#MCM to the guy who is about to get his 🍑 whooped at @topgolf 🏌🏼‍♀️ #YoureGoingDownSucka

#MotivationalMonday is here : and, i have so much going on in my heart and mind. I don’t think I’m ready to share it all with the world yet - but, just know that no matter how dark it may be - there is always light at the end of the tunnel. I am - for the first time, in a VERY long time - feeling like I’m exactly where i need to be. Finding my purpose, pursuing my dreams, learning what makes me happy, what defines healthy. 💜 I’m trying to be more open, more spontaneous, more courageous than i have been in the last year. I forget how much prepping changes your life. Don’t get me wrong, i love competing. It is one of the beautiful things i have found in this life that i think i was made for. But, while i spent over a year in prep mode, with no spontaneity - i want to make the most and best out of this time while im not in prep. I want to enjoy times with my family & friends. I want to focus and work on my relationships. I want to pour even more of myself into my clients and business. Because, at the end of the day i am worth so much more than someone else’s judgment on my outer appearance. •

Today is a new day, a new week, a fresh start. Reset your mind, think about the things that mean the most to you! Work hard, believe in yourself, and follow your heart! 💕💪🏼

Forever my #SundayMood because a week ago i was ordering room service & drinking @veuveclicquot with my honey and wearing this amazing robe at the @hiltonaruba 😍 #WhyAmINotOnVacation #IMissAruba #AndThisRobe #INeedBrunch #AndSunshine 🌴

If you get the chance to go to Aruba - please go! It’s a phenomenal place that holds a special spot in my heart! ❤️

If you follow me - you’ve seen my stories. If you know me - you know that we are going to talk about @bambodynutrition every time we have a conversation - but, you may not know the “ WHY “ behind it. So, i want to share it with you. •

There was a time in my life, not so long ago actually - that i believed there was only one way to achieve my fitness goals - and, they included a lot of asparagus 🤮 (and, before you tell me how good asparagus is you eat 41 pieces a day for 13 weeks and then let’s talk). But, then i discovered an incredible coach and the beauty of macros and flexible dieting. But, part of flexible dieting is being responsible with your food choices - @bambodynutrition is the only treat i have ever found - that truly is guilt free, tastes like heaven, and, i recommend to EVERYONE (lifestyle clients, prep clients, my diabetic grandparents, and anyone i meet). They are packed with protein, low calorie, low carb, low fat, and most all treats are sugar free, sweetened with stevia. The point is - no matter what your goals are bambody is right for you!!!! And, it is a company built from two humans who understand all walks of life, and fitness journeys - and, i believe with all my heart that this is why they designed such an incredible company. ❤️

Sometimes it’s honestly hard for me to believe that a small town girl like me, from Douglasville, GA has had such amazing opportunities to better her life. Finding fitness was the best thing that ever happened to me. Starting my company to help others find self love has brought me so much damn joy. And, being a sponsored athlete by @bambodynutrition is genuinely a dream come true for me!!!! NEVER STOP chasing your dreams! Even when life kicks you down - just get back up and fight harder!

If you haven’t already head on over to @bambodynutrition and get yourself my favorite treat! You WONT regret it! I PROMISE! Use code “ ARIEL “ and save $$$$$ and find out for yourself why i love these brownies so much! 🍫🍫🍫🍫

#SelfCareSaturday 💁🏼‍♀️ We should all make this a thing! One day a week where we focus on our needs. I use to think my only needs were the gym - but, i was wrong. We are deserving of so much more than cardio and weights. 🏋🏼‍♀️ Don’t get me wrong - you know this is one of the loves of my life - but, after Aruba i realized that i was adding so much more stress to my life than i need to. Always carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders - when, i have so many wonderful people in my life that i don’t need to do that! Anyone else feel me? •

I got asked yesterday what my favorite ways to destress are - bubble baths, reading, drinking my morning coffee with my @bambodynutrition brownie. Long walks outside. These are all things I’m going to put into play today. Maybe watch a chick flick if I’m really feeling wild. 😝 Just remember our health is so much more than the physical things we do! What are you doing for your mental health? Drop a line and let me know! Let’s make steps toward being better everyday! Take some time today for yourself - even if it’s just 10 minutes! YOU DESERVE IT! ❤️

If you know me you know i have a sweet tooth! 🍰 And, i also enjoy all things coconut. So, when i found coconut wraps at @theturniptruck i was beyond excited and wanted to make something delicious! I had tons of fruit around the house and thought I’d give crepes a try! This is by far one of my favorite creations yet. Simple. Easy. Delicious! It will definitely be a new staple when i am craving something sweet! 😋 Here’s what you need and how to do it:
1 coconut wrap 🥥 (found mine @theturniptruck )
2 oz. of strawberries 🍓
60 grams banana 🍌
30 grams blueberries
Truvia or honey 🍯
pB2 🥜 or almond/peanut butter of choice.
Instructions :
I used frozen blueberries and heated them on the stove and mixed with 1 packet of stevia and spray butter. While it was heating i put bananas & strawberries inside the wrap. Roll it up like a burrito. 🌯 cover the top with truvia and sprinkle with cinnamon. Spread desired amount of pb2. Take heated blueberries and spread over top like jam. If you’re really feeling froggy 🐸 add some WHIPPPP! And, BAM 💥 THERE YOU HAVE IT! Prep time between 5-10 minutes. Eating time - less than 60 seconds! 😂 It’s the weekend, give something new a try and make this bad boy! You won’t regret it! Happy eating , folks. 🤗 #Recipe #Foodie #Healthy #Hungry #Yum

