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My friend Michael Ermann sent me a copy of his acoustics book! It's really well done, tons of awesome sketches illustrating acoustical concepts! That's his style.
Michael Ermann's Podcast will go live next week sometime. #amberbook #whatanarchitectdoes #architectexam

Game on!!! Just got my copy! Big changes from the 4.0 book. #ncarb #architectexam

Scott printed my inspirational message and put it on the cover of his ARE binder! #lovethis #ncarb #whatanarchitectdoes #architectexam

Работаем над проектом загородного "ЭКО" дома для предпринимателей 😉

#синийсуп 👌🏻все работы за 20 лет в одном месте, такое нельзя пропускать 😉

The hard copy version of the ARE Book is now available on YoungArchitectGear.com and is $8 cheaper than it is on Amazon. Oh I almost forgot to mention, last month I learned I've sold more then 1,000 copies! #youngarchitect #whatanarchitectdoes #ncarb #architectexam

Архитектурный портал #archdaily провёл конкурс на архитектурные пасхальные яйца, в котором мы принимали участие и попали в публикацию на сайте! 🎉👌🏻💪🏻 #happyeaster 👍🏼❤️

#планировкаквартиры в стиле лофт 😊👍🏼 оставляйте свои комментарии под фото 👇🏻 и подписывайтесь на наш профиль ☝🏻

Спальная холостяка 😎👍🏼


🤓 It takes time to find your path.⠀

Day 008 . #100DaysofArchitectTalk⠀

When I was in school, I used to think that I would just get my dream job and be an awesome architect right away.⠀

But I ended up quitting two jobs, spending a lot of time figuring out where I fit in and what kind of project I like as a designer.⠀

You're not gonna find the job you want right away (if you did lucky you!) There're many options out there. Different sizes of firms, different types of specialty and different personalities.⠀

5 years later I'm still finding my path just like everyone else.⠀

Understand that it's okay if you don't know what you're doing right now. Because it will take time for you to try many things and grow - especially in architecture where everyone is always still learning.

gulp...no turning back now! #thanks #wisconsin #architectexam

#триеннале российского современного искусства😻Инсталляция "Метрополис" в основе инсталляции мусор, собранный в городе Нижний Тагил (потрясающее перевоплощение при переходе ночи в день)👍🏼🎉. Автор Владимир Селезнёв.

Concept design for contemporary beach house on a narrow and sloping block. #beachhouse #queenscliffarchitecture

Проектируем каркас ☝🏻📐✏️ только в программе #archicad все до мельчайших деталей 😉

🤓 Using Bullet Point ⠀

Day 006 . #100DaysofArchitectTalk⠀

I've reviewed so many resumes that are wayyyyyy too long. I know we're super talented 😚 and you just want to write down everything that you've ever done!⠀

Instead, break down your description into 3-5 bullet points for each job. Address different things you have done in each bullet point.⠀

+ A major project you worked on.⠀
+ Types of work that you have done.⠀
+ Different Types of projects you worked on.⠀
+ Collaborations you have had with anyone.⠀
+ Any leadership/extracurricular activities.⠀

Combine them, play around with the order, have fun with it!⠀

P.S.I'm writing a 4-part blog posts diving more deeply on resume writing. And it'd be super helpful if you can let me know what your biggest struggles are when it comes to making your resumes. So I can help you more specifically in the new posts!

Transient (March 31, 2017) | I moved to Seattle. That is all. #movedinjanuary #imlatetopostmyownlifeupdatehaha

Situated on a large slightly sloping block with panoramic views over Balmoral. The new owners approached us with ideas to improve and modernise the look of the home while incorporating a new pool and internal lift. Our clients also wanted a new master suite snd to modernise the look of the whole building. #mosmanhouse

🤓 You're enough.⠀

Day 001 . #100daysofarchitecttalk⠀

This year my new moto is "I'm enough". I've done well over enough.⠀

I'm an over achiever working myself to multiple burnouts. So I thought about this a lot - why am I putting myself in this situation?⠀

It turns out - I always thought I wasn't enough.
As a super introvert (like 90%), I'm not good at expressing myself. I won't even go up on stage to present my own winning design.

Let the work speak for itself they say. So I worked very hard behind the scene to let my work speak loud and clear.

But being an introvert in this extrovert dominated profession keeps me at a low confidence everyday.⠀

I can't bullshit like those guys. I don't know how to bring up a problem without shaking my voice. So I must not be enough right?⠀

If you're like me, take a step back and really look at your own work. You'll realize what you've done is way more than enough.⠀

You might be an introvert. But you're talented and creative. You spend more time thinking and analyzing. You're focused and authentic. So your work is already beautiful and amazing.⠀

Tell yourself you're enough.⠀

Then go reward yourself with a pint of strawberry icecream (at least that's what I'm doing tonight 🍦)

PFS Arquitectura
Casa JA - 2015
Póvoa de Varzim Pt

PFS Arquitectura
Casa JA - 2015
Póvoa de Varzim Pt

PFS Arquitectura
Casa JA - 2015
Póvoa de Varzim Pt

PFS Arquitectura
Casa JA - 2015
Póvoa de Varzim Pt

PFS Arquitectura
Casa JA - 2015
Póvoa de Varzim Pt

PFS Arquitectura
Casa JA - 2015
Póvoa de Varzim Pt

PFS Arquitectura
Casa JA - 2015
Póvoa de Varzim Pt

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