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The Joker- Work in Progress. Not sure how i feel about this one just yet 😅 but its growing on me. Playing with different techniques on this one. Let me know what you think think guys 🙏🏼

Idiot got trapped by @batman.official

By @sfxatlas | New 52 Joker mask sculpted by the amazing Lee Joyner (@joynerstudio) and painted by @robertvinterfx using @tgoreart's Bloodline paints. And if your interested in buying one fo these badass masks head to www.joynerstudio. com
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You can lock us up Bats , but these bars won't hold us long! 😈 Who's everyone's favorite Batman villain ? __________________________________________
Bane @baneintherain ( his photo as well ) __________________________________________

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The Bat is all about new updates ... #batman #arkhamknight #cosplay

#gothamburning "Stop your damn scramming, there's no one coming to save you. They are all to busy with the war going on in the streets to worry about a group of missing girls. The only thing going to happen is you giving me a headache and believe me. You don't want that." The cowered girls wimped in fear, watching the sharp blade drag over the scarred man's skin, blood dripping from the fresh cut. It had only been minutes since he had killed their classmate, her bloodied corpse lay sprawled across the floor, a pool of crimson elixir surrounding her head. A large gaping wound coveted her throat, the same sharp blade, that now cut her killer's skin, had slid her neck from ear to ear. His manic eyes now fell on them once more, the same way he had looked when he first picked their friend. "Now now, who is next. So many pretty faces, so much soft skin, so many zombies." The man shifted the point of his blade between the frightened girls, six in total, all shaking wildly. "Please... Just let us go!" The bravest of the girls pleads, but it does nothing to stop the hunger within her torment. His hand darts out quickly, grabbing the girl violently by her hair, pulling her face close to his. "I think you just made the cut." The girl lets out a squeal as she feels the serrated blade press against her exposed abdomen, a trail of blood dripping down her skin. "I wouldn't shake so much, might make me slip." The man laughs, pressing the cold steel harder into her stomach, causing her to scream once more. A second cry of pain follows soon after, this time from the knife wielding killer, a batarang now lodged in his hand, causing him to drop the knife. (CIC)

"If he gets up, I'm gonna knock you boys down. Permanently!" ♦💣💋

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