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Opossums don't usually top the list of people's favorite animals, but what's not to love?! North America's only marsupial, opossums keep our ecosystems healthy by eating rodents, insects, and other garden pests, as well as carrion and fallen fruits and vegetables. They're particularly good at controlling ticks, helping reduce the spread of Lyme disease, and they even eat venomous snakes. (In fact, their immunity to venom has aided in important medical discoveries.) They don't dig or burrow, they're not rabies carriers, and they'd rather flee, or play dead, than fight. Opossums are on everyone's favorite list around here! #AreYouAWARE #wildliferehab #awesomeopossum #lovethewildlife #georgiawildlife

Chilaxin with Deepak Chopra back stage at the NEW Park Theater! #showtime #wec17 #areyouaware #deepakchopra

July is Sarcoma Cancer awareness month. Dempsey battled a cancer called Ewing's Sarcoma - a type of bone cancer that changes many lives in the UK each year. Dempsey was diagnosed in 2014. In the same year, 578 other people were diagnosed with a type of Sarcoma cancer, including both adults and children and meaning that there were 2 people diagnosed almost every day. In 2014, 355 people died due to Sarcoma cancers. That means that 58% of people diagnosed will NOT win their battle. Only 55% of people diagnosed will survive more than 10 years with their condition.

Are we willing to stand back and allow this to happen in our country EVERY YEAR? Let's raise awareness of a condition that has changed and ruined so many lives in our communities. •

Each day, I wear a yellow ribbon to symbolise the battle that my best friend fought, but not only for that reason. I wear a yellow ribbon every day in the hope that it would spark up a conversation so that I am able to bring awareness to Sarcoma cancers and the bravery that my best friend showed. #sarcomaawareness #dempseyslegacy #yellowribbon #areyouaware

Wooboo chk out thez bad boyz. #autismwarrior #autismawarness #areyouaware

They Live In You is fast approaching, only a week to go! Come and support us all in this wonderful show #Areyouaware 🌸


I finally have enough hair (50 cm), to donate for wigs. Please do something for people with cancer...nothing is to small 💛 next month is childhood cancer awareness month - are you aware ? #cancer #hairdonation #wig #childhoodcancerawarness #50cm #hair #cancersucks #areyouaware #krebs #haarespenden #perücke #cancerawareness #helpfindacure #haareab #schnippschnapphaareab #makeadifference #locksforlove

❤️💚🖤🌿YOU SHOULD FEEL EXTREMELY UNCOMFORTABLE TO BE WHITE IN THIS COUNTRY RIGHT NOW! #sideeyetoeverywhitepersonIsee #cometomewithanapologyfirst #areyouaware
#rp @mumumansion

Reppin' @_jinxproof genetics! I love what these guys represent and the quality they stand behind! Do yourself a favor and get at @missroseiam for info. Top of the line genetics and top of the line people. #9lbhammer #cannabis #cannabisculture #jinxproofgenetics #autismawareness #areyouaware

#AreYouAWARE that many of the baby animals in our care, like this infant raccoon, are brought to us unnecessarily, often after they are sick from improper care. Finding a baby animal by itself or on the ground doesn't necessarily mean it's an orphan. Trying to renest and/or reunite the baby with its mother is always the first, best course of action. If you need advice or assistance, contact AWARE or your local rehabilitator. A list of Georgia rehabilitators can be found on our website at www.awarewildlife.org/find-a-rehabber/. #lovethewildlife #babyanimals #raccoons #georgiawildlife #babyseason #wildliferehab #wildliferescue

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