Are you training today? 💪🏼 Friday’s are kind of like my Monday! Weekends are our busiest time! But, the gym is usually empty so getting a weekend training session in is my favorite! Here are some clips from Wednesday #ShoulderBoulder workout. One of my favorite muscle groups to train! What is your favorite group to train! Leave a comment and let me know what you want to see for my next training video! 😎 #FlexFriday #Muscles #GrowingSeason #Shoulders #Weekend #Mood

#FlexFriday is here - and, i spy 🕵🏼‍♀️ some major gains! 💯 Today is also day 3 into my “ Post Vacation - Getting Back on Track ” series. And, i wanted to share some things with you all. My vacation was so good for me and my relationship with food. Ask ANY one who has ever competed - your life revolves around food. What to eat, when to eat, how to eat it - LITERALLY every detail. But, i promised myself before we left that i would take a break from that stress. Mentally i needed a break. So my first step was not packing my food scale. I thought it was going to bring me anxiety. But, honestly - i was relieved. It was nice to go out and eat - and, we did a lot. And, it was nice not to worry - not even once about something weighing exactly 4 oz or how much fat/carbs and blah blah blah. I was just in the presence and moment with the ones i love - and, that meant so much! Now, don’t get me wrong - my ultimate goal was not to go on vacation and eat like garbage - because, that’s not what makes me feel good - but it was to go there and not have my world revolve around food!

So, since I’ve been home - what’s changed? Honestly - everything. I feel more motivated than ever. I’m not thinking about food every moment of every day. I’m hitting my macros spot on. My training is better than it has been in a long time. I’m not constantly thinking “When can i eat again?”. I’m learning there is so much more to life outside of “food”. As some one who has been competing for many years - i of course know this. But, doing 5 shows back to back in a years time made competing my sole focus and priority. And, it’s easy to get swept up and forget there is life outside of that. •

Now - main point - here i am. 3 days back on track. Immediate changes. My digestion. (Obvi not everyone’s favorite subject - but, it’s real 💩) on vacation i don’t think there were a Lot of times where i was getting enough fiber - and, it makes a difference. My water retention has gone down significantly - why? Because my body no longer thinks I’m dying or dehydrated. It’s getting the nutrients it needs and all the H2O 💦 as well, I’ve cut alcohol out from my diet. (CONTINUED IN COMMENTS)

#TBT to me and @dasbeachhouse back in 2015. Just two young lovers who ate a lot of Queso and drank a lot of beer. 🍻 You are a part of all of the best times in my life! I love you always, stud! ❤️ #ThrowbackThursday #CoyoteUgly #PCB #LoveBirdz

Apparently today is #NationalRelaxationDay 💆🏼‍♀️ so here’s a photo of me this past week at @hiltonaruba enjoying #RoomService and #RobeLife. 🍽

The look i give the waiter when i see my food coming to the table 🤪 #LookBackAtIt #Foodie #HumpDay 🐫

For real though - today is Day 1 of 7 that i am documenting for you all of my series “ Getting Back On Track - Post Vacation. “ and, I’m excited for you all to see how easy it is to just get back to what you were doing before. No guilt. No punishment. Just back in your normal routine. As much as i loved vacation i am so happy to be home. I’ve got so many wonderful changes going on right now - and, i am more motivated than ever to reach my goals. So- here’s a few tips for you if you’re traveling- going on vacation- whatever it may be - to help you stay on track 😘
1.) Stay active. You don’t have to go to the gym - but, just do something every day. Take a walk, choose the stairs, be outdoors.
2.) Eat your protein. Prior to leaving town i packed my suit case full of @bambodynutrition , @questnutrition , and @jacklinksjerky - carbs and fats are plentiful - but, usually protein is what we lack!
3.) Drink your water. On my vacation i certainly didn’t drink as much water as i do at home - but, i made a point to drink as much as i possibly could and always kept it with me.
4.)when you got our order whatever you want. But, instead of fried choose grilled and get your sauces on the side instead of on top. (A little goes a long way.)(Also, get those French fries a day or two! 🍟)
5.)order that dessert! 🍨 getting dessert isn’t really a habit of mine - but, you can bet that on some nights of our vacation i certainly got that cheesecake - and, you should too!
6.) the final and most important step - RELAX!!!!!! Enjoy yourself!!!! Get your mind away from every day worries and live in the moment you are in! Trust me when i tell you that goes a long way for your body! ❤️

That’s it for now folks! I’m off to check in with the best clients in the world! Ariel Sloan Fitness is back up and running - are you on the “ A “ squad?! 💪🏼

