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What makes me most honored for being an Armenian is our determination, and our capability to overcome hardships. Armenian history consists of many trials and tribulations. Despite, countless number of Armenians, in our past and present have prevailed and conquered it all. Armenia is truly a "rich" country. Not "rich" for having a great deal of assets but rich for our culture, people, language, literature, churches, alphabet and history. I was only 2 years old when I was brought to the USA. I grew up in Westlake Village, a predominately white neighborhood where Armenians are rare to find. I most definitely did not fit the "norm". Apart from my appearance I had different values and traditions than my fellow peers. Rather than shying away from them I was raised in a household where I was constantly told to remain true to my values/traditions with pride. I loved being unique. Rather than conforming to the norms in my society I learned that being different isn't always necessarily bad. Being different is what pulls you apart from so many people striving to make it. Having a personality that's different, a mindset that's different, a image that's different, is what sets you apart from others. Dare to be different, celebrate the special uniqueness that is you, and don't be phased by the negative views and opinions of others. Instead of allowing yourself to become molded by the norms of society, embrace your individuality. #ArmenianWomen #daretobedifferent

#Goals Proud of women entrepreneurs! Proud of #ArmenianWomen who set examples and raise the bar for women like me! #Forbes #FutureForbesLister #DontBelieveMeJustWatch

Happy Mothers Day 🌹 Թող երբեք ոչ մի մայր արցունք չթափի և չսգա զավակի կորուստը... #armenianwomen

Obwód pasa stanowi miarę zdrowia. Im więcej cm tym większe ryzyko choroby... Wytrwałości w dążeniu do sprawności 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽 Pięknego dnia, badź zdrów jak rybka 🐠🐠🐠 🤗🤗🤗 Bari or, arohciucun dzez 🤗🇦🇲 #fit #armenianwomen #girlstyle #healthylife #centrumsportowca


I wanted to thank you guys so much for the supportive comments I have received in the past few days, and I thought that until I am able to publish new portraits of Armenian women around the world, I could share my own portrait so you can learn more about the rationale behind the project “Anahit of Erebuni”. For the full portrait, check the link in bio; and if you would like to be featured here and share your thoughts, DM me! "My name is Anaïs, I’m 27 and I’m from the Paris suburbs, France. [...] This project was largely influenced by my best friend, who has a project aimed at promoting the art of head-wrapping as a way of empowering African and Afro-descendant women and their cultures. She has helped me learn about intersectionality, and has introduced me to a world where women of each community create their space where they can discuss important issues affecting them, promote their culture and stand together. I was really amazed at the networks and platforms that existed for Black and Latina women on social media, and I thought it would be amazing to have our own platform as Armenian women. [...] Being Armenian is one of the things I am the proudest of. But I feel like being an Armenian woman in particular is not that easy. Growing up I have felt like Armenian women everywhere have a lot of pressure to be “perfect” in all aspects and in a very traditional way. I have felt that as women, we bear the weight of our family’s dignity on our shoulders and this can be very heavy to carry around. [...] Our society is really male-dominated and I have found it hard to even learn about Armenian women who have done so much for our culture. And I wish all of this could change. Because to me being an Armenian woman means protecting a great heritage, but also identifying what we can do better as a community, and adapting ourselves in order to be more inclusive and respectful of the rights of all of us. [...] I don’t think there is any wrong or right way of being Armenian, and each of us has a special manner of contributing to the beauty of our multiple identities." #armenian #armenianwomen #armenia #intersectionality

I will tell you guys a little bit more about me! I am part of the Armenian diaspora of France and I live in a city called Issy-les-Moulineaux in the Paris suburbs which has been home to a large community of Armenians since the 1920s. We are lucky here to have a lot of Armenian stores, churches, cultural centres and events. The city also has a formal partnership with Etchmiadzin and has displayed a significant amount of Armenian monuments. We also have a Yerevan street (rue d'Arménie), an Etchmiadzin square (place Etchmiadzin) and another square named after Missak Manouchian, an Armenian resistant in France who helped the country fight against Nazi occupation. He is considered a hero here and every French kid is taught about him at school.
Where are you guys from? 🗺 I'm curious to know!

