@arianagrande sabemos que tu no tienes la culpa de esto , tu lo as apollado hasta el final y que era tu mejor amigo , sabemos que es muy duro para ti y que encima te culpan de esto , nosotros te apollaremos porque sabemos la verdad . Descansa en paz ☁🌟 #arianaandmacmiller #arianagrande #macmiller #fuerzasarianagrande

@arianagrande it’s okay my love it’s okay. Breathe in and breathe out. We all know how genuinely angry and upset you must feel right now and during these past days. I just want to let you know that I’m sure he has now reached peace, and he is somewhere that is much better for him. Don’t dare to feel guilty because you couldn’t help him, you did! You have always been a huge part of his life whether you were together or jus friends. You were always there for each other and still loved each other endlessly whatever your situation was. You did change his life to the better and hopefully he too did impact yours in the best way possible. Just remember that, that person will always and forever be with you. Not physically, but in your heart. If you ever feel that you need to talk to him, then do. He is always listening and won’t doubt to help you or to be there with you when you are in trouble. It’s going to be very hard but we shall remember him with love, happiness and light and pray for his peace. Stay strong baby girl @arianagrande we are all here for you and so is he. Mac loves you so much and he knows you love him so much too. Sweet dreams angel. Gone, but never forgotten. ☁️☁️ #maciana #macmiller #arianagrande #ripmacmiller #macianaforever #arianator #staystrongariana #weloveyouariana #goodbyemac #macandariana #arianaandmac #arianaandmacmiller #weloveyoumac

He might not be here physically
But mentally he is always with us

I send my condolences to his’s
family in all means
Rest easy Mac miller ♥️ Tagz •
#arianaandmacmiller #arianaandmacmilleraregoalz
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Out of respect for them both😔🙏🏼💗💗
#arianagrande #macmiller #arianaandmacmiller #arianagrandeedit

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