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I always have this thought on my head here and there:
When I was in the relationship I meant everything I said & did but there was a point where I was being blamed for shit I never did or cheating when I’d never do that, like damn, I always wondered what I did wrong cause I know damn well I did everything I could’ve done as a boyfriend:
I cut off females she didn’t like, I gave her the free & extra time I had to and all for her, I’d hyper her up all the time and I’d make sure she knew I was there, I never changed who I was, I fought to keep a relationship stable even tho she didn’t even do her part, and at the end of the day my friends made me end it because they told me she didn’t see the value she had of having me as a boyfriend cause she’d be talking to other guys and my Ex-Bestfriend Matthew, and while I was loyal she accused me of false bullshit, but I know damn well for the next relationship I have, it’ll be better than the previous 10 I had and I learned from every single one of them and I know it’ll be perfect this time.🧐😶
A secret truth I found out is that she used one of my emails to create the fake account to try shit with my friends and destroy our own relationship, and that Fake account today is now my personal account(I knew it was her cause her # was confirmed to it😐)
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Flashback Armin Only Embrance at JIEXPO Kemayoran

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