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Perfect for relaxing!😍
📐Fasano Las Piedras Hotel
by Isay Weinfeld
Located in Punta del Este, Uruguay📍🇺🇾
© FG + SG

This mansion Concept 😱 Yay or Nay?
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Photo by: style estate

Just lines, nothing else and it's not my scooter!

High Ceiling Open Concept😍
Lucky Shophouse
by CHANG Architects

Casa JZL, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Beautiful project by Bernardes Arquitetura @bernardesarq
Amazing shot by @leonardofinotti


For your children to experience their childhood... #bangunindonesia #APG #APL #architexture #houses

22/03/2017 - 81

a song to sing when im lonely, is stuck in my head.
also, aerials.
and also, "...there aren't any more guns in the valley" 😭

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