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Syrian Armenians part1🇸🇾🇦🇲-History, ancient times to 1939


Armenians have had a long and ancient history in Syria, and have played a significant role in its history. Armenians first entered and settled the levant in small numbers during the Armenian empire of Tigranes the great at around 70bc. However It wasn’t until the 11th century that mass migration occurred with Armenians establishing themselves in Cilicia and its surrounding areas.

Due to Byzantine and Seljuk control of the Armenian highlands, half the entire Armenian population fled westwards. By the 11th century Armenian quarters where formed in Aleppo, Antioch and later Armenian villages such as Kessab started to develop. After the fall of Armenian Cilicia in 1375 a new wave of Armenians arrived in Aleppo. By the 15th century they were a well organised community.

Under the Ottomans many Armenians moved to Aleppo in search of economic opportunities and later escaping Ottoman oppression. The vast amount of Armenians from the modern Syrian Armenian community originate from the 1915 Armenian genocide, Armenians were marched into the Syrian desert and the main Ottoman death camps where located in Syria such as Der Zor. Many Arabs sheltered and helped Armenians during this awful period. A minor Arab genocide was occurring at the same time so good relations and affinity between the two groups where established.

Aleppo’s Armenian and Christian population swelled after the genocide. By 1922 many Armenians who survived the Ottoman death camps ended up in Aleppo and out of a total population of 156,784, Armenian refugees accounted for (12.76%) at 20,007. The French withdrawal from Cilicia brought even more Cilician Armenians to Aleppo, and by 1925 Armenians made up (25%) of the total population of Aleppo which shot up to 210,000.

As well as Aleppo Armenians established themselves all over Syria (which was under French mandate post WW1) and the Syrian province of Hatay (southern Cilicia) remained under the French mandate with a large indigenous Cilician Armenian minority, however this only lasted until 1939 when Turkey annexed Hatay, which we will cover in the next part.

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