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1998: Don’t meet strangers from the internet.
.2018: Literally meet strangers from the internet and make them your friends ♥

In case you sped past our first billboard ... there's another one not too far behind 😉 We just want to make sure we're there for you in your time of need 👊🏼 #rafilawgroup

Car show and Chuck E Cheese with my son, my parents and my sister's kids. Great way to spend a Saturday evening
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our buns are high. our drinks are higher


The sun
The pool
The adventure
The smile

We have officially been here almost 3 week and things are going well.

4 years ago I signed up to be a coach for a few reasons.

1. I figured a discount on products Steve and I were already using would be nice.
2. I wanted to hold myself accountable and continue on my new found health journey
3. I figured if I could help a few friends and family it would be an added bonus.

Never did I think it would turn into a team of other amazing busy moms helping their friends and family. #momshelpingmoms
Never did I think I would help hundreds of people, many of whom I would have never met if I wasn’t sharing my journey here on Instagram.

Never did I think it would help afford Steve and I the opportunity to move to Arizona and start a new adventure as a family.

Never did I think I’d be sitting by the pool watching my little fish enjoy the water and know that he can do it outside almost all year long!

And let me tell you this... 🌵You don’t need to be an expert on social media (I used to think Instagram was a photo editor 🙄)
☀️You don’t need to be at your goal weight. People are inspired by real people willing to share what they are doing in a genuine way. 🌴It doesn’t take hours and hours a day to build this business. I get my work done in a very focused 1-2 hour window every day.

So, why not you?
Why not start a side gig that can turn into something that affords you to do something big?

If you’re even just a little curious comment below so we can chat!! I’m all too happy to answer any questions you may have!

Oh you know... just having a client meeting on the rooftop of a house 🏠 @csalinas87

#OriginalPool - This project was one of our favorites! Every pool should have a water slide, they're such fun additions to the backyard. It looked so fun we couldn't help but take a couple trips down it ourselves (jk 🙊) #caribbeanpoolsaz

Some days I work from the kitchen table in my yoga pants.
Sometimes I get myself dressed, put on a little makeup and head to my favorite new coffee shop.
I feel so lucky to have found this coaching gig, or should I say, I’m so glad it found me.
4 years ago I was looking for something.
A chance to get back into the work
A chance to feel like I was making a difference
A chance to start contributing to our family financially again

While I was searching for the perfect job, coaching snuck its way into my view.
Building a business is something I never saw myself doing, but so thankful I took a giant step out of my comfort zone and did.
Maybe it’s for you, too.
Only one way to find out!! Message me!!! I am an open book. Let’s chat.

Sweet baby Homie has Valley Fever. Got our meds and we will get all fixed up. #arizonalivin

Fail your way forward! 👊🏽

It’s 5️⃣ o’clock, which means 🐸 FROG-TINI 🍸 time 🕔 #thirstythursday #frogtini #🍸🍸

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