change the financial future for their families by leveraging their own wellness journey! Does your job send your family on vacation as a thank you for using your own story to help others? Those healthy food photos and running trackers you post on IG, are you getting paid for that? We are! Boss up girl! Why not turn your wellness journey into something bigger and get on the next trip with us!!! Start practicing team, i want a group headstand photo on the deck! 😂🤸🏼‍♀️ If you are curious about what it is exactly that I do and how I can help you learn how to do it too, dm me because i opened up a little Q&A group about our team and how you can join us! 🏹
#arrowtribe #betterbabes #bebetter #sahmlife #fpme #postpartumbody #poatpartumfitness #yogafit #postpartumjourney #postpartumhealth #girlgains #bethechange #girlssupportinggirls #wellnesscoach #orlandomom #ppdsurvivor #florida #fingertattoo #smalltattoos #introvertlife #orlando #onlinefitnesscoach #wahmlife #inversionjunkie #betterforit #workfromhomemum #bopowarrior #lightworker #igfitmoms #girlbossmoment

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