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End of The World -via- Forest Service Rd. 231

Super excited to be traveling more this year and can’t wait to be heading to #ScottsdaleAZ!
I’ll be there March 16th-18th photographing Black Backgrounds and Horse + Riders! Message me or email me at sarashierphotography@gmail.com to secure your date!

Did anyone else go through the day yesterday thinking it was Friday too? Well y'all we finally made it! What are your big weekend plans?

This guy knows the way to my heart. He once gave me the avocado from his breakfast, knowing it is my favorite part of anything and everything. Pretty much the sweetest thing anyone has done for me in the history of ever. 💕🥑🤟 #keepitreal #myguy #loveyoumorethanavocado

Majestic beards run in the family.

Pamela and Ken couldn’t get any cuter 😍😭💕💕

Last night on Robinson Crater. A thin layer of cirrus had thrown a gauze over the sky. I haven’t taken the time to appreciate what this does for the star field. Shots don’t go as deep, but the brightest stars really get spotlighted with all the diffusion. I’ve seen the effect before, but haven’t had a chance to play with it myself. Also had a chance to test out a new honeycomb grid and set of gels for light painting—which made that a lot more controllable.

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Ah the sweetness. Aren’t these kiddos beautiful?! This little newborn was the perfect chance to try an in-home session and guys I loved it! My hesitancy has always been that it seemed limiting (in this case everything was shot in a bedroom) but because everyone could be comfortable and relaxed it afforded so many beautiful genuine images I can’t pick a favorite. If you’re thinking “my house isn’t cute enough for that” like I always do, this was a simple bedspread and the simplicity let the subjects shine! When you have beautiful light and comfortable subjects not much else matters. A bed and window is all we need! I’ll be sharing lots from this session to show you how much variety you can get from one little bedroom!

HAPPPPPPY FRIYAY, SHREEEEJERS!!!! I hope this week went well for ya! I really enjoyed the comments, DMs, and messages I have received from yall! It really encourages me to keep going and make me all warm and fuzzy inside that I made YOU feel warm and fuzzy inside! Do me a favor? Tag 3 of your friends below that you want to send warm and fuzzy feels to! .
🌀Day 19 of #31ReasonsWhy (I love my body and soul): “COUNTRY, from her cowboy boots to her down home roots, she country, from the songs she plays to the prayers she prays…brother, she’s country.” 👢YEEEAAHH! So maybe I don’t loook the stereotype, buuut honey, I feel it! Okay, but really, I’m more of the Midwest country gal. I consider my #childhood as growing up in the #Midwest and schooling in the #southwest aka #Arizona. I mean, until I started making real friends in school, but still. Yes, I love my #country music, and my #boots, and I pray cuz I can, but what I love about having a country attitude is the morale. I’m talking about those Midwest manners that people talk about it. 🧜🏽‍♀️Again, some of it is stereotype, but a lot of it is true. I grew up with two of the most #humble parents, who taught me that kindness and giving are more important than anything else. These are the same people who took a girl with her 1 month old son, and not only paid for his first year, but gave them a bed to stay in at our home without asking for anything in return. Being here in Arizona, meant growing up with the city life. My family in the Midwest grew up in the country, and I started getting older and noticing the differences, I learned that I love that small town life. Don’t get me wrong, I am so glad I grew up a city gal, but my heart has always been Midwest country. I two-steppin’ the night away, and I love reminding myself that if there are people are there who are so humble and kind, then I can work to be the same. My soul craves that, and as a cultural result, I consider myself as a country gal. My soul is the type that will giddy up in the morning for a hike on #TomsThumb, or pack my shi*t for a #backpacking trip. I did say I’m a #Princess #Tomboy, didn’t I? (Cont'd below)

💕😉Today makes 1 year for us !!! and the sunrise was perfect!! Lots of changes , beautiful ones!!! Just like us !! I’m excited for what is to come and to spend many more sunrises and sunsets like this together💛 Happy Anniversary Ted! Love you baby!!🌙😘😘☀️😘 #arizona #arizonaphotographer #art #photography #mothernature #naturalbeauty #naturaleza #skylover #sky #skyline #see_arizona #fox10phoenix @fox10phoenix #sunrise #phases #desertlife #desertlife #skydiving #daydreaming #skydancer #goodmorning #thesunrisestoo #motivation #friday #weekendvibes #anniversary #hereistous #happyanniversary #namaste 🕊🌙💃🏻☀️ #skydancer I’ll post my “Fall in Love “... “Hearts in Nature Collection” I have worked on for a year. It is Ted’s anniversary gift . Believe it or not I had 20 shots for this and I thought I only had 10. I shock my damn self yes!!😂 I’ll share soon . I am very proud of it. It is the first time I work on something like this and actually stick to it and complete it 😂 I am so messy when it comes to my art 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️😂#happyfridayeveryone 💕☀️ #staygenuine 🙏🤟

132/365. Me again! How’s everyone’s Friday?!? What does everyone have planned for the weekend?? I’m going to be catching up on some cleaning and editing. 🤗

Woke up and decided to do a little self care this morning. Bubble bath with some pink roses and bath salts. I think it’s actually been close to a year since I’ve had a bubble bath....I’m guessing mom life does that to you, but today I thought it would be okay to do this. #selflove #selfcare #pink #pinkflower #bubblebath #flowerbath

He is my why. Why did I start photography? Why do I push myself to be better in business? Why do I want to pursue my dreams? The answer is this handsome gap toothed toddler. I've been having an identity crisis with my photography business. This crisis has been happening in my head. I've been pressuring myself that I need to prove my worth as a photographer. I've felt that others were far superior and I felt embarrassed that I was naming myself among them. Let me emphasize, this was all me, photographers are some of the most accepting and encouraging colleagues there are! Yesterday as we were chasing bunnies it clicked and I felt some peace as I remembered my why. I want to show him that you can chase bunnies and your dreams. I want to be an example of pushing yourself to get better. I don't do this for money. I don't do this to win awards. I do this so that I can get out, flex my creativity muscle, and come home a more refreshed, more loving Mom. I do this so that I can be better at capturing beautiful images of his fleeting childhood I can cherish all my years. So while I'm not booking the most shoots, I'm not being published or winning awards, that is not my why. Those things would take me away from my why. Being the best for this little man is my why.

Looks artificial, but this really happens around the solstice. All natural light. Live it’s even more impressive. It only lasts about ten minutes. #arch #makeitcount #hurryup #longwait #worthit #arizonaphotographer #artinnature #godscountry #highaltitude #lightshow #wonderlust #localsonly #divine_deserts #utah #instagood

Happy Friday, friends!

Today, I’m dreaming of sunshine, the desert and learning from @mikecolon again! 🙌🏼🌵☀️ What’s on your mind and heart today?

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