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no more excuses

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ariana grande is bad 😍

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through thick and thin.
we love you,
this is forever.
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so my "face reveal" pic had 100+ likes but only had 28 comments 🤷🏻‍♀️ lmao anyways today fucking sucked and i hope tomorrow is better♡@arianagrande @dangerouswomantour -
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ariana is the sweetest person on earth with her fans ❤️ she's so loyal and incredible, i'm so happy i stan

is typing..

Since Ariana is one of my idols, I actually wanted to edit her.
I've seen some posts on social media saying the explosion was Ariana's fault, well it wasn't. It's sad what happened, and cruel of the man who did that because people were just trying to enjoy their night. But it wasn't Ariana's fault, or a religions fault, it was the man who blow up the bomb his fault.
I'm praying for Manchester and for the people who lost family or friends. For people who still have someone missing, or someone that's injured.

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@arianagrande NEVER CHANGE.
she feels guilty even though its not her fault, she's paying for the victims funerals and all the daily mail can do is slut shame her??? disgusting.

my sweetheart who deserves nothing but happiness
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i was trying something different♡
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hAPPY BIRTHDAY BECKY! I know we don't talk a lot but ily with all my heart and I just want to wish u a happy birthday save me sum cake ;) @pennylcu

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my thoughts and prayers go out to everyone that was involved in this terrible tragedy. i cannot even fathom the thought of someone going to a concert and never coming home. i don't understand how anyone can even bomb a place where children and teens are having the time of their lives. but we cannot let this incident make us be afraid to go to concert. we must stay strong and not let fear overcome us. #prayformanchster
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Did this small edit hope u guys like it 😊 #arianagrande #arianator #arianatorfamily #arianagrandeedit

Chanel Oberlin / 💄 /
collab part for @issahannnah
I usually don't edit/post tv edits but I really enjoyed making this #chaneloberlin #screamqueens

Happy birthday to Moses again Ilysm🌙💓🎉I wish you all the best💜.Your voice is perfect🌙.Stay strong,happy,positive and beautiful as always💎.Slay these high notes and keep smiling👶🏼.Bless us with your vocals✨.We all love you a lot💗💕.Have fun👅.Eat good🎂.Sleep well☄.Cause who doesn't like it?Like these r my hobbies😂😅👌🏻.Happy birthday🎉🎉🎉💓🎉💌 #edit #mosesperez #mosenators #mosesnators #ari #ariana #arianator #arianafan #arianaedit #arianagrande #arianators #arianagrandebutera #arianagrandeedit

I love Ariana grande so darn much she is so pretty and i love watching victorious and Sam and cat with her in it I love her character cat on both show #ArianaGrandeEdit #ariannagrande

hmt x dmt .
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sorry for the bad quality ugh.
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