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β€” dangerous woman era.
posting this bc I got inspired by an audio for a different edit for her birthday!
+ i didn't really feel like this fit for a bday edit hehe πŸ’œ | for solin β™‘
– I'm so proud of this so I hope you enjoy

my collab with @sidetosive! she did the hair and I did the clothes! enjoy this!

I see you on the blue sky,
I need a little sunshine.
I fell into your brown eyes,
I told you I was your light. πŸ’›
ib: @arianastressed 🏹

βˆ’ get on your knees
FJSKFK other artists wish they could relate to these iconic womenβ„’
this is HELLA glitchy idk wtf happened [ib oiblivion, cc ceiestial shakes by amanda #aureumgrp #omgpage]

β€” body goals. πŸ”₯
[ probably deleting this cos I don’t like it at all ] πŸ₯€
#enigmaticgrp #electricsqd πŸ‘…
ac = ??πŸ€”
cc = celestial ❀️
ib: @xmintyhearts 🌹
#arianagrande #arianagrandeedit #arianagrandeedits #arianavideos #arianawishes #agb #omgariana #omgpage #honeymoontour

ib: emiliosedits
cc: ceiestial
ac: elijahsedits
ec: existants

can't sleep
- my audio
- cc: heartregui
i tried something new but it turned out that i hate it, everything is offbeat, kill me
#futurefemalegrp | #omgpage | #omgariana


heh my edit deleted and I is mad. hmph.
well rat,we made it. 7 freaking months together. can chu believe it. me neither :). Im crying writing this for some reason. I never realize,how lucky I am to have someone like you. to call you my boyfriend for the last seven months has been such an honor. I've already basically poured my whole heart out to you. but I might as well do it again. you're my forever. you're my always. you're my sunshine. you're my light. you're the reason I want to live honestly,you make me so fucking happy. again. YOU. make me so happy. I did nothing to deserve you. I'm so selfish and take advantage of you when I shouldn't. I've done some shit that is unforgivable and I get that. but when it comes to anything. you're my priority. you're always on my mind. you're always there. and I can't say it enough how happy I am that we have made it this far. with the amount of times I wanted to die. and leave. I want to thank you for putting up with me. for helping me during those times I just wanted to give up. you know. never did I see us here. 8 months ago. I thought I'd be alone forever. and I know that's not a bad thing. but I'm so glad I hade the guts to flirt with you honestly,and for you too fall for me. because damn Liam,I'm so in love with you. it's crazy. I know this isn't as long as you wanted but I honestly can't say anything else or I'll just end up rambling on about how much I love your ass. anyways. happy seven months. I love you so much.

Edit πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’• #ArianaGrandeEdit #Grande #ArianaGrande #Like4like
-Duru πŸŒ™

's fact.🏹
ariana è sempre così carinaaa :3
siete stati al DWT? πŸ’—

june 24th, 2017 β€’ 2:29 pm β€”
i hate that when i refresh my feed it brings up pictures from 2-3 days ago like why can't ig just go back to showing pictures in chronological order

- ac: rateddolan
- ib: w.oahboca
- dt: clea <3 ily
- enjoy this cRustY edit:) lmao ew! insta ruined the quality
#arianagrande | #omgariana | #arianagrandeedit

A collage I made a while back with @arianaesthetics πŸ’• (Pls follow her!)
In love with this ari collage
Second account: @satisfyingsecrets._

Hi I'm Luke :)
I'm a boy
I'm 9
My bday is March 8 2008
Proud to be a arianator

Ignore tags (if you want to)
#arianagrande #arianators #arianagrandeedit #camilacabello #justinbeiber|| @arianagrande @joangrande @frankiejgrande @beautybydchinchilla @jonescrow @alfredoflores @lexie1225 @victoriamonet

;; sike πŸ˜›
#enigmaticgrp #electricsqd ✨
#ffrct2 πŸ™ŒπŸ»β€οΈ
ac&ib/rm: @grumpyboca ❀️
cc: celestial 🌹
#arianagrande #arianagrandeedits #arianagrandeedit #arianavideos #arianawishes #arianagrandebutera #ari #arivideos #omgariana #omgpage

Speechless [ Ac : Audios4rp ]

@arianagrande πŸ’œ
To be noticed:- Like all my pictures,
and comment. β™‘xo -Lβ™‘.
-- #dangerouswomantour #arianagrande

Did an ariana grande editπŸ˜… credits down below.
@arianagrande #ariana #grande #arianator #arianators #arianaedits #arianaedit #arianagrandeedits #arianagrandeedit β€’β€’β€’
credits: -background and raindrop idea : insp by @/akathemes -ariana grande pictures(sticker if you use picsart) is from picsart, exp on the raindrops shape. -themes/orange,blue,green picts : we heart itπŸ’—

your mama ever know 🌹 (deleting this later)

offbeat but ugly

Quality isn't always like this :/ Dt:
Ac: I never know :/
#arianagrande #arianators #arianagrandeedit #astronomyrct
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