Not my best work but definitely love how this color turned out. Arctic Fox never disappoints .

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Purple rain Purple Rain ☔ ☔ #arcticfoxpurplerain

Its amazing how recoloring my hair can give me all the confidence in the world... #arcticfoxhairdye #arcticfoxpurplerain

Ever have those days where you make a HUGE realization?

That is what happened this morning while talking with a friend. Being completely honest, I havent worked out in quite a few days, the pain has been pretty bad. With that said I have also let that be an excuse to not get results.
You see I have this awesome program that is designed for people who are unable to workout or just would like help in the nutrition part before diving in with the workouts. I got amazing results when I was following it, but then I got lazy and went back to eating everything in site. No self control, (that is what breaks me) but ever since coaching I am able to take a step back and notice what I am doing.

Old me would just call myself a failure and give up because I quit everything. Now I am able to reconnize those limiting beliefs and make a switch. I am in control of this situation.
The healthier I eat, the better I feel and honestly I think it helps my pain too.
The only way to fail is to give up. Life will throw challenges your way and you are the only one that can choose which way you will go.
Thankful for coaching and showing me a lot of life lessons I would not have been willing to learn otherwise. Want to know more about it? I am running a free 3 day workshop to show you the ins and outs. Click the link in my bio or drop a comment if you want to be added to the group.

When it’s so rainy outside you let your hair do it’s frizzy, wavy natural thing whatever that may be. 💜

ArcticFoz 4 onz 40 500 8 onz 62 000
Manic Panic Amplified 52 000
Por la compra de cualquier tinte te obsequiamos un repolarizador DMag
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Halloween time at the parks has to be our favorite time of the year! 🖤 🎃 🦇

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Purple Haired Princess 💜💜💜 #arcticfoxhaircolor #arcticfoxpurplerain #arcticfoxgirlsnight

@starbucks is love, Starbucks is life. Do you like this rogue-ish streak I’ve got going on in my hair right now? What color should I dye my hair next? Thinking periwinkle, black, blonde, silver? Stay purple? Thoughts?
#starbucksislife #starbuckscoffee #coffeeordie #caffeineaddict #fantasyhair #arcticfoxhaircolor #arcticfoxpurplerain

My eyebrows need doing and idk what my facial expression/arm is doing, but I feel good today. For about a month I have felt consistently gross, but now I've gotten back into the routine of eating properly and going to the gym, I feel so much better, mentally. It's great to not feel like I'm a disgusting blob of a human every once in a while. #mentalhealth #ootd #altgirl #splithair #arcticfoxpurplerain #directionsturquoise #colourfulgoth #limecrimevarsity

Throwback to last fall. My hair looked so good, I wish I didn't cut it in February 😣

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