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The heart of any great home is a great kitchen.

#onedaydesignchallenge работаем над проектом 😅 было реально очень круто и весело! 🎉🔥

My friend Michael Ermann sent me a copy of his acoustics book! It's really well done, tons of awesome sketches illustrating acoustical concepts! That's his style.
Michael Ermann's Podcast will go live next week sometime. #amberbook #whatanarchitectdoes #architectexam

All the ARE Boot Camp People keep passing their exams. This is the 5th message I've gotten in 5 days. My approach to preparing for ARE 5.0 is verifiably working. All of my 5.0 boot campers are blasting straight through their first 3 exams. Kicking ass and punching lists! #architectexam #arebootcamp

Game on!!! Just got my copy! Big changes from the 4.0 book. #ncarb #architectexam

Таким наш проект дошёл до реализации для #детскийклублондон 😻

Наша конкурсная работа на #onedaydesignchallenge 😊 ванна 🥚eggsperience 👍🏼 😅

Архитектурный портал #archdaily провёл конкурс на архитектурные пасхальные яйца, в котором мы принимали участие и попали в публикацию на сайте! 🎉👌🏻💪🏻 #happyeaster 👍🏼❤️

Спальная холостяка 😎👍🏼


The heart of any great home is a great kitchen.

Complexo projetado para Vila Cecilia, Volta Redonda - Rio de Janeiro

Complexo projetado para Vila Cecília, Volta Redonda - Rio de Janeiro

Mixed Use Building Project by @feuarquitetura in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Project by @feuarquitetura for the new Flamengo Training Center in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Partially completed 6X6 inch cube build with a bandsaw and a belt sander. It will be designed in rhino and a wireframe model built as well.⠀
#soarch #arch_grap #critday #architecture #architecturestudent #imadethat #youngarchitects #architectureuky #YoungArchitect #Architect #lifeofanarchitect #ArchitectureSchool #Architectexam #Arquitectura #WhatAnArchitectDoes #archilovers #storeyshots

Have you checked out the new website? There're 2 blog posts waiting for you over there on my favorite topic - Personal Branding.⠀

I found that a big part of my success in architecture is due to having a consistent personal brand in my career.⠀

As architects and designers, we always focus on perfecting other people's project. But seldom do we pay attention to ourselves.⠀

Well, it's time to change that.⠀

The question is no longer IF architects need a personal brand, but how we can curate the brand that already exists for us.⠀

In this 2-part series, we're diving deep into why you need a personal brand and how to build your personal brand as an architect and designer. joannlui.com/blog | Link in Bio

Do you ever have this urge of inspiration that you get something done so fast - you're amazed by your own lightning fast efficiency?⠀

I've been re-imagining my architectural blog in my head for the past year. But something just wouldn't click. I love making website, but when it comes to my own website I've been procrastinating FOREVER.⠀

I couldn't find the niche I wanted to focus on or the look and feel I was going for. But all of a sudden, a light bulb popped up in my head and I revamped the whole website in 2 nights (late nights).⠀

Here's a sneak peak while I put some finish touches together.⠀

Want to know more? You can Join the Mail! Link in bio.

Time for some #fridayintroduction! Today I will give you 7 quick fun facts about my upbringing with a lot of emojis.⠀

1️⃣ I grew up in an apartment in HK very much like this one pictured - our building was also painted in pink. 🌆⠀

2️⃣ I lived in the same room with my sister until college graduation. 🐼 🐼 We're BFF.⠀

3️⃣ I was the kid that always finished my summer homework in a week ✏️ so I can sleep the whole summer. 😴⠀

4️⃣ I speak 💬 both Mandarin and Cantonese - most people don't believe me.⠀

5️⃣ I used to speak British English 🇬🇧 then I completely transitioned into American English 🇺🇸 after moving here. ⠀

6️⃣ The first time I went on stage for an award 🥇 in kindergarten, I was so scared that I cried. (Introvert alert 🚨)⠀

7️⃣ My favorite food is rice 🍚 and noodle 🍜 . My 2nd favorite food is sushi 🍣 for the rice.⠀

Now I'd love to know some fun facts about your upbringing. Comment below and let me know!

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