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Drop in the ocean 💧💦 Song:drop in the ocean
By:Ron pope
#babyariel #arielmovement #arielsbabies #arielbaddie


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been supporting for so long even at 10k , i used to be the first at all his lives before he got popular, liked my pictures, snapchatted a lot, talked about when u become famous that you'd be doing tours in connecticut and i'd see you (i live in ct) , and dmed a lot too , i got unfollowed from my main but i don't make it a big deal , i wish that he noticed me back again . i remember when i be the only one on his lives and we just talked one on one. if your reading this joey , i know you won't remember me now cause it's been 2 or 3 years but know that i will still support you through everything until the end , i will always say i'm a joey kisluk fan , and i'm proud to say that. i hope you very happy with layla and you guys go one for the longest time , i love you joey ❤️pls tag him i want him to see this☹️ @whynot_joey 💗

Feeling myself 👌

Drop in the ocean 💧💦 Song:drop in the ocean
By:Ron pope
#babyariel #arielmovement #arielsbabies #arielbaddie

"Like I do right now"
Song:make me (cry)
@babyariel #arielmovement #babyariel #arielsbabies #arielbaddie

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