"A rose, is a #rose, is #arose." -#gertrudestein
Gertrude Stein was an American #expatriate poet and author living in Paris after WW2. She's probably most famous for her #modernist poem "A rose" which many understand to mean that things simply are what they are, nothing more. She also was the good friend, editor, and #creative confidant of many other American and non-American artists of her time such as Ernest #Hemingway, F. Scott #Fitzgerald, Pablo #Picasso, Henri Matisse, Juan Gris, and others. #englishclass #englishhistory #englishliterature #ladiesofliterature

Happy 16th birthday to a fucking masterpiece, "The Eminem Show" 🎉🎉!
I love the 3th picture with @nathankanemathers 😂


آخه شما به من بگيد مگه ميشه عاشق اين عروش خوشگل و اروپايي و شيك نشد؟؟؟🙈🙈🙈🤗🤗🤗😘😘❤️❤️
ساراي عزيزم آرزوي خوشبختي دارم برات زندگيت با آرامش باشه كنار همسر عزيزت
ميكاب زيباشون با @elahenik.makeupartist عزيزم بوده❤️❤️❤️❤️
لطفا ورق بزنيد❤️❤️❤️
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Samira kamyar
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براي رزرو و عقد قرارداد عروس لطفا به دايركت و تلگرام پيج مراجعه كنيد.🌹🌹🙏🏻
hair by me❤️

Maximize #gains with a sweet #trxsuperset #gymlife ♬ Arose - Eminem. #Eminem #Arose

EDIT: I know it's a joke

If I could rewind time like a tape
Inside a boombox, one day for every pill or Percocet that I ate
Cut down on the Valium, I'da heard everything
But death is turning so definite...wait!
They got me all hooked up to some machine
I love you, Bean, didn't want you to know I was struggling
Feels like I'm underwater submerged like a submarine
Just heard that nurse say, my liver and kidneys aren't functioning
Been flirtatious with death, skirt-chasing, I guess
It's arrivederci, same nurse, just heard say they're unplugging me
And it's your birthday, Jade, I'm missing your birthday
Baby girl, I'm sorry, I fucking hate when you hurt, Hai
And sweeties, thank you for waiting to open gifts
But, girls, you can just open 'em
Dad ain't making it home for Christmas
Wish I had the strength to just blow a kiss
I go to make a fist, but I can't make one, I'm frozen stiff
I yell, but nothing comes out, I'm crying inside, I shout
My vocal cords won't permit me, I scream, but it's not aloud
You put your arm around Momma to calm her, wow
I just thought about the aisle I'll never get to walk us down
Never see you graduate in your caps and gowns
It's 'bout to be 2008, how's this happening now?
I've got so much more to do
And, Proof, I'm truly sorry if I let you down, but this tore me in two
The thought of no more me and you
You gave me shoes, Nikes like new for me for school
Doody, I'm trying, but you, you were the glue that binded
So many things, time, I'd give anything to rewind it
I had to walk down my halls and constantly be reminded
By pictures all on my walls and I couldn't sleep at night 'cause
That image burned in my brain of you on that table
Me falling across your body, not able to stand to save you
God, why did you take him?
I'm tryna keep his legacy alive, but I'm dying, where's Nathan?
Little ladies, be brave, take care of your mother
Smile pretty for pictures, always cherish each other
I'll always love ya, and I'll be in the back of your memory
And I know you'll never forget me
Just don't get sad when remembering
And, little bro, keep making me proud
You better marry that girl 'cause she's faithfully down
#arose #revival #eminem #stan #amazing #message #hiphop

🌹🌹🌹Les roses si fragiles est piquante mais tellement belle est élégante, le bouquet et celui de ma mère pour la fêtes des mères (en avance je l'avoue) j'espère un jour trouver une noir car ce sont mes roses préféré 💋🌹🌹#flowers #rose #arose #bouquet

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