Let’s see those parameters... So for you we have an 8.2meters wide and 4meters high infinity wall/greenbox (it is so nice for videos, you might just melt right away 😋), we also have a studio area depth of 12 meters, and of course the space can be also used split, if you fancy the idea to shoot two separate sets at the same time. Yeah, we did that. 🤓 And we got also two beautiful industrial elevators to help with packing quick... The rest of our 300 squaremeters will offer you plenty of space to prepare, build sets, take selfies (only if you tag us of course) or play fetch with your furry friend during the shoot pause. Ah, yes, did I not mention that we are pet-friendly here? Yes, indeed 🐩🐈🦔🐎🦏🦍

Here we have 300sqm of gorgeous space, it is pure, it is hungry. Tell us about your project and make sure you follow us to see our juicy offers - we are going to share these in our stories soon!
The team at Picturepool studios is excited to have you soon! Get in touch or just pop by for a sneak peek 🤩📞

We are happy to share the first look of our beautiful sun-kissed studio space! Picturepool Studios is ready to welcome our first guests starting already next week! Get in touch with our team via direct message, give us a call or drop us an email: info@picturepoolstudios.com 📸🎥 We are looking forward to seeing you at ours! 😉

Бэкстейдж с крайней смены фильма «Война Миров». Режиссер & CG @sovscope70
Автор сценария @niramush
Оператор @egor_chinilin
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