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Our Eilat finish on ash is pretty amazing if you ask me! This m11/7 is sporting an @elysian.pickups modern in the bridge position and sounds phenomenal!

Production model for 2018?

Wiring porn!

Thank you all so much for the continued support, here's looking p to an amazing year!

@hipshotproducts locking gear tuners come standard on all of our guitars. And can we all take a minute to appreciate a freaking gorgeous neck.

What is your favorite neck woods? Mine has to be Zebrawood finished in @odiesoil!

Mmm blind slots!!


The n12 offset prototype has been completed and we are loving it! Send us a pm to get yours on order.

Do we have any semi hollow fans here? This n12/6sh is turning out to be pretty freaking amazing.

Drum roll please..... And the winner is, jack Powell out of Canada. Thank you all so much for your support in this raffle, it means so much to us!
Cj jack, I hope that you love your new guitar.

Don't forget about the Arete pg17/frets4vets raffle!! It will be ending tomorrow so make sure you get your tickets to have a chance at this awesome hand crafted guitar and to help support a great cause.
Link to the raffle is in the comments.

Super happy with how this fade turned out! This is gonna be a killer n12/7.

Someone give me a color to do this guitar in! I'm trying to avoid doing another purple guitar but I'm seeing purple in my head so... let me know what y'all want to see!

A bit of wiring porn, It's all in the details!

Thank you all for your support so far on this raffle! We are routing for all of you who have purchased your tickets.
Raffle tickets are selling really well, we have sold through about 1/3 of the max amount of tickets in 2 days so make sure you get yours while you still can.

The link for the raffle is in our bio on our main page for the frets4vets website, so go take a look at what's going on over there with the raffle and also read up a little bit on this amazing organization.
Much love,
The Arete team

Please read/like/share/buy a raffle ticket if you're able.
We have teamed up with frets4vets to raffle off one of our Arete pg17 guitars, the maximum amount of tickets sold will be 300 and just $15/ea per ticket. So you will have pretty great odds to win this awesome hand crafted guitar. The link for the raffle is in the comments where you will be able to find pics of the guitar, specs and also info on the work that frets 4 vets does.
This is an amazing experience and means so much to us!
Frets for vets is such an awesome organization and tom baker is an amazing person for everything that he does for our vets.
It means so much to us that we have this opportunity to help them through funds from this raffle! Mental health, veterans and of course guitars means so much to us so of course we want to help back them. We can't explain how happy we are to be teamed up with frets 4 vets on this.
From the Arete team!

I’ve been to a lot of great concerts, I️ mean TONS!!! 2 bands this year I’ve dreamed of seeing and I️ have finally seen them. Foo fighters was the prime example that if I️ was in a band that famous that’s exactly how I️ would be on stage! They were goofy, they played cover songs, old songs, new songs, and you could literally feel the chemistry between them! 22 years as a band and atleast 20 years of me listening to them. Dave Grohl made the BOK center feel like my first concert in a garage or small venue. It was bad ass!!! #foofighters #FF #amazing #badass #concert #music #areteguitars #drummer #davegrohl #oneofthebest #couldntgetenough #stellar

I've been needing a pedal board for a while now and had some padauk laying around that wasn't suitable for guitars so decided to make my own. I flush mounted my korg pitchblack rackmount tuner In it which I think turned out pretty great. Finished off in the amazing @odiesoil of course.

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