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late may, new orleans. w/ @emaritraffie

Turtlenecks + tucked in hair ✔️✔️ #hopesthlm #aritzia #commedesgarcons #prismlondon #zara

It's practically summer and 90% of my closet is still black 🖤 📸: @jillarmsphotography

Today my name is Sugar & this belt is the highlight of my day.

Blasting old school @janetjackson & sitting in the sun... Saturday is good. 👌

Last nights #ootd from the @theweeknd concert. Camo, tucked in T, bomber & flats!
#fashion #aritzia #concert #toronto #blogger #ootn #camo #noheelsforthiscat #drizzy #theweeknd #vscocam

Obsessed with these pants from #aritzia 💓

Here I am again with the awkward hand gestures👐🏻 But I'm smiling -- that counts for something, right?


feels like summa 🌞


Meanwhile, Kristyn's at the lake ☀️☀️

& i just wanna sink into your crazy laughter......

Work wear disguised as weekend wear.

Kind of missing Vegas tbh

Day 27 - Today’s Wilfred Free Arruda Tank (in oak) is from @aritzia. @elizsuzann clyde work pant (in natural) are made for lazy days like this. I’m also wearing an old @madewell bracelet and a @ruegembon choker.
Rome in Love is for all you Audrey Hepburn fans out there! It’s about a girl who is cast to play the Audrey Hepburn role in a remake of Roman Holiday. It was an experience to read the vivid imagery of Rome through the lens of Audrey.

walking into the weekend like... | 📷 @apartmentstories

Weekend Vibes

late may, new orleans. w/ @emaritraffie

That look u make when some is talking about you

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