Drawing: @anahitoferebuni
#armenian #armenianwomen #armeniandiaspora #france #paris

This picture is a Soviet propaganda poster from 1937 promoting the equal labor of women. It is a historic testimony of the efforts that were deployed by the Soviet Union to include women in the workforce. These efforts were based on Marxist-Leninist theories according to which women’s participation in production is crucial in determining their social status. This was also based on the fact that the state was in great need of additional and cheap labor force in order to complete its “great construction projects of socialism“. While these efforts did contribute to the emancipation of women to a certain extent through access to labor and education, they did not make it a priority to also promote gender equality within the household and challenge the traditional belief that housekeeping and childcare are solely the responsibility of women. This created a dilemma in which women’s status in the public sphere was improved, but the weight on their shoulders was also increased, making it difficult for them to cope under this double load.

You can check the full post and references on my blog, link in bio!

#armenian #armenianwomen #armenia #soviet #sovietunion #gender #equality #politics #sovietpropaganda

Derma Eco women-ը հոտային հավելումներ և ներկանյութեր չպարունակող կոսմետիկ շարք է, որը պաշտպանում է Ձեր գերզգայուն մաշկը անցանկալի ռեակցիաների ռիսկից:⠀
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Perouz Artin Kalfayan (1943-2016) was an Armenian-Egyptian child actress, singer, dancer and entertainer who was known under the professional name of Feyrouz. Her parents migrated to Cairo from Aleppo, Syria.

She started her cinematographic career at the age of 7 with a substantial role in the movie Yasmin (1950), and starred in more than 10 movies, for which she quickly gained the name of “child prodigy”. After Feyrouz got married to Egyptian comedian Badreddine Gamgoum in 1959, she retired from acting at the age of 16. She however remained very famous in the minds of Egyptians and was awarded a “Lifetime Achievement Award” at the Cairo Film Festival in 2001.

Her younger sister Nelly and her cousin Ninochka Manoug Kupelian, known as Lubluba, are also famous actresses.

Video: Scene from the movie Dahab, in which she got one of her most important roles.
#armenian #armenia #armenianwomen #egypt #egyptian #middleeast #middleeastern #syria #cinema #actress #egyptiancinema

Here is a poem called “Ode to the night” written by Zabel Yesayan when she was 17. It is the first piece that she ever published and it appeared in the journal Dzaghig in 1895. It was translated from Armenian to English by Jennifer Manoukian. "Come, oh night, come, cover the world with your black skirts, subdue the last breath of twilight with your coolness, cover the world in your funereal darkness.
The day enters your somber breast in its tomb, dragging along with it all the feelings and concerns sprouting within.
Loving hearts anxiously wait for you to smother their reveries in your darkness. Come, close their weary eyes with your invisible fingers. Take them to the depths of slumber for a few hours.
Resting on your black arms, take them far from the daily routine that has exhausted them. In your coolness, lull them to sleep with your sweet music. Let their worries melt away for a few hours in your solemn realm.
Your arrival brings with it precious memories. You are a friend to the lonely. It is you who sees the most private tears.
The sleepless, miserable individuals who pass by open windows take in your cool darkness.
Their thoughts and feelings wander around in your breast. And you take them all, burying them in your consoling obscurity.” Drawing: @anahitoferebuni
#armenian #armenianwomen #armeniandiaspora #armenia #poetry #night

#Liveandfight - ZYJ I WALCZ to odróżnia wojownika od reszty 🙅🏻‍♀️ Kolor czerwony to kolor odwagi 🔴🔴🔴💪🏽 Odważ się marzyć ❣️ Walcz o swoje marzenia❣️ Spelniaj marzenia ❣️ Uważaj o czym marzysz, bo może się spełnić 😉‼️‼️‼️ Miej serce i energię do walki♥️♥️♥️💪🏽💪🏽 💪🏽 Tylko moc 👊🏽 #olimp #olimpnutrition #quenssgang #liveandfight #redpower #perfectbodycenter #manufaktura #armenianwomen #fitmom #strongmommy