#TransformationTuesday - one that holds a special place in my heart. Here you see the three different looks/physiques i brought to the stage this year. May 12, 2018, stage weight 111.6, 1st Place. June 9th, stage weight 112.0, 3rd Place. July 8th, stage weight 108.6, 2nd Place. Each one special, and one i worked hard for each and every day. Every time i stepped on stage i made sure that i made improvements from one show to the next and that i had done whatever it took to be better. I weigh a different amount in each photo. I placed different in each show. But, for every single show i worked harder, and harder. I took my critique and i worked to make the necessary improvements. When i tried a new look i decided it wasn’t for me and went back to being myself. Sometimes we try and fail; but, how else would we learn? The point of all of this is that there isn’t just one way to achieve something. We are all different and beautiful in our own way. What works for one person may not work for another. Weight is just a number. We should never let anyone make us feel negative about ourselves. If you put in the work you will succeed. I placed worse with my favorite physique then i did with my least favorite physique. But, i always put in the work. This growing season I’ve been working on so much more than physical gains. I’ve been working on my spiritual gains, my relationship with God. My emotional gains, and my connection with the ones i love. My mental gains, and really figuring out of what i want in life .This life will throw you curve balls - and, it’s your job to adjust your feet in the batters box and find a way to hit they ball! And, even if you swing and miss - it’s always worth the try! As much as i miss the stage - and, i do - i am so happy where i am in life right now! I know I’m doing exactly what I’m supposed to do and the next time i take the stage - THE WORLD WONT BE READY 🌎 MARK MY WORDS!!!! ❤️💪🏼

Heading back to reality after 8 days of vacation! Aruba was incredible! Thank you so much @andrearosevargo & @d_mull33 for having @dasbeachhouse and i be a part of your special day! The most stunning bride I’ve ever seen! The things we saw and adventures we had on the island were unforgettable! Aruba is on my list of highly recommended places and I’m so thankful i got to experience it with the love of my life! ❤️🇦🇼🥥🌴

But, all good things must come to an end and i must say i am ready to get back to reality and my routine. I’ll be documenting my post vacation of getting back on track. I’ll be sharing daily physique updates with you, as well as macros and food I’ll be eating. Also, Ariel Sloan Fitness reopens tomorrow! So, don’t hold back and join the best squad today - the “ A “ squad! I hope everyone is having a great week this far! Keep your eyes on your goals and never stop believing in yourself! Ready to get home and eat my @bambodynutrition and get in a good lift! 💪🏼 #TuesdayVibes #MCE #ManCrush #Aruba #Vacation #IslandGirl #Vargoestomullins

#MotivationalMonday 💪🏼 As we prepare to head home from the beautiful island of Aruba today - i have so much on my heart. This past week was such a blessing!! It’s the first time in years i didn’t bring a food scale, or analyze every single little thing i ate. I just enjoyed. I lived in the moment. It’s a very small mental victory but one i am so proud of. Most days i made healthy, whole food, choices - and, then there were times i decided i am on vacation and deserve a little bit of freedom. I trained EVERY. SINGLE. Day here in Aruba. Not because i felt like i had to - but, because that’s what i wanted to do! 💯 At The end of the day all of this mental clarity has me more motivated than ever. It has truly given me time to think about exactly what i want for myself. And, what i want is to have an incredible off season and come back to the stage next season better than ever!!!! Sometimes we need a break to really grasp the things that we know we want in our lives. So, i am happy, healthy, and building. Growing muscle and achieving the physique you want (whatever it may be) takes time. It doesn’t happen over night and sometimes when we are pouring ourselves into something day in and day out we may lose sight of what we are doing or why!!! Take a step back, reevaluate, and remember your WHY!! I have brought my why back to life and i am more motivated than ever! So, go into your Monday with a full heart, open mind, and love exactly who you are, and where you are on this beautiful journey called life! ❤️🌴🥥

Fueled by : @bambodynutrition 🍫
Suit : @zaful 👙
Muscles by me 💁🏼‍♀️

One of the most amazing dinners I’ve ever had to date last night. Feet in the water & sand and a sunset back drop that was unforgettable. 🌅 #Aruba #FlyingFishBone #Sunset #Vacation #DateNight

Everything is better from a coconut 🥥🌴🇦🇼 #Aruba #ARealCoconut #BeachLife #IslandGirl #HappierThanEver #ILoveAruba

Pretty bird 🦅 @hiltonaruba

Two more days in this beautiful place! ❤️ My heart is so full. My belly is so happy. I’ve been training daily but enjoying so many things for the first time in a long time. My mind isn’t on food 24/7. My mental state feels so clear. Sometimes this is just what we need to reset and make ourselves better than ever. Here’s to a beautiful day in paradise. 🌴 i hope everyone’s Saturday is wonderful. We wish you were here! 😎 #Aruba #Vacation #Conchi #NaturalPool #Adventure #Travel

Jumping into the weekend like 🏝 #Aruba #JollyPirates #Weekend #Vibe #ILoveAruba

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