next up 🔜 college #archiefam #friends #cawledge

It's on iTunes now!!!!! #blessed #archiefam @davidarchie

All I can say is wow. David is such an inspirational person. His music is just amazing. Last night he sang my little prayer which is a song he wrote. This song talks about not only his communication but his dedication to Heavenly Father. Honestly could you ask for a better role model? After all musicians go through as far as temptation he hasn't given in. I think that's what makes him such an inspirational artist and someone for teens to look up to that is a better influence. Your probly sick of me posting about him but, he's just amazing if you haven't already you should check out his new song numb. It's literally gold! ♥️♥️♥️♥️ @davidarchie #archiefam #blessed #yeah

So ummmm lucky me I got to meet davids sister! She's pretty amazing! She so sweet and funny! We happen to be the same age 😂 thanks for talking to me Amber @lamberouge don't forget to tell @davidarchie I said hi haha #blessed #archiefam

when all of your friends' parents come for family weekend, you have dinner 😊 #archiefam

#archiefam #nghtmre

lol jk. gucci fam tho. sorry I didn't take a picture with @jaebspark

Happy 91st birthday to my amazing grandad! He is the most amazing man I know, so proud to call him my Granda! 👴🏼👫🌟 #grandad #family #love #archiefam 🏡

Cheers to an amazing first semester of Architorture! #archiefam #keepgoing #kardashianchristmaspic

My fave shot from #SOAR3 at Wash U!!! 💚❤️ #puddle #next4years #archiefam

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