Zoning the multiple levels of #megaboxhk into sub-districts of leasing and spatial experiences eased understanding and orientation of the project’s 18 levels. #mixstudioworks

From last year but it was still amazing!!
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(1/6): There's more to this than just bombing.
I wanna thank those who supported, those who bought shirts, canvases, and those who straight up donated. I used your money to buy socks and passed it on to #Archsec to give out to those who need it.
They are gonna be in Camden,NJ next weekend to do the same thing all over again. I tagged them on this post so you can hit them up if you wanna donate (clothes, water, bags, chapsticks, anything) or help out.
The next few posts are gonna be some of the photos that I took as I shadowed these kind souls.

Maunya bikin sketsa kantor..jadinya kayak rumah horor. Apa efek badmood?
Atau efek tidak terlatih?
#sketches #urbansketchers #archsec

impossible is a frequent word in the "system".
Created by @echoesbysophie
Pretty spot on, everyone....pretty fucking accurate. Dreams become impossible when you are limited by the confines of this system. "anarchy is impossible" because your mind is narrow. #archsec #anarchy #anarchist #gutterpunks #crustpunks

When fuckers draw lines in anarchy. You stupid fucks we are autonomous against the streamm. Why the fuck back failed systems. #fuckancaps #fuckancoms #anarchyisanarchy #anarchist #archsec #blackbloc #crustpunk #gutterpunks

A clear agenda from black bloc anarchists. Smash the state for everyone's personal freedom. For your own personal freedom. Fuck your rules, fuck your borders. We are anarchy and we shit on your orders #archsec

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