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Elegant, Luxury, Corner Suite, Central TO

Hard to believe what you put on drawings becomes real. #ttc #ibigrouparchitects #ibigrouptoronto #tysse #architecturetoronto #transitarchitecture

Friday afternoon wandering find. 😎

Castle 🏰🏰🏰

This is the Health Science building at the University of Toronto Mississauga. I think this may be the prettiest building in the GTA, and the appeal is its strange fit into the surrounding. It is at the edge of the campus in the vast industrial and natural landscape of Mississauga, and particularly the UTM. When I first saw it in the winter, it was against the white snow that covered the empty field next to it, and I couldn’t distinguish where the overcast sky, the snowy ground, and this building started and ended because they were all luminous. I thought the building descended from the heaven. I told the staff member who was showing me around the campus that I’d never seen a building prettier and she’d told me she’s weirded out by the whiteness of the interior. The interior indeed is clinically white, and the glass facade overlooks a barren concrete ground with some unlikely picnic tables, and a nature trail to which dear sometimes come. Inside this window facade are a wall bench and fixed tables with no corresponding chairs on the opposite side. When you eat and rest here, you can stare endlessly into the emptiness. #accidentalphilosophy #utm #architecture #architecturetoronto

Love tubs!

Any guesses where this photo of Robarts Library was taken from? Do you have any photos of Robarts or other UofT libraries from a unique perspective? Tag us and we may feature them on our account. .
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Beautiful bathroom design by @milayudinadesign


In case you were wondering, there is in fact a dining room at the top of the tower.

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