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🖲Start Living and Stop Running!🖲
You, Yes You ! Listen to me very carefully
Most of your Life has been dedicated for others
Dont believe me?
Just go back in time and see how your father said you were worthless, how your girlfriend said you won't amount to anything, how your teacher said you are useless, how your BOSS said you are insufficient
And to prove all of them wrong, you took paths which are not a part of You. You feel depressed because that's not you
Just to tell the world that you are sufficient and are of some value, you took the path of Money. And where you strive only for Money, that's the path which is not yours
Where you want to grow only your Bank Account, and buy New Cars and Houses so that you can feel sufficient.. Thats not your Path
Your Path is where your Heart Lies
Which has less to do with your Brain and more to do with your Soul
Which rather than pushing yourself into, pulls you towards it every single day
Where you will have not just Monetary Growth but also Spiritual , Mental and Emotional as well
Where you get the opportunity to add immense value to other people's lives
Where you inspire people to get over all the resentment of their parents, spouses, boss, teachers and finally do something for their ownself
This is where you will get a Real Strength Upgrade
Abhinav Mahajan -
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#DareToDeclare #LOVEBracelet My new stack❤, still sorely missing my two love bracelets😔. Hopefully they'll be back from Cartier soon. #bqstyled

Iphon 7 male kiye ? Khanom ha va aghayon???
Tozihat bishtar hast
Joziyate daghigh ghore keshi ro mitonin tu page @ilyasdantelos
Donbal konin
محدوده ی نیاوران با تعیین وقت قبلی

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Feels amazing being here in this beautiful country 🇳🇿 after so many years away | Behind me is Rangitoto Island | Wearing my new Karen Walker sunglasses with the #OlyaJewelry Jagged Edge Choker and bracelets | #olyainnewzealand

Sunday sparkles ✨✨


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🖲Best Story of a LIFETIME🖲
Yesterday, I posted a transformation pic of one of our Friends where he mentioned that he transformed without Gym, only by body weight exercises and my diet tips on youtube. Most of you were very supportive but there were few ignorant people who mocked and questioned his efforts. This one is especially for you . Not because I hate you but because I know how it feels to put effort in something and then see people talking shit about them. I will always take a stand for what is right because no one did that for me. So here's the Story -
A Painter one day put one of his Art on the streets along with A Sheet of Paper and pen along with it. Besides the Painting and the Sheet he put up a Board saying "Whosoever thinks there's something wrong in the painting, kindly write down the mistake on the Blank Sheet of Paper
The Sheet got full the first day
The second day he did everything the same, but instead of 1 sheet he kept 3 blank sheets with the same board. Guess what, by evening all the 3 sheets got filled up with the mistakes
On the third day he didn't keep any Blank Sheet and changed the board to "Whosever thinks there is some mistake in the Painting , Kindly correct it" -
Guess what, he waited for 1 long week and not even a single person made the effort to pick up the brush and make the edit
Lesson of the Story - "You are much smarter than me to understand what the lesson is"
I have been dealing with assholes throughout my life. People who said I used supplements. When I did use them, then they came with an excuse of "You use Steroids" . I get so many mean and hate comments on my youtube and Insta at times and trust me I have enough skill to mentally harass anyone for the rest of their life just by my words . Take this as my cockiness and try finding me giving a shit about it
I have never seen a successful person trying to bring anyone down. All the leaders and successful people I have met or read about always encourage and support others to become a stronger versions of themselves. Insecure and disturbed people make an effort to bring others down or demean them. Which category are you? Story Credits- @tattooistakash

Photo via @emmanuel.castle

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