In Pre-Christian Armenian mythology, Anahit was the goddess of fertility, healing, wisdom and water. Together with her father Aramazd, chief and creator god (equivalent of Zeus), she was the main deity in Armenia by the 5th century BC. King Tiridates III, before his conversion to Christianity, would pray to her with special devotion, as "the great lady Anahit, the benefactress of the whole human race, mother of all knowledge". Ancient Armenians believed that the Armenian world existed thanks to her will. The head and hand of only one bronze statue of Anahit were found in 1872 in modern Turkey and were acquired by an Italian dealer who sold them to the British Museum. Since 2012, Armenians have been petitioning the British Museum to return the fragments of the statue to Armenia. Anahit is related to the Old Persian goddess Anahita and is often identified with Aphrodite and Artemis, depending on the sources.

Drawing: @anahitoferebuni
#armenian #armenia #mythology #anahit #anahita #goddess #armenianwomen #aphrodite #artemis

#Repost @anahitoferebuni (@get_repost)
Every single Armenian woman has a unique way of preserving our culture and being Armenian, and I would love to highlight the beauty of this diversity by presenting portraits of present day Armenian women from around the world.

This first portrait is the one of Diana Aboujian, who is an Armenian actress from Venezuela, a little known diaspora community. Diana is sharing with us the story of her family and what it means to her to be Armenian: "My mother’s family had already settled down in Venezuela from Syria when my dad decided to migrate to look for opportunities there, because in the 1970s, Venezuela was the land of opportunities. [...] I was born and raised in a city called San Antonio de Táchira. I am the typical Armenian who grew up in her dad’s shop, playing with the saleswomen and making a mess in the store among all the shoe-boxes.

There has never been an Armenian community in my city; we were basically the only ones. However, when I was little, I spoke Armenian really well because my grand-mother on my dad’s side came to live with us until I was around 5 year-old. [...] Being the only person of your classroom that has an unusual last name definitely impacts your life. [...] But when I turned 12 or 13 year-old, I realized that I loved all of this, that I loved being Armenian but also Venezuelan, that I loved the peculiarity of my last name and that I loved the family values that I had been inculcated". For the full interview in English and Spanish, check the link in bio! And if you are interested in sharing your story, DM me!

#armenian #armenianwomen #armeniandiaspora #venezuela #ecuador #syria #aleppo #latinamerica #latina #tbt #actress #actriz #armenianactress #venezuelanactress #actrizvenezolana

The second portrait is the one of Zaruhy Sangochian, third generation Armenian Mexican from Cancun!
She shares with us the ways in which having Armenian heritage has influenced her life and personality, but also how hard it has been to learn more about her heritage due to the hardship and pain of her family. "My name is Zaruhy Sangochian Jimenez, I’m 33 year-old, I am from Cancun, Mexico, but I currently live in Mexico City. I am an architect, city illustrator and interior designer. My family on my dad’s side is Armenian. My grand-father Manuel was born in Armenia and my grand-mother Zaruhy was the first generation of Armenians in Mexico at that time. My family came to Veracruz, Mexico, by boat. Their idea was to go to Los Angeles, United States, but the borders were closed at that time. [...] Currently, I don’t know if I have any relative in Armenia because we have now mostly lost touch. Throughout my life, it has been difficult to learn more details about my family’s history because it hasn’t always been possible for them to share such painful stories, and all my grand-parents have now passed away. [...] I would love to know more Armenian women, learn about their stories and personal tastes." Check the full portrait in English and Spanish on my blog (link in bio)! #armenian #armenianwomen #armenia #armeniandiaspora #mexico #mexican #cancun #mexicocity #architecture #interiordesign

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