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Arrested Development... rappers or MCs? Both or neither? Exploring the difference all day long? Does being an MC depend on stage presence? live shows? #Repost @oldskoolforever
#ArrestedDevelopement #Everyday #People

Everyday people: we played a show tonight with Arrested Development in Abu Dhabi. Wonderful people! Amazing show! #arresteddevelopement #speech #freshlyground

"Why go to a banana stand when we can make your banana stand" #arresteddevelopement #willarnett #legobatmanmovie #cmon #ivemadeahugemistake

Nashville let's get it popping!!! #arresteddevelopement #Tennessee

Missing my one of my fav gals on one of my fav holidays! CINCO DE CUATRO!

Did you watch #arresteddevelopement? You know when George Bluth is talking about Bluthton, the floating city? That dippy music that they play? That's what I hear when I see this painting. I know that someone out there is a kindred spirit! Today has been "lots of childish children being eyeroll". So I remedy that with silliness. #michellearmas #bluthton #eyeroll


Mom's attempt at artistic sensibility looks more like she's having one of her vertigo spells...apparently I'm Buster for Lucille 2 tonight #arresteddevelopement

When coming up with ideas for cards I'm always trying to think outside the box. Which can be hard at times because our minds always go to what's common, at least mine does. I wanted a cool baby card so I imagined what's the coolest mode of transportation a stork can take (but not actually). This guy found it, and has been in the top sellers! What other cool mode of transportation can you think of? #artofmelodious

We either joined the blue man group or we're extras in the new avatar movie; you decide 💙

Get it it's because he's blue

"Michael Cera was born in Canada in 1988 at the tender age of zero."
- Michael Cera

A little while back , my daughter Cydni asked me to draw a picture of one of her favorite actors , Michael Cera.
I was originally going to do it in standard pencil, but decided at the last moment to go for the colored pencil treatment, since I rarely do those .
I am very happy with how it turned out , and she is pleased with it , and that's what really matters.

Michael Cera - Colored Pencil on standard 14X17 paper.

#mikevintonstudio #michaelcera #cera #arresteddevelopement #superbad #juno #coloredpencil #portrait #popart #drawing #art #scottpilgrim #scottpilgrimvstheworld #thisistheend #bananastand #canada #sausageparty #nickandnorah

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