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the quote is from shay's video about pll ending, which made me cry when it aired omg, i can't believe it's been 7 months since they finished filming pll 😩 i don't think 7x15 is the best ep of this season, but it was good i guess. i just weren't able to pay attention when i rewatched it oops 😂 i do think troian did an amazing job directing! the acting was on fleeeek. i'm sorry, but the aria face time was so cringy 😂 it looked like a snapchat face swap. lucas is very shady, idk what his involvement in all this is 😁 i loved how ali finally admitted her feelings for emily 💕 paige was hella creepy 😂 i also loved how much mona admired the board game oml i think she fell in love. i'm kinda disappointed that wren only appeared for like 20 seconds, but oh well 😳
q | what are your opinions on the new ep?

I love this scene. And Ali coming out to Paige is the most amazing thing, I love it. I hate Paige, but I think she was the person Ali should have come out, so I'm happy it was like this!
Q: What about you? Did you like this?
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─ emily. do you love her?

can't believe alison finally
admitted she has feelings
for emily hsjshs

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I fucking love Noel Kahn🔥⠀

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Sooo the fandom is going crazy trying to figure out who the person Aria was talking to could be. What they look like and whatnot. Here's what I am thinking: knowing that the Liars always have been A's puppets I think it's nothing more than an Aria puppet thing, like it's Aria with Aria's face on it to make it look weird. I know the shape of her face looks slightly different but I think they did that on purpose. The voice sounds like Lucy's voice - distorted. So long story short: I think there's nothing to figure out because it's simply Robot Aria. Furthermore @alice_is_a who has an amazing memory told me that Robot Aria is wearing the same jacket like Aria in 5x23. She's going to post something about that later. *
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The walls of the dollhouse look exactly like the place where A.D hides.
No, that's pll guys. It goes back to the dollhouse everything repeats itself. Look at my other postings, under these hashtag #backtothedollhouse
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Algumas imagens da Aria no próximo episódio.
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My top 10 celebrities:
10.Lucy Hale
First of all,this countdown is so inaccurate. The only accurate are my top 5.Anyway,Lucy has been one of my favorite celebrities for such a long time.She is so smol yet so talented and perfect.She is so incredibly beautiful not only outside but inside as well.I stan her so much and I will always do.Such a smol cutie pie.Forever my #2 favorite PLL cast member.Also I can't wait to see her in 'Life sentence'.
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Look @lucyhale there is the twin of Elvis 😘 #aria #ariamontgomery #lucyhale #elvisdog

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