Summer solstice spell
Gold paper
Purple Pen
At noon cut out 3 circles and with the pen trace a spiral from the inner to outer edge, take your time while saying “Power growing in the sky, power growing within me, power growing overhead, power growing strong times three.
On each of the next circles do it a little faster for each one.
After...hold all 3 in the sun and say “power of the sun, revitalize me, strengthen me and make me grow.
Poke holes in the circles, string them together and hang in the window where the sun will shine on them.

Call to Friendship Assosoiation.
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Symbol for recalibration and restoration during the assimilation of the higher energy waving through.
Keep being true to your heart! This automatically puts you on the high track.

One of the first things I experienced on this planet was that I flatlined, only a few days after I was born. I had to be reanimated by the doctors and I came back.
Even though I was only a baby, I still remember how I felt myself hovering above my physical body. I saw myself from above in that little incubator in the ambulance. It was as if I transcended the limitations of my body and merged with all that was around me. ⠀⠀
When I was 9 years old it happened again... but the memories I came back with were much clearer... ~
I’m inspired to do a video about what made me certain that there is life after death and how I started my spiritual journey through a near death experience. It’s a bit scary for me to open up about it, because it’s so personal but I really want to share my story. Would you be interested in hearing it? ⠀⠀

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The shedding of the old is not only about letting go of what no longer serves you, what holds you small, unable and limited, it is not only about healing and transforming emotions, that defines your current reality and future timelines. Its main purpose is transforming dense matter (blocked energies) into light, all that which hinders you to truly FEEL. You see, you cannot advance to higher frequencies of light in a body densified with blocked energy. Hence the primary aim of the ongoing light upgrades are to clear the space in your cells (downstep matter) to make vibrational "space" for higher frequencies of light. So when you are receiving light upgrades these dense pockets of repressed, denied or disowned emotion (frozen/dense matter) are liquified if you will, to allow for the divine flow and feeling, which is vital to vibrate on higher frequencies of light.
Understand, that when we offer light transmissions with galactic dna upgrades with the aim to activate your galactic potential, your gifts and talents, as well as your galactic soul memory, the removal of these densified energies (absence of light) is preliminary. So when receiving downloads and upgrades unresolved patterns, deep wounds from this timeline and beyond, from this reality and all parallel realities will inevitably surface, as they are triggered by the light. This is necessary and wanted... without which you will not be able to integrate the higher frequencies of light, that will give you access to your soul memory (galactic inheritance), gifts and talents and most of all your full feeling capacity. You cannot embrace and face the truth of who you are, your magnificent galactic self, if you hold vibrations of being un-deserving, unwanted, unable or any other vibrations, that keeps you small and limited. The light upgrades very much supports this process and gives space for you to re-define your self vibrationally and give space for your sovereign galactic self to enter your vessel and vibrate from within your every cell into your reality your divine might and right to your galactic inheritance. ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️more below

Open.Mirrors = to look beyond the outer shell, takes my breath away, as you hold me still in the void of your soul. Keeps me longing for home.
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ARCTURIAN BLUES... I poured 2 dozen of these little tower busters over the weekend... containing chrysocolla, selenite, peacock ore, quartz and micca. Charged with healing frequencies and information by the energy of the Arcturians.
Stay tuned for the Arcturian Energy Pyramids I poured... I am SO EXCITED to show those off...
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Create a space within where you allow yourself time to reflect and freedom to start again. Return to your sacred place whenever you feel unbalanced, confused or hopeless. Ground the roots of your being in joyful creativity, so your consciousness may soar while your body dances through the day. When you're off center, inner peace is always a breath away. #meditationtime #innerpeace #freedom #balance #hope #creativity #starseed #arcturians #arcturian #cosmicconsciousness #enlightenment

Andromeda light codes.

Sending love, healing, Reiki and Arcturian energy to Jahseh Dwayne Onfroy. Someone who is a voice for the younger generation who through his own journey and awakening has helped many his age heal, awaken and feel confident to be themselves... may these graceful waters flow over you tonight ⚡️#xxxtentacion #jahsehdwayneonfroy #arcturianstarseed #healer #arcturians #distancereiki #reiki if you are reading this don’t doubt your own strength and healing powers... take a moment and project your love and healing towards Jahseh and assist him through this transition #ripxxxtentacion

Of all the relationships in your life, the one that will have the most significant impact on you is the one you have with yourself. Because no matter what happens, you will always be with yourself.♥️♥️♥️ Commit to yourself ♥️ Love yourself ♥️Be yourself

ARCTURIAN ENERGY TOWER BUSTERS || A few deep blue beauties from my weekend pour. These TBs contain chrysocolla, selenite, peacock ore, quartz and micca. Charged with healing frequencies and information by the energy of the Arcturians. 💙✌🏼👽
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Somos Filhos e Filhas das Estrelas, Guardiães de Terra-Gaia. Somos a Promessa sagrada de cura e ancoramento de uma nova humanidade. Ahow!👽🙏🏻🖖🏻💎💫🌈🌎💗🌷
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. "Los cristales que se encuentran en lo profundo de Gaia se activan y a medida que esto ocurre los cristales interiores en el centro de sus corazones se activan y expanden aún más. Muchos habrán notado como en cuestión de minutos u horas se manifiestan sus pensamientos pero no todas esas manifestaciones resuenan con sus deseos, entonces aqui les digo mis niños, tengan rectitud en sus pensamientos, con su mente están creando continuamente. Antes les he dicho que éste tiempo de manifestación se ha acortado y lo están experimentando. Cuando llegan a su mente ideas negativas o que no quieren plasmar en su realidad deben rápidamente sacarla, anularla y cambiarla por un pensamiento elevado. Ayuda bastante pensar en alguien y decirle con sus mentes atributos bonitos y cariñosos... te amo, eres tan dulce, eres bondadoso, eres hermoso, esto podrían hacerlo con sus complementos, Conmigo o con Ustedes mismos! Ésto lleva a su mente a buscar hermosos adjetivos y también elevarán asi su vibración.
Los amo, asciendan junto a Gaia y nada les faltará."
Canalizado por Kary Miño.

. "Todo el plan divino a nivel de Gaia está saliendo como estaba previsto, las fuerzas oscuras abandonan poco a poco el Planeta, eso es una ¡gran victoria de la luz! En qué se beneficiarán mis niños? En que ya no habrá tropiezos en sus misiones y en las uniones con sus complementos, no habrá ese factor externo a Ustedes, así los invito a que trabajen en Ustedes trabajen en liberarse de sus miedos, de sus dogmas, creencias autoimpuestas, en todo lo que les imposibilita dar el paso delante, confien que todo es perfecto, todo su camino está marcado en su libro entonces elijan seguirlo, elijan el amor incondicional, elijan a sus complementos divinos, elijan nuevas vidas de felicidad, gozo y prosperidad y por último y no menos importante elijan al sevicio a nivel global.
Los amo... no se aturdan más."
Canalizado por Kary Miño.6

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